Nutty’s Not Well


Not looking well

Whee know whee promised a fantabulous Valentine Contest but instead whee are going to have to ask for all your loves. Nutty was taken ill this morning and is very unwell. Thankfully Mummy was able to guess what was wrong and rush him to the Sunday vet clinic.

Nutty has an upper respiratory infection, otherwise known as a URI. He was quiet most of Saturday but by Sunday he was lethargic and weak and not eating. Mummy did a quick poop inspection and discovered one tiny stringy thing . . . Not normal. His eye is weepy and his breathing sounds horribly crackly.
The vet agreed with Mummy and said that his not eating was very bad. Piggies have delicate digestive systems and after some time without food they begin to shut down which would double Nutty’s troubles.


Nutty enduring syringe feeding at different angles while Mummy works out which way is easiest. (and least messy!)

Unfortunately for him he is now on meds twice a day and being syringe-force-fed every three hours. He has managed some red pepper and spinach leaves and a few hours ago passed some small, dark but more normal looking poops.

So you see, with all this drama and not to mention the five inches of snow Mummy struggled through to get to the vets (Well Mummy’s Daddy struggled through with them in the car. Special thanks to him for being awesome and understanding!) it has been too busy to make the contest.

Whee hope you can forgive us and beg you to please send your warmest get well wishes to Nutty. The vet said the next forty eight hours are critical.

Nibbles, Buddy and Basil

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  1. We is purraying furry hard for Nutty! Wes also gots all our claws and paws crossed!

  2. Get well soon! Pug and kisses, Eloise

  3. Me and Nellie are most anxious and wish Nutty a speedy recovery. He has to get well soon, for he is Nellie’s date to Mollie and Ranger’s Valentine day ball. Love Nellie and Jasper, two very concerned doggie woggies.

  4. I am also praying for Buddy. And a big lick on the face for your dad for being the hero in the snow!

  5. Sorry to read about Nutty. Our thoughts and prayers are on there way.

  6. Aw….Motor Mommy and I are sending lots of purrayers for Nutty! Please let us know how he is!
    Love, Sundae

  7. Sending lots of love Nutty’s way.

  8. Poor little Nutty! What a brave boy taking his medicine and eating from the syringe. What a wonderful Mom to be so smart and take such good care of her boys. Lots of prayers and happy thought are coming your way from Mom and me. xoxo

    Love and extra special licks,

  9. I, Kyla, predicted in the last post that you guys needed spinach leaves. I also predict he’ll be OK.

  10. We are sending as many piggy kisses as Cocco can get out your way, Nutty. We know how sensitive the issue becomes without food so we are hoping you eat up. We are sending your family positive thoughts too since it will require their strength as well as yours. Please feel better!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  11. OMgosh, that is very scary for mommy and nutty…thinking of you all. I hope Nutty is better soon. hugs xB

  12. Oh, my piggie. No smiles today. Loves, prayers, & get well wishes sent. And thanks to Mummy’s awesome daddy. Real men love pets, and their daughters.

  13. Oh poor sweet nutty. Please know I’m thinking of you and hoping it will pass quickly.

  14. Nutty ,,be well, eat, poop, breathe, purrrrrrrrs just for you. And Mummy take good care of Nutty like you always do. Paw hugs Savvy

  15. Oh No! Poor Nutty. I’m sorry for all of you at this time because it is such a worry and upsetting when one of you is so sick. Please get well soon Nutty and begin eating quickly. We’re sending you lots of warm doggy kisses from OZ to cheer you up.

  16. Oh no 😦 Please send Nutty our love and let us know how he is doing.
    Licks & love
    Wally & Sammy

  17. I hope that Nutty has a speedy recovery. He is such a special and handsome boy.

  18. oh no. Lot of purrs from Jay and I

  19. Not fun for Nutty or the rest of you. Lucky for Nutty he’s got such a great Mum. Get well soon little fellow.

  20. I hope Nutty is feeling better today. We know that his Mum is worried and doing everything she can. We use Critical Care here to syringe feed our rabbit when he goes off his food – not sure if you are using something like that where you live? It helps sometimes to add applesauce or fruit type baby food or pumpkin for better flavor. Maybe Buddy has let Nutty borrow his Snugglesafe also? Plus access to good hay and tasty dried herbs perhaps t get digestive system going? Sending healing wishes to Nutty from me and Mr. Bean.

    • Whee are using Critical Care too. It has a sort of aniseed smell and Nutty hates it! Whee might give the babyfood idea a go. Anything is worth a try. Thanks for the advice.


      ps. Nutty actually has his own snugglesafe to stay warm.

  21. Sending massive hugs to all of you! Feel better soon!

  22. Hope your soon better pal, keep us informed!!

  23. Sending healing paw. Get well soon nutty.
    Best wishes Molly

  24. Poor Nutty……in that first photo he really does look unwell poor guy. He looks scared and like he’s not sure what’s happening to him. Let’s just hope and pray that the force feeding and medication takes care of him super fast – we’ll all worry until we know Nutty is fine again. Contests are WAY down the list of “things to do” when you have a sick animal or human to care for. Just please get our Nutty better ASAP!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  25. Oh noooo….we are praying that nutty is going to be ok. I am sending healing licks ((((hugs)))) Dakota

  26. Dear Nutty, please get well soon. I’m sure all the love of your mommy and all our best wishes to you will help you,

  27. Sending all of the love I have.

  28. Sending love and hugs to Nutty. Get well soon little buddy!

  29. I hope Nutty gets better real soon!
    Sending LOTS of purrs

  30. All the best for Nutty! I so hope he feels better.

  31. Get Well soon Nutty my friend,snuggles Speedy

  32. My thoughts are with you Nutty! I know how it is, but it sounds like your mummy is taking very good care of you. Get well soon!

  33. In hope you’ll feel better soon, Nutty! 😦 Get well soon!

  34. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag)

    We are keeping sweet Nutty in our thoughts and prayers. Hugs and nose kisses

  35. So glad that Nutty is on the mend now. I read this the other day but didn’t get through here to reply that I hoped all would be well!

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