Made-Me-Laugh Monday!

So, a little while ago whee did a post about funny pigtures whee found while surfing the web. Well whee have done it again! This time whee have more piggy pigtures that whee thought were furry funny. Whee don’t own any of these pigtures whee just thought they were funny. If you google funny guinea pig pictures there are more where these came from!

Anyway, here are the pigtures which made me laugh on a cold and wet Monday. Enjoy!

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ps. The one which looks kind of like Nutty and mentions a veggie burger has purple eyes just like my Baby Basil’s! (Mummy still hasn’t got a good pigture of his pretty eyes!)

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  1. Cute: the baked potato is my favorite!
    Love, Sundae

  2. The Hover guineapig is great and I don’t know how the owners got their guineapig (the one with the frog hat on it) to sit still for the pose. Mine like to have four paws firmly on the ground at all times.

    • Mummy says that her old piggy Nugget used to throw himself back like a baby in her arms and lie like that for ages so hoomans would tickle his tummy! None of the rest of us like having ourselves in strange positions like that though!


  3. I like the baked potato one the best! BOL!

  4. Love the spa piggies 🙂

  5. I am curious how often you four get a spa treatment and if you would be interested in one if it was offered. Also have anyone of you met any cats, dogs, bunnies or any other furry animals other than fellow piggies?

    • Well whee get baths every three months but they aren’t exactly what whee would call spa treatments. As for animals whee have met snails, frogs and toads in the garden and Nibbles met a doggy when he was little. Other than that, non, whee haven’t met other animals.


  6. Hee hee that’s brilliant!! Thank you for making me and typist smile on a wet n horrid Tuesday morning!

  7. Hi Guys!
    Thanks for coming to my birthday party. I am glad you guys found all the vegetables and greens we had left in the garden for you. Mommy forgot to post about them as we have so many piggy friends now!
    We also wanted to let you know Mommy is taking a break from blogging. We may (or may not) post. We are sure we will be visiting though.

  8. Hahahaha Ive seen the baked potato pic before, made me giggle hard! My fav has to be the cat “high-fiving” the piggies face saying ‘smell this’ ahahha! Brilliant fun! 😀 xxxx

    • Whee love searching out ones like these. Have you seen the Einstein hamster and the hamstr with the love heart sweet? Really cute!


      • I have seen the einstein hamster one but not the loveheart one, they are brilliant. Captures my sense of humour to the tee! 😀 xx

      • Mummy loves them too! She likes watching the animal funnies on TV shows like You’ve Been Framed etc.


      • Did you happen to watch tonights YBF 100 animal moments ?? 😀 I nearly cried with laughter when the hamster stole the chess piece! They all make me giggle to be honest 😛 xxxx

      • Yep! Whee watched it and the hammy made us think of you!

        Whee loved the panda slipping over and the ba ba black sheep parrot and all the animals falling in bins. Mummy got really giggly when that boy kept telling the squirrel not to bite him then it ninja jumped at his face and he screamed for his Mum! Soo funny!


      • HAHAHA brilliant, youve been framed is my guilty pleasure. It was very funny 😀 HAHAHA so true, i was thinking, fancy waving tasty fingers in a squirrels face and asking it not to bite haha! Very funny! I have to admit the dog that strutted on its hind legs cracked me up. I think harry hills voice over makes it for me 😀 xxxx

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