Super Spooky Shortlist!

Ok, so whee aren’t chickening out of making the final decision . . . well maybe whee are a little but that is beside the point! With our amazing Cavy Crypt Pet Photo contest whee never realised how many entries whee would get. And trust me, almost every single one has sent a chill down our spines. Overall there were forty eight amazing entrants but, as the saying goes there can only be one  winner.

If whee were proper, good judges whee might have already made that decision and the next line would tell you the winner. But whee aren’t very good judges, whee are indecisive, whee squabble and whee need naps between arguments. So whee are going to cop out enlist your help.

Call it audiance participation if you will! Of all the entries whee have spent the day agonising and whittled it down to a short list of ten. Whee want you all to know how hard that was and if whee didn’t think whee might make wordpress cry then whee would show you all on here.

Now whee think efurryone deserves a title and award but that would be a little silly. Luckily whee are pretty silly so any who don’t get one of the below titles (whether they were shortlisted or not) will be awarded the names Lord’s and Ladies of the Crypt so efurryone is a winner!

Here are the titles you are voting for:

‘Queen of the Damned’ – There are only two female entries that made it far enough to be in with a chance of this title. (Misaki & Gucci) Who do you think deserves to be Queen? Whee suspect it will be handbags at dawn with these two!

‘King of the Dead’ – Who should rule over all the dead who are living (or rather existing because the dead can’t be living!) in the Cavy Crypt?!

‘Knight of the Night’ – Which scary contender should be Knight of the Night time? (Warning, Lord of the Night must be able to give a sinister chuckle and stand on top of tall buildings while only appearing in silhoette!)

‘Most Mischevious Ghoul Award’ – Who looks like they could be the most fun and (forgive the pun!) the life and soul of a pawty?

To vote please comment below with the name of the furry you think should win and which title they deserve. (Whee would do a proper voting machine but Mummy isn’t too good with that!) The only rule is you can only vote once per title. Without further ado, the top ten scary pets!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Whee are so glad whee aren’t the one’s deciding! Voting will close midday Monday (UK time) so that is plenty of time for you to think it over and whee will announce the winners later that day.

If you want to get more voters then put the word out via your blogs, or facebook or twitter. Get your friend’s, your Aunts and Uncles, even your Nan ex-best friends cat! The winners will get special customised awards and a spectacular surprise whee have not yet revealed. (But trust us, you are going to love it!)

Good luck efurryone!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


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  1. Stacey wilsoncroft

    Ronnie ❤

  2. Elizabeth Kander

    Ronnie—Most Mischevious Ghoul Award’

  3. Well, 1 vote goes to Easy. 1 vote goes to Misaki 1 vote goes to Sammy..I vote to Duke xxxooox
    You all looked fandadaddiedozie x

  4. Oh boy – what a tough competition! Gee….well, here goes: “Queen of the Damned” (Misaki), “King of the Dead (Easy), “Knight of the Night” (Felix) and “Most Mischevious Ghoul” (Duke)……….now that was tough – loved everybody’s costumes!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

    • They are very good. You should have seen some of the others. Stunning! All your votes are registered. Whee cannot wait to see the winners. Whee also have people voting on the piggy forum whee go on so that’s lots of voting to oversee! 🙂


  5. I vote for:
    Gucci as Queen
    Sammy as King
    Duke as Knight
    easy as Mishevious Ghoul

  6. I vote Misaki for Queen of the Damned. And Sammy for Knight of the Night. And Easy for Mischievous Ghoul. And Duke for King of the Dead. So sspooooky!

    Love and licks,

  7. I vote for Ludwig for Knight of the Night.

  8. Wow, I couldn’t choose either. Good luck!

  9. Ronnie the most mischievous ghoul

  10. They are all so coooool!!! my voting:‘Queen of the Damned’=Misaki
    ‘King of the Dead’=Felix, ‘Knight of the Night’=Sammy, ‘Most Mischevious Ghoul Award’=Duke
    Thanks dear piggies for this wonderful competition!!!!

    • Okay. Your votes are registered now. This is so exciting. Whee have people voting on a piggy forum whee love as well so whee don’t know how this is going to turn out! Glad you like the competition! 😉


  11. Most Mischevious Ghoul Award has to be Duke
    Love this picture!

  12. ‘Most Mischevious Ghoul Award’ for Duke Please.

    The pictures are fantastic! xxx

  13. Duke for Most Mischevious Ghoul Award!

  14. Oh Dawg, sorry I waz havin a blonde moment..BOL 🙂
    Easy…King of Dead…Misaki…Queen of Damned….Sammy..Knight of Night.
    I think they are all fab 🙂
    Have a great Sunday xx000xx

  15. Sammy ‘King of the Dead’, I loved the pics, Easy looks great and Misaki looks edible.

  16. Duke – ‘Most Mischevious Ghoul Award’

  17. ronnie, simply adorable x

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