Mystery, Magic And ‘Munchkins’!

Well today has been a day of mystery, magic and munchkins! The mystery came with Mummy’s delivery of our veggie-troubles. There were no troubles. They just arrived before whee had time to ask for them. Run time on the floor was earlier too. And then our munchie hay rations arrived early too. Whee were highly suspicious! Between hungry mouthfuls whee demanded to know what was going on. Mummy explained about the clocks changing. (No, they aren’t putting on new clothes!) Of course whee mean the hour change. It had us most confuzzled at first!

Then came the magic. Mummy didn’t pay much attention to the blog or her emails today because she was playing with us, but just before tea time she sat down and checked. As if by magic our wonderful furfriends have begun producing genius poetic prose for our Pigoween Poem Contest. Please keep sending your entries and get them in before midnight (UK time) on 30th Spooktober!

My Entry!

Finally comes the munchkins! Today saw the start of voting in Sammy from One Spoiled Cat’s Pumpkin Contest. Of course I insisted on entering with my minature pumpkins called munchkins. Mummy said they were too cute to carve so she decorated them using the computermabob. Now whee don’t like to beg but please vote for Nutty! I am the last listed virtual carved pumpkin entry here. I will fight for furpersons right, and improve vegetable growth rates as well as renaming ‘Monday’, ‘Sunday-Mark-2’ so whee can have our hoomans at home longer and not have to worry about manic Mondays! That’s why you should vote for me!

Hope you are enjoying the lead up to Pigoween as much as whee are.


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  1. Oh, yes: renaming Monday sounds like a purrfectly wonderful idea! Hope your entry wins the contest over at my boycatfriend, Sammy’s place!
    Love, Sundae

  2. Clocks confuse me. Numbers. Ugh.

    Love and licks,

  3. Going to vote for you now my pal!!

  4. Oh Nutty you just look SO adorable with your munchkin pumpkins in the pumpkin contest!!! I guess lots of people think so too because you’re getting lots of votes on the poll ! YAY! Pigoween is almost here……yippeeee……..

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  5. The munchkins are super cute! Good luck in the polls.
    Mummy is very glad that its lighter in the mornings now, daddy was threatening to get her a miner’s helmet to wear on our morning walks BOL
    ps I’ve sent over my entry!

  6. Oooh, Sunday Mark 2 – that’s a perfectly brilliant plan! You are very clever little piggies 😀

  7. I’ll try to think of something for the contest!

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