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Snow White And the Seven Dwarves – Part 1

Well it has finally arrived . . . Our pantomime production. Whee said Mummy would be ready and she very nearly is. The only issue is it is quite long. So whee have decided to release it in three parts. Before Snow Meets The Dwarves is Part 1. So whee hope you enjoy it! Please let us know what you think of it so far and what should or is going to hapen next. Mummy wants to adapt the story to match what you all want to read so whee need feedback. Anywho here goes!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Snow White And The Seven Dwarves


Narrator – Once upon a time,
In a far far away blog,
Lived many different animals,
From guinea pigs to a dog.
The land was full of laughter,
Dancing, love and joy,
But then came a darkness,
And a witch with a ploy.

There once was a lovely Queen,
Who when sewing one night,
Said “I want a daughter,
With fur black as ebony to call Snow White”.
No one would question the logic,
That led her to such a name,
Well she was the fairest Queen,
In the whole panto game!
Now by some stroke of fate,
Only fairytales get,
She gave birth to such a girl,
But our tale’s not over yet.
For later that same year,
The poor young Queen died,
It was a shock to the blogs,
And all who heard about it cried.
King and country sobbed together,
And efurrybody mourned,
Not noticing the creeping evil,
That close to them was spawned.
Then the King met a beauty,
By the name of Belladonna,
And said “My daughter needs and Mother,
“And I by the God’s so wanna . . . !”
In a matter of days,
The pair were together wed,
By a fake Elvis in Vegas,
Easy had warned them, he said.
But the lack of martial legalities,
Were the last thing on their mind,
When the next morning the King was discovered,
Dead, with a sword up his behind!
The Queen Belladonna said she was sad,
And twice dabbed at her eyes,
But anyone stood nearby,
Could see it all was lies.
For she didn’t shed a tear,
Or smear her mascara,
So vain and evil was she,
But with looks of Scarlett O’Hara.
She forever checked with her reflection,
Saying it always spoke the truth,
But as years passed she ignored it,
As it warned of her fading youth.

You may wonder what became,
Of the young Princess, Snow White,
Well if you thought she had it easy,
Honey, I’m afraid you just ain’t right!
She was locked in her room,
And fed only once a day,
I know, I know, it’s shocking,
I said the Queen was evil what more can I say?!

Snow grew more bootiful,
And all who knew her said,
Her fur is black as night,
And her lips are bright rose red.

The Queen just ignored her,
Till one day in front of the looking glass,
She began her usual saying,
And a fateful turn of events came to pass.

Queen Belladonna – Mirror Mirror on the wall,
Who is the fluffiest pet of all?

Mirror – Though my Queen does have such lovely hair,
Another, I’m afraid, is twice as fair.

Queen Belladonna – Whoever can this horrid pet be,
To think she can be more bootiful than me?!

Mirror – You locked her up,
Hid her away,
But beauty like that,
Was bound to stay.
Yes I speak of,
The young Snow White,
See her face,
And know I’m right.

Narrator – The mirror rippled,
And a new image appeared,
Of fur glossy,
And unravaged by the years.

Queen Belladonna – Snow White?!
That wench,
It cannot be,
That pup is not fluffier than me.


Snow White – How can she hate me,
I’ve done nothing at all,
She the one who is mean,
And inexplicably cruel.

Bumble – I’ll say you ran off,
Or I killed you and then,
A wolf came and snatched the body,
To drag off to his den.

Narrator – Bumble bent to retrieve,
The basket at his feet,
But Snow was quite cautious,
And feeling the stress and heat.
She snatched up a branch,
And hit him on the head,
Then dashed off to hide shouting,

Snow White – Hell I won’t be dead!

Narrator – Bumble looked dejected,
As he watched her run away,
Still feeling hurt,
Though he’d told her not to stay.
He rubbed where she’d hit him,
With surprise and concern,
If she was confident enough to hit him,
Then there was plenty about her yet to learn.

Snow watched him leave,
And gazed round in fear,
How terrible was this freedom,
And how dark it was here.
She started to walk,
Just for something to do,
But every tree was the same,
Birches, oaks and yew.
Then something caught her eye,
A trail of smoke,
Spiralling through the trees,
So she gathered her cloak.
And marched quite determinedly,
To the clearing from which it rose,
And seeing the source,
The young Princess froze.
A tiny little cottage,
Nestled under an oak,
Then pointlessly, to herself,
The young Princess spoke.

Snow White – Why it is tiny,
I wonder who lives inside,
Maybe they would shelter me,
Maybe there I could hide?

Narrator – Being rather nosey,
She scampered up to the door,
And delicately knocked,
With one gentle paw.

Snow White – Hello? Hello?
Is anyone home?
With such a lovely place,
I doubt that far you would roam.

Narrator – But there was no reply,
And Snow felt quite weak,
Afterall she had not left her room,
In one hundred and twenty one wheeks!
She curled up tight,
Against the chimneys warm wall,
And promised to just rest her eyes,
For a minute . . . That’s all.
Two hours passed,
And the home owners came back,
Wondering who was this beauty,
With fur of jet black?

Grumpy – What is she doing here,
Selling something I suppose,
Well whee don’t need no apples,
Or candles scented like a rose.

Happy – She does look quite sad,
A Mopey sort of girl,
Maybe she could join us,
And be a dwarf as well?!

Grumpy – Don’t be a twit,
She was not born small like us,
She wouldn’t fit in the house,
And girl’s just cause a fuss.

Narrator – Bashful looked put out,
And opened her mouth to speak,
But as usual the shy piggy,
Only managed a squeak.

Sneezy – I think that we should wake her,
And then work out what to do,
How can we wake her without scaring her,
I think . . . Oh dear . . . Achoooo!

Narrator – Snow lept to her paws,
With a cry of fright,
And squinted at the figures round her,
Shadows, in the half light.

Sleepy & Dopey – You look kind of tired,
Sleeping against our house,
Whee don’t often have visitors,
Just the occassional mouse,
Was there something you needed,
Would you like to come in?
Please excuse the mess,
We never remember to empty the bin.

Snow White – You are so very kind,
I wonder if I may be so bold,
But I need somewhere to stay,
And the outside is so cold.

Narrator – They exchanged confused glances,
And with a sigh Snow explained,
Until only their choice,
Was the thing which remained.
They all looked to Doc,
Their leader, to decide,
And completely unashamed,
Snow ran to his side.

Snow White – I’ll cook and I’ll clean,
And take care of the place,
All I need in return,
Is a single bed space.

Narrator – A silence stretched out,
As Doc thought carefully,
And Snow began to hope,
That she might finally be free.

Doc – She is kind of pretty,
And she does look so tired,
If she wants to stay and clean,
Then I guess she is hired!

Narrator – All the dwarves cheered,
Except for Grumpy, Dopey and Sleepy,
Two because they were fast asleep,
And one cos’ he though emotions were creepy!

Snow cooked up a storm,
In the soup pot that night,
It was strange really,
Cos Princesses don’t usually know those thing . . . right?!

Back near the castle,
Poor Bumble paced,
Frightened by the choices,
He currently faced.
Go and admit what had happened,
Explain that she had fled,
Or lie and cheat,
And say she is dead.
Neither option was desirable,
But the second meant he would survive,
It would not be worth returning,
If he said that Snow was alive.
So he hatched a plan,
A surprisingly good one I admit,
Involving the local barber, black dye,
And a paper clip!
The Queen was overjoyed,
And bounced off to bed,
Leaving Bumble clutching his neck,
Grateful to still have his head!

Well part 1 is over,
How do you think it’s gone,
And if you were Bumble,
What would you have done?!
What do you think Belladonna,
Will do when she finds him out,
And what are the seven dwarves,
In the forrest about?!

PRINCE[ipal] Roles!

Well whee have some clear winners in the principal roles in our production of Snow White. As you saw in our previous post whee already have our seven dwarves and Butler Bumble-A-Bout! Without further ado . . .

With 23 votes for the part of The Wicked Step-Mother/Queen Belladonna is


Mistletoe – As pretty as she is evil . . . And that’s pretty evil!

With 32 votes for the role of the Magic Mirror is


Squeak – Mirror mirror on the wall . . .

With 37 votes and playing our Prince Rupert is


Artie – I’ve been dreaming of a true loves kiss!

And finally, playing the leading lady role. With 24 votes out of 56 your choice for Snow White was


Maggie – “*“who was as white as snow, and as red as blood, and her hair was as black as ebony”*”

Well whee think you have all voted wisely and are very pleased with our final cast. Now you are probably all dying to read our version of Snow White. It is in final editing phases and Mummy promises it will be ready for the next post. (Whee are holding her to that even if she needs to stay up all night and skip meals!)

Hope efurryone had a good wheekend and survived manic Monday!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Seven Little Men?!

Ok so they aren’t men but here are our winning Dwarves and Butler Bumble-A-Bout!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations to the winners and well done to all who entered. Whee wish there could be twenty dwarves but the title just wouldn’t work and it would be a cram in a tiny cottage. Not to mention that making twenty beds would take Snow White all day!

Don’t forget to keep voting for your favourites on the polls on the previous post to help chose who will star in the rest of the roles!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

It’s Time To Meet The Stars Of Our Show . . . !

Well the day has arrived! The day you find out who will star in our panto drama! After our first attempt at this post has left the family compawter on life support whee are now on Mummy’s laptop and a little more cautious. Whee said whee would need your help and . . . well . . . whee do.

Whee managed (with the help of our little hoomans) to choose our winning dwarves. It was super hard to chose but wordpress really won’t let us have too many polls and there were a lot of entries. Whee will reveal the winner in the next post while you continue to vote.

Surprisingly whee only had one entrant for the role of Butler Bumble-A-Bout but you only need the right one and he certainly is. Whee will also reveal him in our next post.

In this post whee are focusing on our roles whee need help deciding on. Please vote for your favourites and tell us in the comments what you think of our prospective cast!

Please share this everywhere you can to gather votes and support for yourself or your favourites!

It’s Panto Time!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Snow White


Prince Rupert


The Magic Mirror


Wicked Queen


Oh The Drama!

After the drama of our last post – about which whee would like to assure efurryone that apart from being scared whee are fine and very grateful to have our wonderful furfriends care so much for us – whee are going to move onto drama of a different kind . . .

Dogs in drag? Piggies performing. Cats who are looking and feline good! It can only be the Piggy Panto Contest!

Yes this is a reminder that there is still time to enter! As long as there is not a newer post than this there is still time!

After much discussion whee think whee will be holding a vote for some of the parts which had a lot of entries. Would you guys like that?!

If you haven’t entered then whee still have at least two unclaimed dwarf roles and aren’t sure whee have found the right furries yet for other roles so go for it!

Whee wait with baited breath to see our inbox continue to fill!

If you still haven’t seen how to enter then firstly, where have you been!!! And secondly, look here!

Good luck efurryone!


Think outside the box to make your entry stand out!

Good News, Bad News on The Scariest Day Ever

What was that?! . . . Chin Up! Don’t be scared!

Hi efurryone. You know when bad things happen they tell you to keep your chin up? Here I am doing just that. Last night, only hours after whee posted, something horribly terrifying and scary happened but whee will come to that later. Whee are still a bit shaken and need to build ourselves up to it.

First whee are going to play a little game with you that our Mummy calls ‘good news, bad news’.

Whee will start with something easy.

Good news . . . Whee are entered in two competitions whee would love for you to vote for us in. Bad news . . . It will take some of your time and one needs a facebook account.

The first is Doggy’s The Greatest Blog Contest of All Time is now in voting stages! To see the entries look here and to vote (preferably for us!) look here!

The other contest is with our local newspaper! Please vote Basil (ME!) as the cutest pet by clicking here and using your facebook account (if you have one). It would mean a lot!

Now to the horrible bit. Good news is . . . whee are alive and phsyically fine. Bad news is . . . Well it’s hard to know how to put it so I’ll just tell you the story from my point of view.

It was a little after midnight. The hoomans were in bed. Buddy was in a hay nest sleeping in a pigloo. I could hear Nibbles snoring. When all of a sudden there was a very loud dull boom that made the whole house shake. I dashed to Buddy side and whee both looked around frantically in the dark. It was then I saw it wasn’t fully dark. Orange light seeped under the curtains. I relaxed. Hoomans car machines have headlight that colour. There was a strange whoosh and pop noise like fireworks and I glanced at Buddy. This wasn’t normal. I heard noises upstairs and Mummy coming down them. (I always recognise my source of carrots footsteps!) She reached the bottom of the stairs and stepped toward the front door and whee could see her through the living room doorway (Whee live in the living room by the way!). All of a sudden she stumbled back and screamed something. A word whee recognised.


But whee know fire. It sits nicely in our fireplace and makes the house toasty on cold nights. Mummy dashed back up the stairs screaming at everyone to wake up. Then came running back down to us. She leaned over our cage to look out and whee saw the fire. Huge flames all over a hooman car machine outside. This fire wasn’t well behaved. It was greedily reaching for everything nearby. Hoomans were outside their hutches and really scared. Mummy and her Mummy, with the help of the little hoomans, lifted our cages and carried us into the quiet of the kitchen. Mummy was on her phone calling 999 to come and save us.

Efurryone was shaking and frightened. A loud siren split through the air and whee panicked and tried to hide again. But the hoomans seemed relieved by this extra noise.

Mummy explained that they were the fire brigade and they had come to put out that naughty fire that belong in a fireplace not a car. She said they think somebody did it on purpose. Whee don’t know why.

Our furmily had to spend a long time clearing up glass from all over the front of our house. Our neighbour Mrs Old-Lady was really frightened and our little hoomans needed lots of hugs before they were brave enough to go to bed tonight. It’s really mean of somefurry to do that. Whee are still a bit shaky as is Mummy. It was just really loud and bright. Why would anyfurry do this? Hoomans are strange and sometimes very stupid creatures.

Yours Nervously

Star Light, Star Bright, Whee Are All Panto Stars Alright!

Well whee have had a fabulous response to to our Pet Pigture Panto Contest so far and whee hope to see many more. So far whee haven’t had any Snow White’s, Wicked Queen’s or Prince Rupert’s! Whee have discussed amoungst ourselves whether whee should be in the Panto and decided that only if there are parts left over will whee try being ‘ak – tors’!

Here whee are in our broadway poster designed by our Mummy!

Left to right; Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Please keep entering our Panto contest. See this post for how to enter. Hope efurryone has had a nice day! I’ve been busy helping write the Panto script. The work of a writer/piggy/handsome-fluffball, is never done!


Wordless WTF Wednesday!

You know when you go on youtube and watch random pointless videos continuously? Whee have decided to call this WTF Wednesday. Whee have a little WTF Wednesday video to share with you. Enjoy!

What have you all got planned this fine, vaguely-not-very-wordless Wednesday?!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

PS. Don’t forget to enter our Panto contest. Read the previous post to see how (and what if you don’t know what I’m on about!)

Competition?! Where?! It’s Behind You!

Well whee promised a few days ago that Mummy had thought of something exciting and it was coming soon.

Oh no you didn’t!

Oh yes whee did!

Oh no you did – That’s enough of that. Anyway you must all know that Pigmass is on the way and do you know what that means?

Santa Paws?!
Bad cracker jokes?!
Peace and good will to all mammals?!

Well yes. All of those things but also PANTO season! Who knows what a Pantomime is?

The offical explanation: Pantomime (informally, *panto*) – not to be confused with the theatrical medium of mime – is a musical -comedy theatrical production traditionally performed in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand,Canada, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, South Africa, India, Ireland, Gibraltar, and Malta, mostly during the Christmas and New Year season. Usually it is a re-telling of some of the most well known fairytales. (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White etc.)

Get it?! Got it?! Good! Whee understand some of you don’t have this in your countries so you are probably pulling strange faces at the computer right now but panto is a highlight of the Pigmass season for our Furmily. So whee wanted to write our own. Mummy has been slaving over an over heating mobile phone and finally whee have the basics of a script. You are probably wondering what this has to do with you. Well let us elaborate. Every theatre needs actors and actresses. And for the Pet Pigture Panto Contest it is no different. Whee want you to audition for different parts in:

The Piggies First Ever Panto

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can enter by sending your pigture of yourself as a character attached as a jpeg to

You can audition for the following parts:

– Snow White
– Wicked Queen/Witch Belladonna
– Butler Bumble-A-Bout
– Grumpy Dwarf
– Happy Dwarf
– Sleepy Dwarf
– Sneezy Dwarf
– Bashful Dwarf
– Dopey Dwarf
– Doc Dwarf
– Prince Rupert
– The Magic Mirror

Just say which part you are auditioning for and include you real name and the name of your blog if you have one.

Contest closes Saturday 17th November with winner being announced on Sunday. Then you will get to read the whole script! (Hopefully it won’t be too long!)

Whee cannot wait to see you in your fairytale panto splendor!

Good luck!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Tea Tree For Tootsies!

Well today I has a special beauty secret to share with you. A review. This is about Johnsons Pets Tea Tree Cream for itchy skin. I have had sore tootsies for a little while now. I have been checked for mites and fungal and pretty much everything but no one could explain why my back paws itched so much. I was begining to get bald patches that didn’t look so good when I recieved a miracle cure.

The lovely Miss Lisa Hopkins at Johnsons Pets sent us a package of products to test. Enclosed were many things, including the tea tree cream. The pot said soothing for itchy skin and my vet said it was worthy a try so whee went for it. Every morning and evening Mummy put a little on my foot. I was very good and Mummy said the effect was great. I was soo eager after a couple of times that I would hold my paw out for her to apply it. The change is amazing! I have only been using it for 4 days but I can’t believe it.

My fur is growing back. I’m not itching and chewing it anymore. Now Mummy has stopped using it this evening and I’ve not been seen itching at all. It is my one-stop-skin improvement stop! Mummy has used a little on my ear when it was dry too.

Whee would wholeheartedly recommend this product for small furries with itchy skin. Or as something for a furries first aid kit. Obviously any itches or scratches should be vet checked throughly but this has been brillant for me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Do you have a fav product?


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