Leave Our furFriends Alone Mean ‘Ol Frankenstorm!

Now whee were going to do a post about something completely different tonight but our Mummy has been ill with the flu all day and whee just didn’t have time to do it. Instead whee are going to do a post about the world famous Frankenstorm. First whee want to say to all our hooman and furfriends out there who are in the storms path; you are in our thoughts and whee are worried sick about you. As is our Mummy. Now you may or may not know that Mummy deals with strong emotions by writing poems or songs parodies. Well this storm is called Sandy so it has made her think of Sandy in the musical Grease. She wrote this version of ‘Sandra Dee’ from it and hopes it will cheer up those of you who are worrying us so much.

Basil is concerned and sends hugs!

Look at me, I’m the Frankenstorm-y,
Blowing all over your country,
Won’t go to away, ’til I’ve caused trouble today,
That’s just my way, call me Sandy!

Watch it! I’m whipping up winds now,
And stealing the lids off your bins now,
So many miles across,
No I don’t give a toss,
About what people will say.

I don’t stop (no)
Or pause (no)
I drop stuff all over your hair, woah! (eew)
I’m running out of steam surprisingly fast,

[[[Whee hope!]]]

(cough, cough, cough)
Keep your filthy forecasts,
Right out of my paths,
Would you pull that crap with Katrina?

As for you, weather men who,
Think you know what I’m gonna do,
You’re bound to be wrong,
And they’ll know before long,
I’ll be shortlived storm called ‘Sandy’

Stormchasers, just let me be!
Keep those instruments away from me!
Just keep your cool,
I’ve given you more days off school,
Don’t forget, that my full name’s Sandy!

Sandy: Are you making fun of me Kat?
Katrina: Some storms are so touchy!


Whee realise a storm is no laughing matter but whee hope whee cheered you up. For those who don’t know the song whee have put it at the bottom of this post. On a serious note whee hope all you animal lovers are following the boy scout motto and being prepared. Dogdaz has done a great post on being prepared which you should really check out. Particularly the first aid box contents listed in the comments.

If you have time please keep voting for Nutty in Sammy’s Pumpkin Contest and also you can vote for any of us in Misaki and Mollie’s Halloween Costume Contest.

Stay safe furfriends.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

PS. There is still time to enter our Pigoween Potion Poem Contest.

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  1. Aw…what a cute poem/song! Thanks for thinking of all of us: heavy rain and strong wind gusts this afternoon. Hoping we don’t lose power!!
    Love, Sundae

  2. How clever you are, writing a song to cheer everyone up. I realy hope all our friends stay safe and dry.

  3. Feel better Mum. Flu is horrible. Hopefully we will have power back to see who won the Poem contest. Good luck we voted in your custom contests.

    • Flu is horrible. She can’t see the computermabob screen well because of her head hurts but the little hoomans are helping and typing for her. There have been some great entries to our competition so it is going to be tough to pick a winner.


  4. Oh – I furgot! Sure hope your Humom feels better soon!
    Love, Sundae

  5. I hope all our bloggy friends stay safe too xx
    Hope your mummy feels better soon!

  6. The flu is nasty. Get rested and back to normal soon, Mummy. Your song is cute and funny. The rain and wind gave me a spankin’ when Mom brought me outside. I tried to be brave.

    Love and licks,

  7. Hi piggies! Just came across your blog and you guys are so cute! Love it! Nice to meet you.

  8. That’s one catchy tune! We hope your mummy feels better soon.
    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  9. Be better soon and Basil give your mummy lots of hugs and piggie snuffles to help her through.

  10. Hiya, Piggies! This storm is the pits, I tell you. It’s my very first hurricane. I haven’t had a decent walk all day. Keep getting drenched. I’m bored. But Ma says to sit tight. It’ll pass. She’s been through bunches of them. Hope you guys, your poor sick Mum, and all the critters along the east coast (even those hateful squirrels) stay safe.

  11. Hoping your Mum feels better soon! We are worried about our friends in the path of Sandy!

  12. Tell Mummy get well, and looks like Sandy will live up to the predictions, at least so far. Not good, especially as we are actually seeing 2 storms converge right in the middle of the jet stream which is blowing 150 miles an hour at this time of year and which is flowing from south to north…it will shove the two storms to the Artic Circle most likely

  13. Best wishes to your mummy, hope she gets well soon. Hope all furiends stay safe…

  14. Hope the flu’s gone along with the storm in the blink of an eye!

    • Unfortunately Mummy is ill again today so she has asked the little hoomans to help us while she goes to bed. Whee hope the storm goes quickly.


      • Oh no! Poor Mummy! 😦 Gentle wolfie hugs for her and good wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope the storm goes quickly too little furry 🙂 Thinking of you all and hoping all will be well with you very soon. Take care of yourself and each other and stay safe and dry while the storm passes xx

      • Luckily in England the storm is only visible on the news but whee were worried about our furfriends.


  15. Hi Boys! Well that song did us a world of good….and Sandy has hit this area and moved on – we hope those in NYC and further along Sandy’s path fare as well as we did……we had 70mph winds and 8 inches of rain but we’re HERE this morning! Maybe your Mummy’s song helped?? Sorry your Mum has the flu – we hope she’s better REAL soon! Meanwhile BIG SAMMY HUGS for being worried about all of us.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

    • Glad you are ok Sammy. As Mummy is sick whee have the little hoomans helping us but whee will get them to let Mummy know you are ok.

      Just hope efurryone else fares as well as you.


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