Snow White and The Seven Dwarves – Part 3

Narrator – Hello there my friends,
Good to see you again,
Have you eagerly awaited,
For this part Mummy had to pen?
Well whee will leap back into the action,
It is about half past three,
Snow has finished cleaning,
And is now cooking the dwarves tea.
A rap on the door,
Makes her turn with a frown,
Putting the bowl she was mixing careful down.
She skipped to the door,
And called out a greeting,

Snow White – Whee aren’t interested if you sell,
Double glazing or heating.

Narrator – There was a loud cough,
That sounded quite bad,
Making Snow fling open the door,
Forgetting the caution she’d just had.
The crone on the door step,
Cleared her throat once more,
Then explained her sob story,
She was old, alone and poor.

Snow White – Oh you poor thing,
Is there something I can do,
I could give you my hair ribbons,
They are practically new.
Maybe you can sell them,
And get what you need,
Now please excuse me, I have,
Seven hungry mouths to feed.

Narrator – The crone was doubled over,
But stopped the door from closing,
With a strength usually beyond the elderly,
That would have had smarter furries suppposing.

Crone – Oh thank you my pretty,
May I give you something in return,
A rosy red apple,
To thank you for the money I’ll earn.

Narrator – Snow took the apple,
With a smile so sweet,
Then upon the crones begging,
Bit into the tart treat.
Then something happened,
And it fell from her paw,
Revealing the black magic,
Swirling out from the core.
Her eyes widdened in shock,
And her fur stood on end,
And the whole world around her,
Appeared to sway and bend.

Crone / Queen Belladonna – I remove the disguise,
That tricked a fool like you,
So you will see me as you die,
And I will see you fade too.

Narrator – Snow crumpled in a heap,
Her fur fanning out gracefully,
Gasping for breath and trying to say,
“Help me!”
Her eyes fluttered closed,
And the Queen started a victory dance,
But the dwarves were returning,
So she did not get a chance.
She fled the scene of her crime,
Without remorse or care,
But maybe if she watched more CSI,
She would see the evidence she left there.
Grumpy stormed into the room, With his usual cheer,
And tripped over Snow’s body,
Shouting “Now who left that here?!”
Then they saw and realised,
It was their Princess Snow,
S’not looking to alive,
And rather dead as you know.

Dopey – Erm Snow are you sleeping?
If so, why not in bed?

Grumpy – And if not, who,
Will cook dinner if you are really dead?

Narrator – But of course Snow didn’t move,
Or look vaguely alive,
She had only half laid the table with,
Just the spoon and knives.

The Dwarves were distraught,
And decided then and there,
To build a coffin,
Of glass to protect her face and hair.
That night they sealed it up,
And cried for poor Snow,
And placed her in a glen,
Of wildflowers not far from home.

Now not far away,
Comes a hero proud and good,
The wonderful Prince Rupert,
Visiting for the funeral food.
He was going to attend,
The Queen’s Ball and Brunch,
But had stopped nearly there,
To eat up his lunch.
He swished his fur forward,
Then swishd it right back,
And smiled so dazzlingly,
Ladypigs hearts it would attack.

I suppose you want him to save the day,
And leap right into action,
But Mumny has just written this out,
And this part is a just fraction.
So whee will end this part here,
There is only one more after this,
And again whee know about the photos,
And the fact that each post they miss.
What will happen next?
Take a guess for a dare?
Will good prevail,
Or are things over right there?!

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  1. Wow, like Me and Nellie have said before you guys are so lucky to have such a clever mummy. Our mummy is useless when it comes to anything like this. Love Nellie and Jasper.

  2. this was so good! we love your mommy!

  3. If the recipe for the antidote is on mummy’s computer-snow will melt.

    • Tehehe. Mummy is getting quite cross about the computer but whee are going to find out what the computer doctor thinks is wrong with it today. So fingers crosses it gets better soon.


  4. Oh, this is building up to a great finale – do hope it ends well!

  5. Yikes what next? Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. That’s so great… can’t wait or the next….. THANK YOU!!!

  7. What a scary tale. I hope the princess can save Snow. How terrible.

  8. This story is just plain SPECTACULAR!! Boys you have a very talented Mummy (which I’m sure you already know) and the story is quite exciting. Can’t wait for more…….but I guess we HAVE to! Patience is a virtue…so they say….

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  9. I see talent. 😉

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