Good News, Bad News on The Scariest Day Ever

What was that?! . . . Chin Up! Don’t be scared!

Hi efurryone. You know when bad things happen they tell you to keep your chin up? Here I am doing just that. Last night, only hours after whee posted, something horribly terrifying and scary happened but whee will come to that later. Whee are still a bit shaken and need to build ourselves up to it.

First whee are going to play a little game with you that our Mummy calls ‘good news, bad news’.

Whee will start with something easy.

Good news . . . Whee are entered in two competitions whee would love for you to vote for us in. Bad news . . . It will take some of your time and one needs a facebook account.

The first is Doggy’s The Greatest Blog Contest of All Time is now in voting stages! To see the entries look here and to vote (preferably for us!) look here!

The other contest is with our local newspaper! Please vote Basil (ME!) as the cutest pet by clicking here and using your facebook account (if you have one). It would mean a lot!

Now to the horrible bit. Good news is . . . whee are alive and phsyically fine. Bad news is . . . Well it’s hard to know how to put it so I’ll just tell you the story from my point of view.

It was a little after midnight. The hoomans were in bed. Buddy was in a hay nest sleeping in a pigloo. I could hear Nibbles snoring. When all of a sudden there was a very loud dull boom that made the whole house shake. I dashed to Buddy side and whee both looked around frantically in the dark. It was then I saw it wasn’t fully dark. Orange light seeped under the curtains. I relaxed. Hoomans car machines have headlight that colour. There was a strange whoosh and pop noise like fireworks and I glanced at Buddy. This wasn’t normal. I heard noises upstairs and Mummy coming down them. (I always recognise my source of carrots footsteps!) She reached the bottom of the stairs and stepped toward the front door and whee could see her through the living room doorway (Whee live in the living room by the way!). All of a sudden she stumbled back and screamed something. A word whee recognised.


But whee know fire. It sits nicely in our fireplace and makes the house toasty on cold nights. Mummy dashed back up the stairs screaming at everyone to wake up. Then came running back down to us. She leaned over our cage to look out and whee saw the fire. Huge flames all over a hooman car machine outside. This fire wasn’t well behaved. It was greedily reaching for everything nearby. Hoomans were outside their hutches and really scared. Mummy and her Mummy, with the help of the little hoomans, lifted our cages and carried us into the quiet of the kitchen. Mummy was on her phone calling 999 to come and save us.

Efurryone was shaking and frightened. A loud siren split through the air and whee panicked and tried to hide again. But the hoomans seemed relieved by this extra noise.

Mummy explained that they were the fire brigade and they had come to put out that naughty fire that belong in a fireplace not a car. She said they think somebody did it on purpose. Whee don’t know why.

Our furmily had to spend a long time clearing up glass from all over the front of our house. Our neighbour Mrs Old-Lady was really frightened and our little hoomans needed lots of hugs before they were brave enough to go to bed tonight. It’s really mean of somefurry to do that. Whee are still a bit shaky as is Mummy. It was just really loud and bright. Why would anyfurry do this? Hoomans are strange and sometimes very stupid creatures.

Yours Nervously


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  1. That’s scary stuff there.
    I’m really glad to know to everybody is ok and that no substantial damage was made to your property. I’m sure insurance will cover whatever it happened to the car.
    Honestly, I’m glad you all are ok.

  2. I didn’t know you were in a war zone.

  3. What a scary thing to happen and how senseless that someone would do that. I am so glad that you are all okay and hope you get some extra cuddles and carrots to help you get over the shock and maybe your Mummy can have a treat too.

    • Mummy had hot chocolate and made us bran to make us feel better. It was pretty scary but whee are eating and drinking so Mummy says whee will be fine! It takes more than an exploding vehicle to put me off my noms! πŸ™‚


  4. Me and Nellie were very worried to hear about the fire. We hope you are all recovering from your terrible fright. Love your very concerned antipodean friends.

  5. oh your poor little piggies.. are the hoomans okay? are you okay? I am so sorry that someone mean and nasty would do that. I hope they catch that person.. Do they allow you to put up security cameras around the house or maybe big bright flood lights? I hope everyone stays safe.. you all are so brave you deserve extra carrots. Please let your mum know I will be posting your wonderful interview on the 21st.. I will share once it’s posted. Please stay safe little ones.

    • Thankies. Whee are looking forward to seeing the interview fully! Efurryone one is fine and the only injury was a cut on a hoomans foot when they trod on some glass in their slippers trying to get out quickly. One of our neighbours has CCTV but the police haven’t come round or done anything. It very annoying seeing as whee know hoomans are voting for a police comissioner hooman today.


  6. oh my!! Thank goodness you are all ok! Was it your car? That is awful. I can’t even imagine how scared you had to be! I hope they catch those bad people. BTW I just voted for you on Facebook! xoxo

  7. Me and Nellie have voted for you on your local newspaper contest.

  8. You really did have a scary experience. I’m glad your humans took good care of you. I hope they give you lots of hugs and treats tonight. We are so very thankful that everyone is safe. Sometimes this world can really be scary, but not all the humans and fur people are bad. We will pray that you get a good night’s sleep tonight.

  9. Yikes! Very happy to hear you are all ok. Pugs and kisses.

  10. Oh, dear Basil, I am so furry sorry to hear about this. How scary it must have been for all of you! I’m so relieved that efurryone of you are okay. I guess it could have been much worse. Please let us know if you hear any more about the mean nasty person(s) who did this. Sure hope they’re caught and punished!
    Love, Sundae

  11. Holy molly, that is scary. I’m sure the sirens scared the daylights out of you. My kitties would be frantic. I wish those who did this, get caught and have some consequence so they’ll reconsider their bad behaviours…really poor form to scare everyone like that. I’m so happy you are all ok.

  12. OMGoodness, Basil. I’m so happy you’re all OK. What a scary thing to have to go through. You piggies were all very brave during the crisis. Keep those chins up and give Mummy some extra cuddles.

    Love and licks,

  13. Well! I don’t like the bad news, but OMC! So happy you are all ok, paw pats, Savannah

  14. Basil, I’m so sorry that happened to you and your family! If this was done on purpose, I hope the culprit is caught ASAP! I was going to use another word, but I remembered that your blog is family-friendly! πŸ˜‰
    You’re right, some hoomans are indeed stupid creatures! We have a lot to learn from our animal friends!

    • Whee are starting to think they won’t catch anyone because the police haven’t come out or done anything. It is very disappointing. To think whoever caused it could do so again maybe with worse consequences.


  15. I’m glad to hear you are ok! – A

  16. Basil! Wowwie! That is AWFUL! Me is glad that nobody furry or peoples was hurt. Things can always be replaced, but peoples and furrys can’t!

  17. omg. glad everyone is ok

  18. Basil, are you alright? My hooman just came rushing into the room and plucked me, very rudely, from my cage. Then she hurried into this warmer room and plonked me on her lounge infront of her writing device. This was how I came to be reading your terrifiying experience! It must have been so terrible for you, I hope you and all your friends are ok!

    Love Billy

  19. That is so wrong :-(. We moggies are glad you and your neighbours are safe and well xxx

  20. Holy S*** That was awful, who the heck would do something like that? Glad you are all OK. Now you have all the crap,of not having a car, all the investigation and the insurance people..What a headache. Keep ya chin up πŸ™‚ x00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • It was our car but whee do feel sorry for the poor hooman it belongs to. Despite spending ages cleaning Mummy says there is still loads of glass in the road. And what is worse is that the police didn’t come out until nine hours after it and then did nothing more than look around. Stupid hoomans! πŸ™‚


  21. I am so so pleased to hear that no one was hurt!! That sounsd really really awful and I can imagine you will be shuck up for a while! Please give everyone a massive hug from us!!

  22. Oh how horrible and scary! First of all I’m so happy that you’re all alright and that it wasn’t YOUR car that got set afire! Teen humans find incredibly dumb things “entertaining” sometimes and setting someone’s car on fire – endangering EVERYBODY – is truly dumb. I know that was quite terrifying for you boys and your Mummy and the whole family but here you are safe and sound thankfully! Whew! Secondly, we voted on Doggy’s contest already AND will vote on Facebook for your other competition… boys are certainly BUSY BEES these days. I hope the police find the bad people who made you so scared…….

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  23. Thank God no piggies or hoomans were hurt. Sending love and comfort and hugs to all from America. XXXX OOOO

  24. That is truly scary and horrifying. I’m glad no one was hurt but I hope they figure out who did it xxx

  25. “…somebody did it on purpose”? wow that’s a hard story….. What a weird world!!! I’m glad you all are well. I’ve voted on FB – after a 20-minute-intensive-brainstorming for the pw – but I got it woohoo ;o)

    • Yay! Thank you Easy. It is defintely a rough world out there. Whee are so glad whee can stay safe in our house. It was just scary that the outside could have got to us in our safe house.


  26. Fire is never a good thing! Relieved and very happy to know you’re all doing fine, and everything turned out good. No wonder you’re all shaken up. 😦

    • Yep. Efurryone is fine. A lot calmer now. Though whee do keep jumping a loud noises now. Mummy is upset because whee used to sleep through things and now whee are nervous all the time. Instead of thinking that Mummy coming down the stairs means food whee now freeze and look suspicious. Who says whee don’t understand or remember these things?!


  27. Oooh Basil! How scary! Reminds me of a similar situation outside the back of our house where I used to live when a gas cylinder blew up in a caravan right next to my friend’s car. My dogs were in kennels right next to the wall and that was very scary too. The fire brigade came out like with you but they left a leaking gas cylinder behind and the next day the local children were playing close by it…some of the older ones smoked….that was scary!! Could’ve been a huge explosion! Out came the fire brigade again! Hope all is calm at your end now πŸ™‚

  28. Oh, Basil! Just found this post. Thank goodness efurryone is ok. Scary! Teenagers in our neighborhood go around smashing pumpkins and stealing bicycles, but no one is so mean as to blow up a car! Hugs, kisses, and lots of cuddles from Miss D!

  29. You poor piggies! That sounds so horrible! I am very glad that you are all okay and I hope you never have to be so scared again!!

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