No Excuse

There is no excuse for abandoning a pet of any kind when there are charities, rescues and shelters who are there to help. Mummy got very annoyed today reading something about hoomans excuses for abandoning dogs. She has incorporated them all into this poem. I know whee are preaching to the animal lovers here but Mummy had to share.

It just makes us grateful to have a safe home and a hooman to snuggle.

Nibbles , Nutty, Buddy & Basil

ps. Sorry it is a bit of a downer on our usual posts

No Excuse

Found myself on the street today,
I was cold and confused,
But this is what ma hooman did say ;

I’ve been too busy to walk you,
Look at the mess you’ve made,
You’re right in the way,
Forget those puppy games we played.
You are too big for cuddles,
You don’t match the setee,
I don’t care if you’re starving,
Even though you’re relying on me.
The kids don’t want to walk you,
And you slobbered on my friend,
And your pitiful whining ,
Is driving me round the bend.
You are far more expensive,
Than I first expected,
If all dogs cost as much as you ,
Then I’m not surprised they’re rejected.
You don’t fetch the paper,
Or come when I call,
And no matter what I shout,
You never give back the ball.
So what if I never trained you,
I thought you just knew these things,
You’re not man’s best friend,
Or the companions of Kings.
You howl in the evenings,
And when I watch TV,
And you seem to always sniffle,
With some chronic allergy.
I never thought you’d be hard work,
When you were little and sweet,
Now I’m kicking you out,
Cos’ you get under my feet.

And I sit,
On the street corner,
In the very way he’d always shout,
And watch, the other hoomans,
All milling about.

I’ll wait,
For my Master,
For a thousand years and a day,
He’ll come back for me, I pray.

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  1. That is so sad – that it’s the way some people are. I think people who treat animals badly are not nice people. My guineapigs cost my about £60.00 a month and I love them more than ever. They rely on me and it is my duty, responsibility and pleasure to serve them and to have them in my life, I am truly blessed.

    • Pets are not disposable. That seems to be a big issue. If a guinea pig gets sick, ‘well you can get a new one for cheaper than a vet trip!’ It is very annoying and offensive and wrong (morally)!

      Anyfurry will tell you how lucky you are to have the unconditional love of an animal. It sounds like you are a true piggy slave just like our Mummy! 😉


      • I would do anything for my pigs. They mean the world to me and give me so much pleasure. When Cuddles was alive, I paid for a major operation to remove a calcium stone from his stomach and it cost me a lot of money but it was worth it because he lived longer. xxxx

  2. That is such a sad poem, and about half of those naughty things are about me!! Thank goodness Mom loves me like crazy anyway. Some humans are so mean. And stupid.

    Love and licks,

  3. It is so sad and so good of you to devote a post to this.
    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  4. that is sad and beautiful. As an animal lover it is so hard to imagine that people actually consider these things a valid ‘excuse’ for giving up a dog or any pet. What about responsibility? Where did that go?
    Thank goodness for people who care enough to take in those who have been abandoned and to protect and shelter them, and to those people who go and give those dogs second and third chances at happiness.

  5. Blogs are great for venting…I just wish I can vent as eloquently as you! This is a very thought-provoking poem…this is our world, unfortunately, where animals are rejected without a second thought. Sometimes sad news has to be stated so the good people out there (like you and all our fellow animal bloggers) can work together to try to change it!

    • It is just heartbreaking reading some animal’s stories. The one about not matching the furniture anymore really made our Mummy’s blood boil. You are right though. Blogs are great for venting!


  6. I wish people would REALLY think through getting a pet before committing. it so sad that its the animal who suffers for the humans mistakes

  7. oh that was touching….Hope some people would understand that an animal isn’t only a “thing” which they can change or dump :o(

  8. Your Mummy’s poem is spot on…..animals are what they are and do what they do and humans shouldn’t have pets of any kind unless they are prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly all along the way. It’s about commitment. It’s about caring always. There are too many homeless animals in the world many of whom became homeless because their humans just didn’t care enough. Too sad for words – but your Mummy found them in her poem. We’re SO LUCKY, aren’t we guys, that our humans are kind, patient and unconditional in their love for us. 😀

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Mummy read the article then just hugged us for a long time. Then she wrote the poem and hugged us some more. Whee are fortunate to have a home when so many furries do not simply because their hoomans did not think before getting them.


  9. I agree with Sammy. The poem is spot on! A bit touching and sad tho. But it’s the truth. People often have big expectations when they are getting a dog, car, or another pet. “Oh, I’ll get a dog, so we can play games, and he can fetch the paper” While the dog might be hard to train, and the human doesn’t want to put alot effort in it. 😦 Same with cats, some people don’t bother to try and understand their cat. “He pees on the bed cause he hates me”. Cat’s don’t pee on the bed because they hate someone, they are trying to make something clear! Clean the litterbox more often, or take him to the vet cause it could be something medical.
    It’s frustrating, it frustrates me, and it makes me really angry. If you aren’t willing to put effort and love in a cat, even though it doesn’t put up to your expectations, and don’t even bother getting one. There might be someone, or a family that is willing to love an animal unconditionally, no matter what.
    Anyway, Great post! I don’t care if it’s a bit of a downer post, sometimes you just need to share something. 🙂

    • Thanks. It is sad that people still see animals like disposable ‘toys’ they can throw out when they get bored.


    • This reminds me SO much of my friends’ cat. We used to laugh our asses off because he was doing his ‘litterbox dance’. He would go into the living room and start ‘digging’ on the floor like he would in a litterbox. It was his way of saying ‘please clean it’. Funny, but sad at the same time. He never did this until she got her second cat. The first cat refused to go on the litterbox if the second one had already gone. Poor thing really.

  10. Reblogged this on Cats & Co and commented:
    If you aren’t willing to put effort and love in an animal, even though it doesn’t put up to your expectations, then don’t even bother getting one. There might be someone, or a family that is willing to love an animal unconditionally, no matter what.

  11. great post..can’t be long..gonna lose the computer again 😦 xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. Awww, your poem is beautiful. It really packs a valuable message and some of the reasons in there just break my heart 😦 Especially with dogs, they never see the bad in their owners, and they would sit and wait for them, which is just despicable on the owners part. 😦 Great post, really wonderful.

  13. Your poem is sad but true. Good job lucky pigs!

  14. That was a really beautiful and heart-breaking poem… and I hope that EVERYONE reads it. You are a wonderful writer, with a gigantic heart. Wonderful combination if you ask me 🙂

  15. The sadest thing about the poem is how very very true it is!! She should publish it!

  16. Please don’t make me cry! Ppl are all sad about my post but yours is just downright sad. (and beautiful)

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