Eau De Betrayl!

Today Mummy was wearing a new scent. Eau de Betrayl! I noticed it when I was having a cuddle. I sniffed her sleeve and prepared to snuggle in when a scent filled my nostrils. I looked up at Mummy in shock, confusion and betrayl. She looked back at me guiltily. “I was round a friends house. It was have been rude not to cuddle her piggies!” she pleaded. I huffed and rumbled at her.

Then began crossly trying to tear the offensive smell off of her jacket. She told me off and put me back. Still apologising and saying she would go and change. As if a new outfit would get rid perfume perfidy?! (Yes, it’s a big word. I’m expanding my vocabulary!)

Have your hoomans ever betrayed you?



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  1. Aw, Nutty. Don’t take it so hard, my friend. At least she came home to YOU!!
    Love, Sundae

  2. Oh yeah! Whenever they go clean Thursdays at Kitty Corner, my former shelter, they change their clothes before even trying to pet me! I can smell all those other kittehs!

  3. Poor you! I would go Nutty too if mom smelled like another pig… Unless it was a girl pig… – A

  4. Oh boy, well you sure look cute any.

  5. Sometimes we must experience others to appreciate what wonders we have at home.

  6. All the time – look what they did recently – brought in Raffles! As if I, alone, wasn’t enough?
    Okay, I know I was depressed and grieving and I know Raffles has livened me up but I’m sure there’s a point to be made here somewhere if I could just find it…….

  7. Oh Nutty, the look of affront on your face is priceless šŸ˜‰

  8. Mine do this all the time, but i get my own back by letting other humans cuddle me

  9. Suki hisses at me when she smells another cat’s sense on my hands. šŸ˜›

  10. That’s horrendous. How could your Mom do that to you? That photo is just too cute by the way. Of course, because I’m constantly dealing with other animals, all of mine are so used to the smell of betrayal that they pay no attention to it at all.

    • I know. I am adorable! It is actually an old pigture of me in Mummy’s apron pocket when she takes me round to do the housework!

      It is terrible though. I don’t think I could ever get used to the scent of betrayl!


  11. They all do it!!! I don’t kow how many times my lot will go out and come home smelling of a different dog!! I keep telling them I will not stand for ti but they continue!!

  12. Oh indeed my Mom has betrayed! And with (gasp) DOGS no less! When she visits her sister she plays with my cousins Toby and Mollye and she smells like shih-tzus when she gets home. Imagine. Well, we need to remember that while they may pet or visit OTHERS, they still come home to US!!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  13. They do it all the time, with dogs, cats and… even horses! That’s mean….

  14. My mom used to work at a place where she had to cuddle a lot of other animals everyday. Now she just does it once a week. I kind of like it though; I get to meet so many animals when she comes home! Plus I know she loves me best — afterall I am the one that she brought home šŸ˜€

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