Caption Contest And Why A Veggie Bowl Makes The Perfect Pillow!

Thank you efurryone for the kind well wishes. Mummy is feeling a lot better after cuddle therapy and whee will work to catch up on blogs through Saturday. Now on to todays post!

Many people do not realise the benefits of sleeping on or next to your treat bowl. They just say “Oooo doesn’t that hurt your neck/back/legs/bottom/etc?!” or “Why not sleep in your cosy bedding filled pigloo?!” Actually the second statement is usually made by Mummy when she cleans us out and then looks despairingly at where whee choose to sleep. So I thought I would set the record straight and explain why whee animals do this to you foolish hooman creatures.

1) You can always tell when the bowl has been removed and more vegetables are on the way! The most common and important reason of all!

2) On hot days it is lovely and cool on your furs.

3) From that position I am in perfect placement to watch TV and squeak if I want to come out for cuddles and watch it with you.

4) I can see and survey the whole room from there! A piggies cage is his castle!

5) Because it is surprisingly cosy when you build a hay nest round it!

Need whee go on? Now anyway, here is a pigture of me enjoying my veggie-bowl-pillow. Whee would love for you to come up with a caption for it!


Have a Super Saturday efurryone.



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  1. Buddy tests out the latest ideas in camouflage.

  2. Honest Mom……the pillow exploded on its own and left hay all over.

  3. Well explained. These humans have no idea. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. “If I keep my head propped up on this bowl then I’ll know the second something yummy lands here!”

  5. Awww…so cute. I say sleep wherever it feels comfortable. 🙂

  6. I’m glad your mom is feeling better. Your cute little feet have the absolutely AWWWW-factor ;o) Have a wonderful saturday too ;o)

  7. Hey guys! I just saw you on PBU, and thought I would stop by and say ‘hello’! I’ve seen you guys around Blogville, butts for some reason I haven’t stopped by to say hello! (I really need a new assistant!!) Stop by and visit sometimes!

    • Whee have seen you around a bit before too but whee haven’t stopped by either! How strange! Our hoomans are failing to be attentive! Whee would probably sack ours and get a new one too if this one didn’t give so many veggies!


  8. Hi piggies did you know that you are the featured blog on pet blogs united today?xx Speedy

  9. Great place to sleep! That way not far to go if you need a midnight snack:-)

  10. Such wise words. My caption suggestion is: ‘the art of piggy sleeping’. 🙂

  11. “Do not disturb me – Or the veggies are likely to bite back!”

    Wheee love your shooting stars. How did you get them on there?

    • The little hoomans found a moving ‘animated gif’ pigture and saved it on the computer. Then Mummy uploaded it as a background. Whee have actually changed it again to another animated meadow background! Sparkly flowers are cool! 🙂


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