Yo Ho Yo Hay, A Piggies Life For Meh!

Ah Har’ Me Hearties!

Shiver me timbers. Today was National Talk-Like-A-Pirate-Day! Mummy made a funny little poem in honour of the day!

A Cavy went to sea sea sea,
To see what he could see see see,
But all that he could see see see,
Was how far from his veggies was he he he!!!

Whee also thought about what our names would be if whee were pirates.

Whee decided on;
– Captain Nibbles-Long-Whiskers,
– Ship Mate Nutty-No-Nonsense,
– Rigging Pigging Buddy-Bounce-Back
– And Cabin Boy Basil-Be-Quiet!

What would your pirate names be?

Well whee will leave you with a video about a pirate piggy! It’s quite short but still funny!

Captain Nibbles-Long-Whiskers


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  1. Wheeeeks of laughter. Snuggles, Daisy, Cinnamon, Peaches and mummy.

  2. What clever names you came up with – love them and such a great poem. Good golly, there are national days for almost everything over there. We certainly don’t get a Talk like a Pirate day – although I think I should start one 😀

    • Whee aren’t sure it is an English National Day but whee saw it on a couple of blogs and thought “Hey! Whee don’t want to be lazy land lubbers!” and made a post and poem especially for it!


  3. Yo-ho-ho, me heartie – smashin’ stuff! Long Jeanette Silver

  4. I think my pirate name would be the ‘Ravishing Raider’ 🙂

  5. that photo is just great! I would be Captain Cody Kibble Paws

  6. Great song and names 🙂 We think we would be: Jolly Joules-ahoy and Pirate Prescott Parott-Chaser
    Those are a little boring. Maybe you can come up with better ones for us!
    Your furbuddies,
    Joules & Prescott

  7. BOL…Cabin Boy Basil – Be-Qiet …that’s just wonderful!!!

  8. I wish I had known it was pirate day – I could’ve been cap’n Misaki Bluebeard or some such.
    I love all your names, especially Captain Nibbles-Long-Whiskers 🙂

    • Thanks! You can still be a pirate if you want to!


      • Maybe that will be the theme of my next adventure – Misaki becomes a pirate on the high seas…and perhaps Basil will join me again 🙂

      • If you write something whee would love to read it!

        Now you’ve inspired Mummy to write a pirate themed story as well! She is supposed to be job hunting you distracting doggy you!


      • I look forward to reading yours too, perhaps they can interconnect somehow!
        Writing is much more fun than job hunting. Mummy has a job and it means she’s away from home everyday and often has to work when she gets in the evening. If me getting bonios wasn’t completely dependent on her having one, I’d definitely want her to stay at home and write instead 🙂

      • Whee don’t want Mummy to be away but she says she won’t be able to afford Pigmass if she doesn’t get a job! *gasps*

        She thinks that if she job hunts in one internet tab and looks at this in the other then it counts as focusing on job hunting. *tuts*

        Even so whee cannot wait for her to write our Piggy Pirate adventure! She will have to think about it over lunch and come up with a proper idea!


  9. What great pirate names boys – AND your Mum’s poem is purrfect too. I suppose I would like to be Cap’n Samuel Redbeard……yo ho ho and a bottle of milk!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  10. It woulds have to be Captain Alf, of the raging sea’s…..MOL .Mollies busy so I fawghtz I wooods pop over..I luv’z ya pirate get up..Made me giggle..
    Hugs Captain Alfie xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  11. Heehee we love your poem! I think my pirate name would be Daisy the Crazy – short, but right to the point. 😉

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