Happy Campers!

Well today has been an improvement on previous days. For one, Mummy was much better. Cuddle therapy and a good lie in have cured her! The second good thing is whee were featured on Pet Blogs United, see here. Whee were super excited to be included on there! You may have noticed the little logo on our sidebar on the right – – – >

Now on to today. It has been pretty great to tell you the truth. Mummy and all the hoomans went out for the day, which usually would really annoy offend break our delicate little piggy hearts! But this time Mummy returned with this irritating grin on her face and proudly waved a bag in front of us. The first thing she produced was a bag of our favourite shop bought treat ‘Dried dandelion and Green oats mix’ from Wilkinsons! Whee go wheak at the knees for it, which is impressive seeing as whee don’t think whee even actually have knees!

The second thing was this enormous tent (well enormous to us!) Mummy said it was meant for kitties or small dogs but she thought whee might like it. As it was a display copy and in the sale Mummy got it for an impressive £2 (which is $3.25 for our American furfriends!) It is great with a cute pawprint design and whee had a great time testing it out. Mummy put the cuddle cushion she made us inside for extra comfort!













Hope you all had a great Saturday and may you have a peaceful Sunday! As you know Sunday is time to take down the Pigmass decorations so the blog will be getting a make over sometime soon. Please bear with us if you get caught up part way through the redesigning!

Buddy and Basil



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  1. We don’t take down the decorations until after 12th night-Jan 6. We’re usually the last.

  2. That little cuddle house is GREAT! I would squeeze my chubby self in there and nap if I could. It looks like so much fun!

    Love and licks,

  3. Congratulations on being featured over at PBU, thats pawsume, hey I’m picking up piggy lingo as I go. It’s like you’re on a little camping trip in your cuddle tent. How cute.

  4. Love the little houses, might be a good way of hiding from Raffles too 🙂

  5. Such cutie-pies! I hope the bed is washable….

  6. I can not get over how adorable your new house is!!! Your mummy is so creative! And congrats on your feature on Pet Blogs United!!

  7. Glad Mummy’s feeling better. the tent is great – does it feel like a bouncy castle?

  8. glad your mummy is feeling better!loving the tent!xx Speedy

  9. Glad mum is feeeling better. Your tent is fabulous. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  10. Awws… Enjoy your treats and the new tent looks like fun.

  11. Oh guys that’s a lovely tent! All of you fit inside quite nicely and no doubt camping will be a lot cozier for you with that nice fleecy cushion inside. Your Mummy certainly makes sure you boys are happy – nice dandelion goodies AND camping equipment!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  12. Pet blogs united? Congratulations! 😀 Who knows what’s next. 😉

  13. haha first I thought you have a new roomer as I saw the tent ;o) but it’s a nice one for piggies ;o)
    great idea!

  14. What wonderful treats from your Mummy’s shopping trip! We don’t get dried dandelion and green oats packaged together here, but Mr. Bean (the rabbit) would like that if we did. And the tent is awesome!

  15. Wow. I love your new house. It looks so comfy on the inside. When I was little, mom bought me a couple. But they exploded in my room. Figure that huh? XOXO – 🐷 Bacon

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