TGI Friday!

Thank guinea it’s friday. Whee are all have an early night so whee can enjoy the wheekend! Are any of you doing anything interesting. Also try to caption one of the pigtures! Just comment what you think I am saying!


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  1. Hi, Nutty, I think I may have an interesting afternoon tomorrow. I heard Motor Mommy say that her nephew, his wife and little boy are coming to have pictures taken in our yard. I’ve never met them before: that should be fun!
    Have a good wheekend!
    Love, Sundae

  2. Hi sleepyhead. Have a great weekend!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  3. “I smell waffles” (looks like you came out to sniff something yummy mommy was cooking.

  4. Hmm, me is having a pawty tomorrow. But there willbe lots of cats! me is inviting yous guys

  5. Well Nutty in that first shot of you poking your head out of the box with your eyes closed – I’d say that you MUST be saying “Yawn…….What’s for breakfast???” and the other shot of you cuddled in your blue blanket “Can I have breakfast in bed please???”……..

    Kitty Hugs and Happy Saturday!

  6. Okay, yo aksed for it… some collie twisted humor here….. the first one is “Yawn! Good Morning Beautiful” The second one is “OMG brush your teeth!” Blame Ginger it was her thoughts….
    In fun!
    The collies

  7. “Mommyyyyyy – you fed me too much. Now I can’t get through here anymore”
    have a super weekend.

  8. Bless you, Nutty! It looks like you had to sneeze in your second picture! 😉
    Do guinea pigs get allergies like us humans?

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