Tea Tree For Tootsies!

Well today I has a special beauty secret to share with you. A review. This is about Johnsons Pets Tea Tree Cream for itchy skin. I have had sore tootsies for a little while now. I have been checked for mites and fungal and pretty much everything but no one could explain why my back paws itched so much. I was begining to get bald patches that didn’t look so good when I recieved a miracle cure.

The lovely Miss Lisa Hopkins at Johnsons Pets sent us a package of products to test. Enclosed were many things, including the tea tree cream. The pot said soothing for itchy skin and my vet said it was worthy a try so whee went for it. Every morning and evening Mummy put a little on my foot. I was very good and Mummy said the effect was great. I was soo eager after a couple of times that I would hold my paw out for her to apply it. The change is amazing! I have only been using it for 4 days but I can’t believe it.

My fur is growing back. I’m not itching and chewing it anymore. Now Mummy has stopped using it this evening and I’ve not been seen itching at all. It is my one-stop-skin improvement stop! Mummy has used a little on my ear when it was dry too.

Whee would wholeheartedly recommend this product for small furries with itchy skin. Or as something for a furries first aid kit. Obviously any itches or scratches should be vet checked throughly but this has been brillant for me.

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Do you have a fav product?



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  1. Tea-tree is the best for everything..Sores, spots whatever.. It’s natural. xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  2. Yay for you, Buddy! No more itchy toes! My favorite product is … Treats! πŸ™‚

    Love and licks,

  3. No more itchy tootsies for you Buddy!! πŸ˜€ Haven’t got a furry-first-aid-kit yet, thinking its definitely something I should consider putting together for the future though. xxx

  4. We use a teatree spray for hot spots. Glad you feel better, itching is not fun, scratching is even worse.

  5. Glad that it worked for you! I used to know a little guinea pig who always had problems with her feeties too.

  6. Oh Yes me Does! Pet Naturals makes some great products and my purrsonal favorite are the Cat Calming treats! Me is much calmer and does not get as mad at Kozmo as me used to!
    They are tasty and all natural and they make products for cats and dogs (alas, not piggies)

  7. The Producer rubs Tea Tree Oil on my tummy everyday to stop the itching. It’s good stuff.

  8. oh Buddy, so happy you don’t itch anymore and especially your furrs are coming back, our furs are so impawtant

  9. What a great result Buddy – we’ll member that should the need arise πŸ™‚

  10. Mummy used to used tea tree on her eczema – great stuff!

  11. I just noticed that Squeaker has itchy skin all over (no mites, no infection, no bald patches) can you suggest something I could buy for him in the United States? My throat is very dry also so I suspect some of it is the winter and lack of humidity. I turned on humidifier yesterday.

  12. How adorable that you learnt it was so good and put your paw up to get some. Fantastc.

  13. Oh so glad your Mummy got something that works for your itchies Buddy! I bet that was NO FUN at all and I think it’s sweet (and cute!) that you stuck your little paw up so she could put it on for you – obviously it felt good!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  14. Thanks for sharing your beauty-secret with me. My fav product is Betadine – it’s not for “itchies” its for “ouchies”, an antiseptic ointment if I have small wounds ;o)

  15. Looks promising! πŸ˜€
    I don’t really have a favorite product. Only for Hiro’s eyes. A good friend recommended Euprasia tea (that is cold or luke warm) for his dirty and watery eyes. I have only applied it a few times yesterday, but it already looks much better. πŸ™‚

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