The Winning One Liner & The Fabulous Designer!

As you know whee mentioned our caption competition yesterday. The second section of Spook-tober. Do you want to know who won?! Of course you do. Here is the winning caption for the pigture whee gave you (pigture on left!):

Buddy: Hope this box is sturdy enough to hold me….if not, I’ll have made the world’s first BASIL PANCAKE!

Does that sound FURmiliar to anyfurry. Well if you are our dear friend Sammy, from One Spoiled Cat it should! ConCATulations! Please take the award from the previous post and do whatever you would like with it!

Moving on from Spooky to Spectacular you may have heard Lovely Lady Litchi is throwing a PAWty! Shockingly whee read that she had nothing to wear. (Well she is an Empress now so she is very busy!) Fortunately for her whee are fashion designers!

Dolce and Banana (you may of heard of our less famous hooman counterparts!)

Whee have designed and emailed her hooman a few designs so she will be looking fabulous and undoubtably be the toast of the ball!

Have you realised you have got nothing to wear? If you have then never fear. Whee are offering a one-off, chance of a lifetime, for you to be decked out in our Dolce and Banana finest!

If you would like to be made over, simply email us and attach a jpeg pigture of yourself for us to work from.

Whee look forward to seeing you at the PAWty efurryone!

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

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  1. Sammy deserves to win with that caption! Congratulations Sammy!
    Dolce and Banana will keep me chuckling for a while as well.

  2. A great caption from Sammy. We’re dying to see what you’ve concocted for lady litchi 🙂

  3. Litchi is absolutely delighted with her designer attire for the pawty and would hereby like to highly recommend the services of Dolce and Banana to anyone looking for a high class, red carpet ready outfit.
    By appointment of Lady Litchfield, Empress of Bordeaux.

  4. Hello piggies,

    I just sent you photos of my piggies for your human to work on 😉 we are excited!!!!!

    Extra veggies for you today,

  5. Piggies!!!
    I’m interner challenged (if it wasn’t for my iPhone I wouldn’t be here) I wanted to submit an entry but was too late.
    I would like you to dress up Doggy, I’ll forward you a pic of him naked.
    You are a great crew!

  6. Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil,
    You guys are so awesome. – The Schimpf Pigs

    I am in love!!! -The Schimpf Pigs Salve/mommy

  7. Concats to my boycatfriend, Sammy! Not only is he handsome, but he’s one clever cat!
    Love, Sundae

  8. Love the new piggy banner. Sammy’s caption was cute.

  9. Brilliant caption, bet no one else identified the box! BOL

  10. Well’z done Sammy 🙂 Can’t wait for the Pawty..Wez got someink for youz xx00xx

  11. OMG! Don’t make me laugh so hard at 6:15 in the morning. Dolce and Banana? I’m going to remember that furever! Thanks for giving me a chuckle! I love this blog. 🙂

  12. YAY!!! WHOOPEEEE! WOO HOO!!! I won the caption contest! Well, honestly that “one liner” was what first went through my head when I saw the picture with poor Basil about to become a piggy-cake! Glad you liked it………..AND, while I told Lady Litchie that I would probably be wearing my Judge’s Robes from the great court case (because my Mom can’t do any of that fun photoshoppy stuff either!), I’m gonna send you my photo in case Dolce and Banana have any OTHER suggestions for me!! Thanks guys for choosing my caption – that was fun. See you at the PAWTY!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  13. Congrats to Sammy!
    And looking forward to seeing Litchi’s new frock 🙂

  14. Oh good one Mr Samuel! And I would come to the pawty but alas nothing to wear. Whenis it BTW? Do I have time to send photo?

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