Snow Joke!

imageWell, as the weather hooman predicted, it has snowed is snowing! You are all thinking, “YAY!” and how much fun you are going to have. Well if you have a moment think of us.

Do you know what snow does?! Aside from fall and do it’s best to muck-up everything because us brits cannot deal with it!

Snow, covers things. Everything. Benches, trees, signs and most heartbreakingly of all, GRASS! Yes, our delectable green spaghetti has been cruely hidden under 5cm of snow. With more forecast, whatever shall whee do?!

Mummy has made a shocking declaration that she will not go out this evening and fetch some grass for us because she did not want to have to dig for it. She claims that because she goes out in other weather whee should forgive her. Not likely.

Above it a pigture she took from her office window at work today just as the snow started to come down . . . while she was busying not rescuing and protecting some grass for our tea.

Have a warm Saturday efurryone and spare a thought for Mummy. She has to walk to work tomorrow and it doesn’t look nice.




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  1. Oh no!! We didn’t mark “like” because we feel bad that your Mummy has to walk to work in it. Maybe it will be melted by then?

  2. Oh, so sorry for you (no grass) and for your Mummy. (My mom buys grass at the pet store for her niece-kitty. Maybe your Mummy could get some grass for you – for emergency purposes only, of course!)
    Purrs, Sundae

  3. Oh you poor piggies.. what will you do without grass?

  4. Its a good thing yous is not Canadian Piggies. They don’t call it the great white North for nothing.

  5. No spaghetti! What a bummer. I love snow, but not when it’s deep enough to touch my tummy, then it scares me. Good luck, little guys.

    Love and licks,

  6. Did Mummy provide an acceptable substitute? I think not. It’s time to demand some nice spinach as compensation.

  7. Oh o, no green spaghetti? GASP! Maybe mommy could grow some in the kitchen over winter?

  8. how about some parsley instead that’s my favorite greens,xxspeedy

  9. I don’t like snow ;o) Hope your spaghettis will be visible soon ;o) Stay warm and cosy…

  10. You guy’z need some ski’s 🙂 xxx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  11. Hope your mummy has wellies! Mummy and I have been to the park this morning it was soooo much fun to jump around in the lovely lovely snow:-)

    • She has big ‘santa’ style boot with a furry lining. She was a bit cross after finding a piggy poop in one earlier because whee had cuddled against them in the hall! No one is confessing to who it could have been. Are they Basil?! Nope no one is squeaking a word.



  12. Oh Nibbles, I’m so sorry your spaghetti is covered in white! Hopefully it will melt REALLY quickly…….meanwhile I thought Sundae had a good suggestion – – – would kitty grass work? I don’t care for it but lots of cats do and it would be a nice emergency grass source that your Mum could grow indoors for you. Anyway, tell your Mum to be VERY VERY VERY careful on the slippery streets and we’ll hope the thaw happens soon for you…………By the way, did you boys get dates for the Ball yet????

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  13. Oh Nibbles, don’t be to hard on mummy. Maybe she can pick you up some greens at the store on her home.

    • *sigh* Whee do understand but whee don’t have to like it. She ended up begging for parsley from a neighbours indoor herb garden for us, so whee have mostly forgiven her!


      • We grow parsley in pot in the summer and it is now in the living room in the winter. Not enough to feed a hungry hutch like you have, but it will hold you until she can get to the store. 🙂

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