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Whee. Are. FURmily!

So after our rather sad post yesterday whee have something a bit more cheerful. Whee said how grateful whee are to have a loving home. Well today Mummy made us a family tree! I wrote a little something to go with it!

Whee. Are. Family!
Nibbles, Buddy, Basil and Me!
And don’t forget those stood on two feet,
Little hoomans that gives me a treat.
And finally our Mummy whee love,
She give us hay and veggies sent from up above.
Yeah whee are family!
Together whee are building hutch special memories!

Who is part of and what do you love about your FURmily? Would you do anything for them? I know I would. I once rumbled at a tiger on the telly because it was roaring and scared Nibbles (he claims he was just surprised but I know the truth!)

I will leave you with a little clip and song from a Disney film whee watched with the little hoomans today. It really is exactly what family means to me.


No Excuse

There is no excuse for abandoning a pet of any kind when there are charities, rescues and shelters who are there to help. Mummy got very annoyed today reading something about hoomans excuses for abandoning dogs. She has incorporated them all into this poem. I know whee are preaching to the animal lovers here but Mummy had to share.

It just makes us grateful to have a safe home and a hooman to snuggle.

Nibbles , Nutty, Buddy & Basil

ps. Sorry it is a bit of a downer on our usual posts

No Excuse

Found myself on the street today,
I was cold and confused,
But this is what ma hooman did say ;

I’ve been too busy to walk you,
Look at the mess you’ve made,
You’re right in the way,
Forget those puppy games we played.
You are too big for cuddles,
You don’t match the setee,
I don’t care if you’re starving,
Even though you’re relying on me.
The kids don’t want to walk you,
And you slobbered on my friend,
And your pitiful whining ,
Is driving me round the bend.
You are far more expensive,
Than I first expected,
If all dogs cost as much as you ,
Then I’m not surprised they’re rejected.
You don’t fetch the paper,
Or come when I call,
And no matter what I shout,
You never give back the ball.
So what if I never trained you,
I thought you just knew these things,
You’re not man’s best friend,
Or the companions of Kings.
You howl in the evenings,
And when I watch TV,
And you seem to always sniffle,
With some chronic allergy.
I never thought you’d be hard work,
When you were little and sweet,
Now I’m kicking you out,
Cos’ you get under my feet.

And I sit,
On the street corner,
In the very way he’d always shout,
And watch, the other hoomans,
All milling about.

I’ll wait,
For my Master,
For a thousand years and a day,
He’ll come back for me, I pray.

The School Of Soft Stretches!

So this post is a bit different! As you saw in a previous post, I am Guru Nibbles! I began teaching exercises to pets of all shapes and sizes so they could become as chubbily adorable as me! Now I give you the Class of 2012, all graduating my school of soft stretches with the highest marks!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to all who took part, whee hope you are feeling fattened and toned up for the long Winter ahead!

What is your favourite way to stay (un)fit?!

Guru Nibbles

The Winner And The Won Over!

So, as promised, whee will now announce the winner of our caption contest 2 . . .

This caption won me over because it looked exactly like something I could be saying.

“You . . . You must . . . You must go! Go Buddy! Go on without me, save yourself!!”

This line should sound FURmiliar if you are The Hamster Diaries! Congratulations Dexter, Eve, Casper and Mr and Mrs Hamster Diaries! You are the winners of this fabulous little award!

But whee did mention a possible runner up and that comes in the form of my dear sweet Princess Zena from The Princess Tails. She wrote me a bootiful song that I could be singing . . . To her?! (Though on her blog I noticed a new furry in her life she obviously still loves me the best! Take that Raffles!) Beside it is her prize. A specially decorated pigture. Without further ado:

Somewhere over the shoebox,
Way up high,
There’s a land that I heard of,
Once in a lullaby.
Somewhere over the shoebox,
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream,
Really do come true.
Someday I’ll wish upon a s
And wake up where the clouds are blue
Behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops,
Away above the chimney tops,
That’s where you’ll find me.
Somewhere over the shoebox,
Bluebirds fly.
Birds fly over the shoebox.
Why then, oh why can’t I?
If happy little bluebirds fly,
Beyond the shoebox,
Why, oh why can’t I?

Well I think that pretty much rounds off this Spooktober contest but don’t worry, there will be more!


Wordless Wednesday Caption Me Creepy . . . Two!

So today whee have another Spooktober Cavy Caption ComPIGtition! Again whee have tried to be wordless but whee piggies are just too squeakative!

If you will remember our good furfriend Sammy won the last one as you can see here and here. His caption really made us all giggle so whee want you to make us laugh too!

This time whee would like you to guess what I am saying or thinking in the pigture below of me have a run in the garden (And yes, it is a Clarks shoebox!)

The winner will have their caption posted in tomorrow’s post. If there is more than one whee like then whee may do a runner up as well. Just comment below what you think the caption should be.

Good luck efurryone!


ps. No I am not trying out one of Guru Nibbles’s stretches!

Shape Up For Winter!

Do you look like this?

But want to look like this?

There are no fad diets, you just eat whatever you want! Here are my top two exercises!

Exercise 1 – The Lap-Snuggle-Stretch

This exercise is a favourite of pretty much efurryone one I have ever taught. The lap snuggle stretch is designed so that you simply reach out with your body and stretch and relax.

If you have no hooman around you can do the Sofa Stretch which can be done on any chair or even the floor (though that is a bit uncomfortable!) Just reach out with your front paws while pushing away with your back paws.

Exercise 2 – Paws Up & Eat

This is a very simple move designed to fit in at normal feeding time. You just need to stand before your food bowl with your paws a stomach width apart. Then place one paw on the edge of the food bowl and stretch forward to have a mouthful. Step down and chew mouthful.

Then repeat three times. As you improve you will be able to support your body enough to place both paws on the edge of the food bowl as Buddy demonstrated above.

If this seems like too much effort then you can tilt your head to the side of the bowl and eat noms between stretches, as demonstrated by Nutty on the right.

This is also great if you are hungry as it looks really pathetic and as though you are half starved, usually encouraging a hooman to fetch you something. (Works best if you have emptied the food bowl beforehand!)

Before long you will all be able to manage the Lotus Position just like I can!

So that is the Guru Nibbles Winter Warm-Up and Shape-Up exercise plan! If you would like to attempt any of these exercises get your hooman to take photographic evidence and either post it on your own blog or email it to me

That is all for now young grass hopper!

Guru Nibbles


Cavy Crypt Creepy Champions!

Well the results are in. The votes on both here and the piggy forum whee go on have been registered . . . Now in a very particular order whee have your winners and their special prizes. Hand drawn portraits by the little hoomans! First you will see the drawing of them and then the pigture they won with!

King of the Dead – Easy Rider!

Queen of the Damned – Misaki

Knight of the Night – Sammy

Most Mishievous Ghoul Award – Duke

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up. If any of the winners would like their pigture emailed to them please email us at and whee can send it to you. Don’t forget to follow the blog so you never miss another comPIGtition!

In our next post you will get to join Nibbles in a yoga class. Bring your mat and water bottles and prepare to stretch!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil



ps. Mummy is particually proud of Sammy’s drawing because she did that one!

Nibbles Says ‘RELAX!’

For once whee had nowhere to be and nothing to do today. The Cavy Crypt Pet Pigture Contest judging is down to you. (Skip back a post to vote while you still can. Voting closes midday Monday UK time.)

The house was quiet with the little hoomans busy doing other things. Mummy let us have a short run in the garden to enjoy some grass. It was very short though because it was freezing out there. Even hiding in our blankets whee got cold pretty quickly. I don’t care what anybody says. Nofurry should have to leave their nice cosy warm house when it is that cold. Unless they are very strange and they like it!

Anyway, back to the point I was trying to make. Today I did nothing of importance and it has done me wonders. Better than a wheek at a spa and far cheaper too! So I’m going to pass on a few tips as Guru Nibbles. Take five minutes to sit down and breath deeply while think about nothing. Just relax. Chill out. Put your paws up. Whatever you were doing can wait. Just stare at the pigtures of my gorgeous piggy lips relaxing as I cuddle Mummy and feel your troubles melt away.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*yawns* You can even have a little snooze if you are really relaxed!

And in the next lesson whee will learn the lotus position!

How do you relax?

(Occassionally a Guru) Nibbles

Super Spooky Shortlist!

Ok, so whee aren’t chickening out of making the final decision . . . well maybe whee are a little but that is beside the point! With our amazing Cavy Crypt Pet Photo contest whee never realised how many entries whee would get. And trust me, almost every single one has sent a chill down our spines. Overall there were forty eight amazing entrants but, as the saying goes there can only be one  winner.

If whee were proper, good judges whee might have already made that decision and the next line would tell you the winner. But whee aren’t very good judges, whee are indecisive, whee squabble and whee need naps between arguments. So whee are going to cop out enlist your help.

Call it audiance participation if you will! Of all the entries whee have spent the day agonising and whittled it down to a short list of ten. Whee want you all to know how hard that was and if whee didn’t think whee might make wordpress cry then whee would show you all on here.

Now whee think efurryone deserves a title and award but that would be a little silly. Luckily whee are pretty silly so any who don’t get one of the below titles (whether they were shortlisted or not) will be awarded the names Lord’s and Ladies of the Crypt so efurryone is a winner!

Here are the titles you are voting for:

‘Queen of the Damned’ – There are only two female entries that made it far enough to be in with a chance of this title. (Misaki & Gucci) Who do you think deserves to be Queen? Whee suspect it will be handbags at dawn with these two!

‘King of the Dead’ – Who should rule over all the dead who are living (or rather existing because the dead can’t be living!) in the Cavy Crypt?!

‘Knight of the Night’ – Which scary contender should be Knight of the Night time? (Warning, Lord of the Night must be able to give a sinister chuckle and stand on top of tall buildings while only appearing in silhoette!)

‘Most Mischevious Ghoul Award’ – Who looks like they could be the most fun and (forgive the pun!) the life and soul of a pawty?

To vote please comment below with the name of the furry you think should win and which title they deserve. (Whee would do a proper voting machine but Mummy isn’t too good with that!) The only rule is you can only vote once per title. Without further ado, the top ten scary pets!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whee are so glad whee aren’t the one’s deciding! Voting will close midday Monday (UK time) so that is plenty of time for you to think it over and whee will announce the winners later that day.

If you want to get more voters then put the word out via your blogs, or facebook or twitter. Get your friend’s, your Aunts and Uncles, even your Nan ex-best friends cat! The winners will get special customised awards and a spectacular surprise whee have not yet revealed. (But trust us, you are going to love it!)

Good luck efurryone!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Paws Up Who Remembered To Enter!

So you only have a matter of hours before our Cavy Crypt Pet Pigture Contest closes. (It closes at Midnight UK time) If your hooman hasn’t sorted your entry out yet then now is the time to steal the TV remote and slippers and make them go to the compawter! If you have no idea what whee are on about then hurry back and read this post!

Now whee aren’t the only ones who love Pigoween. So do our friends over at PAWSUP! They make snuggly fleece cosies for guinea pigs and other small pets. (ones which don’t fall apart like our Mummy’s pathetic excuse for sewing!) Well they are doing a compigtition on their facebook page to win a spooky pumpkin cosy! Well who knows spooky better than us?! So whee got Mummy to make us a studio and take our pigtures to enter. Here are the results:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hopefully whee will win! Whee bet you all have your paws crossed for us to!

In the next post whee will tell you the winners of our competition and whee gotta say standards are so high whee have no idea how whee are going to chose.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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