Sock It Up!

Well the votes are in. You have decided that whee are going to have to give up sock eating. It hasn’t gotten off to a good start for me.  I was having some floor time only a few hours ago when a gust of wind came in through the window. It happened in slow motion. The washing fluttering off of the radiator in the breeze. A single sock lifted into the air. It fell towards me with a teasing wiggle.


Unfortunately Luckily Mummy managed to catch it before it reached me and I was forced to make that very hard choice. Mummy tells me there will be many difficult times where I will need to choose. Many temptations ahead. Thanks guys. Thanks a lot! Whee should have thought of something easier!

Whee will keep you updated on the progress of our  resolution but Mummy doesn’t seem to expect us all to last!



PS. Whee have had it pointed out that whee mispelt ‘lanterns’ as ‘laterns’ on our little bloggy logo whee want to spread. Please repost this and spread good New Year wishes across the blogosphere.



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  1. Hope that you had a wonderful NYE! The sock habit is a hard one to break. You may fall off the sock wagon once or twice, but I have faith that you will kick those socks with their irresistible toes to the curb in 2013! I believe in you!

  2. Good luck with breaking the sock habit! I’ve been told I need to learn about personal space – not sure what that means!

  3. Since “lanterns” was too hard for you to spell, you should have said “lites”.

  4. Hi, it is Me Jasper the wonder dog. It too share this addiction with you. Mummy says I am getting too big to be chewing socks, but they are just so tempting, lying there. Together We will overcome this adversity. Love Jasper.

  5. Thanks for lighting up the blogosphere. A very happy 2013 to you! xoM

  6. No socks! Aargh! This is going to be a tough year for you guys!

    Love and licks,

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you didn’t misspell it!!! I left another comment! “Latern” is correct as well! xoxoxo

  8. OMG i’m gonna tear my hair out. I am the one who originally said you misspelled it, then I googled “latern” and it came up “lantern” and I didn’t notice…….I’ll be leaving now……lol

  9. Socks? We LOVE playing with socks! (check out our latest blog post to see our pics at Every time Mommy has a sock with a huge hole in it, she gives it to us to play with and we always play tug of war with it! Happy New Year to all of you! We love your blog so much!

  10. That is so funny! I was going to ask you what ‘Laterns’ were, I thought maybe they were a Chinese form of lantern, then I thought you probably had better things to do 😀
    Oh and I think the big guy needs to make some resolutions and among them will be not to ‘hug’ the clean white washing on the grass!

  11. oh you poor piggies! well if you’re giving up socks.. can you have mittens? or maybe shoe laces to replace the socks? I’m just trying to help you guys out. So far 3 of the 4 cats made resolutions. The 4th cat doesn’t believe in resolutions. We’ll see how long this lasts.. =^..^=

  12. Perhaps this is where our missing socks go? Do you have a portal that sucks them up?! We’d like to think they go to a good home 😀

  13. Happy New Year piggys xxx

  14. Ha ha how long before you have a sock attack? Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  15. Happy 2013…Hope you find a new and healthier addiction this year.:-)

  16. Basil, it’s going to be tough giving up socks but I am PAWSITIVE you can do it buddy! It’s a new year and we get to start over….all is forgiven….Happy New Year to all of you and your Mummy and the little hoomans too.

    Hugs, Sammy

  17. Reblogged this on Speedy the cheeky Rex rabbit and commented:
    here’s to a great 2013!

  18. don’t worry we didn’t notice either

  19. Chancy and Mumsy (Mag)

    Oh, we are so sorry you have to give up socks. We love the pretty lanterns….great idea. Hugs and nose kisses

  20. Our Mom told us that when she was little she had a “bankie” that she carried everywhere with her and she would suck her thumb and hold her “bankie”. Now I ask you, if humans can be that silly, why can’t we fur people have socks?

  21. Whats so tasty about socks?!

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