Snow White And The Seven Dwarves – Part 2

Hello efurryone. Here is part 2 of Snow White. First whee would like to apologise for the lack of pigtures. Our compytermabob is broken and so whee are doing this from Mummy’s phone. That also means that she has had to write all this off the top of her head because it wasn’t saved anywhere else and whee didn’t want to let you down. She has actually written it out in memos once already and accidentally deleted two hours work this evening so she is working fast for this to be ready in time. (She very nearly cried over losing it but realised she only has one hour before midnight and her usual post deadline. So hysterics are saved for later!) Paws crossed whee manage it in time.

If you are reading it then Mummy has succeeded and probably won’t have the brain power to get up in the morning!

Whee hope you like it.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

Snow White And The Seven Dwarves

Part 2

Narrator – So now whee return my dear friends,
And a whole wheek has passed,
Whee hope you have contained you excitment,
Since I squeaked to you last!
Snow White is doing well,
The Dwaves domestic goddess,
Surprisingly good for a Princess,
At cleaning up their mess.
There was a small washing incident,
Involving their shirts and her clothes,
She didn’t realise her red dress,
Would dye everything pale rose!
The dwarves too were happy,
Mining caves with their spade,
But peace would not last,
Away from that glade.
Well what did you expect,
Something was bound to go wrong,
This is a fairytale afterall,
And that happens before long.

In fact, at the castle,
Rose a familiar shout,
And an outraged sounding cry,
For Butler Bumble-A-Bout.

Queen Belladonna – Is it so hard to obey me,
You lying little fool,
One simple task,
And you failed me Bumble!

Bumble – Oh dear, oh no,
The Queen’s guessed the truth,
I will not be safe,
At least not under this roof!

Narrator – He dashed for the door,
But Guards blocked his way,
Leaving him with no choice,
But to reluctantly stay.

Bumble – Oh dear, oh help,
Whatever will I say,
Maybe I should get on my knees,
And just begin to pray!
I’m a terrible liar,
And I can’t think of a story,
But what will I do,
In the face if her fury?!
Oh please, oh help,
She is coming down the hall,
She really was right,
I have been such a fool.

Queen Belladonna – I only asked something simple,
Why do you not obey,
Is it really so hard,
To just do what I say.
Am I not kind,
To let you continue to breathe,
Am I not merciful,
Am I not, Guard Steve.

Narrator – Guard Steve was wise,
For he did not say a word,
But Bumble did not get the memo,
‘Silence is golden’? He had not heard!

Bumble – You are merciful,
My Queen I must plead,
Let me find her again,
As quick as you need.
I can do it at once,
I beg your forgiveness,
I was such a fool to ever get into this mess.

Narrator – The Queen thought for a moment,
Then inclined her head,

Queen Belladomna – I suppose you can have one more chance,
You are more use when not dead.
If you go right now,
It may be done it time,
Well what are you waiting for,
Scoot, and don’t whine.

Narrator – Bumble dashed again for the door,
But another shout stopped him in his tracks,
As he turned on his heels,
To face the Queen’s angry eyes attacks.

Queen Belladonna – Where on earth are you going?!
The kitchen is that way,
I said tell the cook to prepare the remembering feast,
And you promised to obey.

Narrator – Bumble realised in that moment,
That he had misunderstood,
She was not on about Snow White,
But the funeral meal food.
He sighed in relief,
And hurried to the cook,
Leaving the angry Queen,
With a furious look.
She probably would have glared more,
If she weren’t so afraid to gain a wrinkle,
Already on her brow,
Was one too many a crinkle.
The feast she had organised,
Invited all royals nearby,
To celebrate Snow short life,
She wanted a pawty, that’s why!
All would be fine,
She assured herself,
And resolutely reminded,
That worry was bad for her health.
She decided that now,
Would be a good time to see her looking glass,
Afterall, it has been awhile,
Since Snow’s death had come to pass.
She was truly confident,
That the beauty would have rotted away,
Well corpses are’t pretty,
In anyones eyes anyway.
She swept off to her bedroom,
And into the ensuite,
Then flung back the mirror’s curtain,
And spoke, deceptively sweet.

Queen Belladonna – Mirror, my darling,
Answer my call,
Tell me now I’m the fairest,
Of them all!

Magic Mirror – My Queen in the palace,
You outshine the rest,
But now hiding in the forrest,
Snow White is still best!
Yes you thought her dead,
But that girl has got guts,
And see how she felled your warrior,
With one mighty touch.

Narrator – The mirror showed reflected,
Snow White’s escape from Bumble,
And her smile at the dwarves,
All shy and humble.

Queen Belladonna – How can this be,
I ordered her killed,
I was told her blood had been,
Messily spilled.
Now what will my pawry,
Remember tonight,
How about my fading youth,
*Sob* Just lie if it’s too bad, all right.

Magic Mirror – You know I cannot do that,
But I can tell you how to regain some years,
Any take care of the Princess,
So no need for tears.
All you need do,
If spell her into a death sleep,
And then all her youth and years,
Will be yours to keep.
Make her eat or drink it,
Willingly mind you,
Trick her into taking it,
And those years will belong to you.

Narrator – The Queen liked the sound of that,
And hurried to her potion room,
A dingy little place,
Which resembles a tomb.
She began grabbing bottles,
And tossing things together,
Tired memories and sleep berries,
And night time weather.

Queen Belladonna – Now how to make it appetising?

Narrator – She said pacing back and forth,
First East to West,
The South to North.
Then she saw it,
Inspired by a fruit bowl,
She grabbed out the only,
Piece of fruit that was whole.
A single rosy apple,
She dipped in the sleep curse,
It would ensure that this time,
Snow ended up in a hearse!
Then the Queen donned a disguise,
Like a wizened old crone,
And clutching the apple in a basket,
She left her castle home.
She entered the forrest,
And used a locator spell,
Planning to arrive while the dwarves were out,
Well it wouldn’t seem this could go well.

Now that is the end of part 2,
You enjoyed it whee hope,
Seeing as this is the third time,
Mummy has written this, and that’s no joke.
What will happen next,
Will the trick catch Snow out,
And will whee see more,
Of Bumble-A-Bout?
And what of Prince Rupert,
Well just you wait and see,
You won’t get a single hint,
Or a word out if me!

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  1. A great story and a very heroic mummy! We appreciate the frustration and work πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for the end.

  2. Oh my gosh, how frustrating to have lost all your work. I can’t imagine a better version though. Great story!!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  3. OH NO-you better find that hard disk with the story from the 1100’s! I betcha that Magic Mirror was ahead of the times.

  4. Brava!! Back up often.

  5. Woo hoo this is so so good, I can’t wait for pawt three, but at least this means I have time to top up my popcorn!

  6. Brilliant! Sheer brilliance! Bravo! (insert cheering throngs of people here)

  7. … wow, that’s great story … better than the brothers grimm ;o)

  8. Sorry to hear about the computer. 😦 It’s a great piece tho. πŸ™‚

  9. Bravo , bravo, clap, clap, clap. Have a terrific Thursday and can’t wait for the next episode.
    Best wishes Molly

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