Competition?! Where?! It’s Behind You!

Well whee promised a few days ago that Mummy had thought of something exciting and it was coming soon.

Oh no you didn’t!

Oh yes whee did!

Oh no you did – That’s enough of that. Anyway you must all know that Pigmass is on the way and do you know what that means?

Santa Paws?!
Bad cracker jokes?!
Peace and good will to all mammals?!

Well yes. All of those things but also PANTO season! Who knows what a Pantomime is?

The offical explanation: Pantomime (informally, *panto*) – not to be confused with the theatrical medium of mime – is a musical -comedy theatrical production traditionally performed in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand,Canada, Zimbabwe, Jamaica, South Africa, India, Ireland, Gibraltar, and Malta, mostly during the Christmas and New Year season. Usually it is a re-telling of some of the most well known fairytales. (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White etc.)

Get it?! Got it?! Good! Whee understand some of you don’t have this in your countries so you are probably pulling strange faces at the computer right now but panto is a highlight of the Pigmass season for our Furmily. So whee wanted to write our own. Mummy has been slaving over an over heating mobile phone and finally whee have the basics of a script. You are probably wondering what this has to do with you. Well let us elaborate. Every theatre needs actors and actresses. And for the Pet Pigture Panto Contest it is no different. Whee want you to audition for different parts in:

The Piggies First Ever Panto

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can enter by sending your pigture of yourself as a character attached as a jpeg to

You can audition for the following parts:

– Snow White
– Wicked Queen/Witch Belladonna
– Butler Bumble-A-Bout
– Grumpy Dwarf
– Happy Dwarf
– Sleepy Dwarf
– Sneezy Dwarf
– Bashful Dwarf
– Dopey Dwarf
– Doc Dwarf
– Prince Rupert
– The Magic Mirror

Just say which part you are auditioning for and include you real name and the name of your blog if you have one.

Contest closes Saturday 17th November with winner being announced on Sunday. Then you will get to read the whole script! (Hopefully it won’t be too long!)

Whee cannot wait to see you in your fairytale panto splendor!

Good luck!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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  1. i want in! i want the butler part

  2. Nellie should be snow white because she is beautiful, while and fluffy, but our mummy is useless at doing any of that fancy photoshop stuff, she can only just manage to do a blog, so she can’t put Nellie into a costume.

  3. Now this is going to be FUN!

  4. very nice drawings, hope my staff will help me to get a role ….ahhhm … and the premiere is on Broadway?

  5. Hilarious we want to be part of this :-). Will email you later on today x

  6. Will have to think about who I want to audition for!
    In the meantime, mummy was in a card shop and saw this!! You might have seen it before but it made her laugh and think of you guys:

  7. You guys come up with the best ideas ever! This is very clever. Should be great fun to watch the characters roll in.

  8. Hemingway here…….you know what else is coming???? My birthday!!!! I’ll be three on KIttymas Eve!

  9. This sounds like fun! I’ll think about it and send you an email.

  10. What a funny idea! 🙂

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