Deck The Cage With Drunk Decorations!

Well whee have to share this. Mummy gots some lights to decorate above our cages today and, well . . . whee believe some furry must have been drunk in the factory making them. Whee piggies may not be great at spelling but even whee know it is not spelt ‘Hapry Chpistmas!’


Gave efurryone quite a giggle. Do you know, whee love it more than whee would have loved the normal lights! Have a Funny Friday!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil



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  1. Hapry Chpistmas! That’s a wonderful wish for all pets!! xoxo

    Loze and Picks,
    Cupdake 🙂

  2. It depends on which peep language.

  3. Me thinks who ever put the letters on, spells as good as my Mommy (she writes for a living but she spells really funny)

  4. Hoppy Pigglemas. Hahaha


  6. You know what I was thinking, you guys should check out the youtuber piggiepigpigs , she has a bunch of guinea’s and loves them so much she devoted a whole room to them. She is always having new and handy tips and crafting ideas you canmake for your own guineas. She also has updates on all her piggies and giveaways. I used to watch all the time when I had my hamster as she has two aswell. Just a thought. Anyways I love your decorations. Hope you all are ready for Christmas! – Love your almost equally little pal Kirby

  7. Hapry Chpistmas to you all, thanks for the giggle! I think they’ll look pretty anyways. What a nice glow you pigmas will have!

  8. Hippy Chompimouse and have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. Hee hee that’s brilliant!

  10. …hmmm could be a secret message like in the movie “the da vinci code”…we need a cryptologist…
    but meanwhile “HAPRY CHPISTMAS” to you!!!

  11. Hehehehe Tis the season to be jolly fullalalalala!xx Speedy

  12. Lol… they must have run out of the proper letters!

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