Easy To See!

Well Miss Mollie has been found. Though in a shocking turn of events it would seem that she was never actually missing. She had run off to elope in Las Vegas with our good friend Easy Rider. The whole thing was shocking but you can read how the tale ends here.

Our dear friend Lady Litchi appears to have come off quite badly in this. Discovering her on off boyfriend had eloped would be a shock to anyone but now he is getting a divorce and grovelling for forgiveness. (though as yet whee don’t think he has been nearly grovelly enough!) On an upside, Doggy (who has been proven innocent to kidnap, though not much else!) invaded France and gave it to her!

In fact it is Easy who has come off worst with his credit card stolen by Elvis (you need to read the post to understand) and the divorce. And now the CIA (Cavy Investigation Agency) are going to be suing him for wasting piggy time. Whee believe the current total is 1001 lobsters!

With all this excitment I felt the need to relax and unwind a little on the way home from the exhausting search/adventure, so whee stopped off at the beach. Here are my holiday snaps:

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What are your feelings on this scandal? And how do you like the beach and my rather impressive beach ready body?!


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  1. The whole ordeal made me very nervous. I’m happy it’s all settled down. Good luck collecting on your lobster fee.

    Love and licks,

  2. Me is very happy yous guys was on the ball!
    But me has been busy. Me has gots to goes and reads about it!

  3. Nutty, your beach body is just perfect.. Shame we are forcasts with days and days of rain 🙂 You guys deserve a well earn’t rest.. I don’t know what happened to the lobsters..I think Easy ate them! Pop over and take a look at the wonderful pigtures of yourselves 🙂 and wez made you a nice award 🙂 xx00xx

  4. Piggies, it’s all over, your veggies are safe now. Mollie received her punishment and you your own country. Everybody is happy now.

  5. I think I need a lie down after reading all about the good work you guys have done! Be sure to take a well deserved holiday, which I think Easy should pay for!!!

  6. I’m sure we all wish we had beach bodies such as yours! You piggies certainly did a remarkably good job reporting all the news.
    Litchi is always happy to receive gifts, especially when they are Countries loaded with good food and WINE!
    Lady Litchi shall be throwing a Meandering Mollie Party, in honour of all the wonderful animals of the world that assisted in this traumatic adventure. Your official invitation shall be forthcoming.
    In the mean time, enjoy your holiday – you certainly need to wind down after all that!

    • Whee have decided Easy must pay for our holiday as well. After all he and Mollie caused all the excitment in the first place!

      Whee look forward to Lady Litchi’s party from where whee are relaxing in nests of hay and cosy fleece blankets!


  7. I am not happy! The Pyrenees will never be part of Doggy’s kingdom…

  8. Dear piggies, the lobster never arrived my castle… wherever they are, I think it would be very stinky there because the lobsters are now some days out of water…I love your kite picture, thanks for make me laughing today!!!!!!!

  9. Concatulations on getting your own country out of the Great Doggy Wars – I’m quite excited to get “Samalia” myself. You did a magnificent job of reporting the action AND I think you should have an all expenses paid break from it all courtesy of Easy. As for the beach bodies – you boys look fantabulous hanging out on that beach relaxing and showing off your hunky piggy bods for the ladypigs….It’s obvious you guys lift weights (heavy carrots perhaps??) to keep in shape!

    Kitty Hugs and see you at the Party at Lady Litchie’s!
    Sammy of Samalia

  10. Love love love your antics. Great photoshop work. As for pigs in love, well you just have to smile.

    • Mummy was really proud of the pigtures because she took them and learnt how to photoshop by herself! As she isn’t all that good with computermabobs this is quite an achievement!


  11. I’m looking forward to being your neighbouring monarch:-) I look forward to many peaceful relations between out two great nations 🙂

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