Wordless Wednesday – Cutest Caption Contest!

I’m a cutie and I know it! Yes whee have decided to have another caption contest. They are so much fun and you are all so creative! Now in an effort to be less wordy and more wordless whee are simply going to say. Comment your captions and the winner will be announced in tomorrows post. Again, if there are two good entries whee may include a runner up.

Anywho, what to do think I am saying or doing in this pigture?!


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Tales and adventures from the hutches of British blogging guinea pigs!

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  1. No words to describe how cute that is…

  2. Double, double
    piggy-tails and trouble
    fire burn
    and food-bowl bubble!

  3. I’ll get you my pretty… and your little pig too!

  4. Please stop staring and start carving this pumpkin so I can dye my face a nice bright orange.

  5. Aaaa this is so cuuuute xD I can’t think of a caption that does it justice!

  6. Bollocks, I was supposed to conjure up pigeons, not pumpkins! My lisp must be getting worse.

  7. Star light, star bright,
    First wish I wish tonight,
    Is to become a growed up piggy,
    With whiskers twitchy, and rear so wiggly!

  8. Oh God, are wheeeee done yet!
    Mollie and Alfie

  9. O help that spell didn’t work, I want my box back!!

    Sorry I know its bad, I was going to do the hubble bubble joke but saw it was already done, better than I could have!

  10. Awww Buddy you look SO CUTE in your witch’s hat with your double munchkin pumpkins! We’re seeing this blog too late to send in a caption but just wanted to tell you (again) you’re adorable!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  11. “Posing with pumpkins? Better eat them!”

  12. you’re the cutest pumpkin in the patch ;o)

  13. That picture is so cute!

  14. Do these orange earrings make me look fat????

  15. You were doing a wonderful job at cuteness πŸ™‚ And dreamily thinking about the pleasures of consuming all those pumpkins on your ownsome!!

  16. Harry has nothing on me, I am the new Buddy Potter, master of all things veggy and top wheek player.

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