Efurryone shouts together: Happy Birthday Buddy!

Buddy: Aww thanks efurryone.

Efurryone: Whee have a surprise cake contest for you to judge! Our fab furfriends have made you birthday cakes!

Buddy: Woweee. There are so many to choose from! Thanks efurryone. Hmmmmm. If I really had to chose there is one that stands out . . .

Thank you Easy Rider!

It has my name on it and everything! Now I’m sure you all want to see the cake I actually got to eat! My Mummy made it!

The Cake

           Me eating my nommy cake!

Basil seems to think I need some help . . . Oh well I suppose it is my birthday.

That’s the last time I let Basil try anything! He trampled through it in his excitment and squished most of it!

Being the ever so nice piggy I am I let Nibbles have a slice!

Even Nutty gets to chow down on the action!

Thanks efurryone for making this such a great day. I can’t believe I am already one year old. But does Mummy not realise what’s coming next?! That’s right! The terrible TWO’S! Eeek!

Piggy kisses efurryone




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  1. Aw….Happy, Happy Birthday, Buddy. How nice of you to share your cake! And I’m sure Basil didn’t really mean to trample through the cake: he was just so excited about your birthday!
    Love, Sundae
    PS…in honor of your birthday, I think I’ll just have a cat nap!

  2. Oh Buddy, what a simply wonderful birthday you’re having! Sutch a lucky fellow and everyone got to share those delightful birthday cakes. Easy’s cake is simply a marvel. You do realise you now have to pray for him and his humans that it wasn’t a cheesecake? 😀

  3. Gorgeous cakes. It’s lucky you don’t have to eat the one Easy’s mom made. Sometimes, things can take an ugly turn over there. Happy Piggie Birthday, Buddy!

    Love and licks,

  4. happy birthday Buddy!!! I LOVE the cake that Easy made and the food your Mom gave you looks delicious! Hope you had a great day!

    • Thank you. It has been exhausting eating and being spoilt all day so.I’m snoozing on Mummy’s lap while whee watch telly before bed. *sigh* It’s a hard life but someones gotta do it! 🙂


  5. Happy bifurryday, Buddy! =)

  6. Happy birthday buddy! I hope it’s wonderful! 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday Buddy! How sweet of you to share with the others!

  8. Mes is going to sings yous the birthday song!!!!
    ♥♥♫♪Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸
    ¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*
    •.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear Buddie!!!!!! ♪♫•*
    ¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

  9. Happy Birthday, dude! – A

  10. Happy Birthday Buddy, may you create lots of new wheeks and more thereafter. Snuggles, Peaches, Daisy and Cinnamon. xxxx

  11. Aww, happy birthday! Lucky piggies–Cocco is drooling over here!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  12. Happy Birthday to You (I’m singing that part), la la la la LA LA! Two cakes are so much better than one, lucky you. Maybe Basil was saving time, you didn’t have to cut the cake. I really like the close up of your nose, that made me smile!

  13. Happy birthday Buddy – 🙂

  14. Happy birthday Buddy!! The cake looks nommy – enjoy!!

  15. Happy Birthday Buddy, hope you a a fandaddiedozie day. Great looking cake 🙂 xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  16. Buddy I hope you had the very BESTEST birthday EVER! My Mom and I were going to do a cake for the cake competition but ran out of time! 😦 Looks like you had some great ones though including the special one your Mum made for you!!! YUMMY! Looks like it’s full of your favorite veggies! Lots of piggie hugs from me to you my friend………

    Love, Sammy

  17. Happy Birthday, Buddy! 😀

  18. Happy birthday buddy!! I can’t believe your mum made cake – that is so ace!!

    • It’s super special isn’t it?! They don’t do these sorts of things for guinea pigs usually so Mummy had to be a bit creative! (She’d never done it before so she wasn’t sure if I would like it. I had to eat it all to be sure but I think it’s ok!)


  19. Happy birthday! Be nice to mum during the terrible twos.

  20. Happy Birthday Buddy, your cake looks much better than mine… what’s with the leftovers? :o)

    • There weren’t any left overs but Mummy put us all back in our cages to finish it and whee dragged them into the pigloos to eat them! A place where cameras cannot follow!


  21. Happy Birthday to you!!
    It looks like you have all the ingredients for a perfect day… two cakes, your family, and lots of friends! … Could it get any better 🙂
    Wishing you a very special day from everyone here at the farm!

  22. Happy Birthday Buddy! That cake looks delicious 😀 How nice of you to share!

  23. HAPPY PIGGIE DAY BUDDY! Y’all are so cute. My peep can’t stand it. I want some of that cake…..

    AROOOOOO! Stuart

  24. Happy Birthday Buddy! Wow, thats a fabulous cake easy made for you and even more from your mom. What a lucky guy. Terrible twos, well at least we have some time to prepare for them.

  25. Happy birthday Buddy! You didn’t burst after all that cake did you? lol 😉 Looks like a great time was had by all!

  26. Happy happy belated birthday, Buddy! It looks like you and the whole piggy clan had a blast!

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