Autumn’s Arrival & An Air Of Adventure!

Have you hidden my story in here Mummy?!

So Autumn is really arriving. There was a chill in the air today and Mummy had to wear a cardigan. The grass was covered with dew and even when the sun finally put in an appearance it was still a little on the cool side.

Autumn, or ‘Fall’ as some of you know it is exciting. It heralds the arrival of Bonfire Night, Pigmass, Halloween and New Year all at once. This is Mummy’s favourite time of year. She likes it when it is just cold enough that her breath mists on the air or when it snows. I’ve never seen snow or Autumn before and neither has Buddy so this will be quite an adventure.

Squeaking of adventure . . . Mummy got quite excited a couple of hours ago and told me proudly that she had finished my story. My first adventure in Cavyaira. How I met the others and a bit about my life and family before my great adventure. I’m pretty sure there will be more to come but for now – Basil’s Autumn Adventure Story


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  1. My Mom’s favorite season is fall as well!!

    • Mummy likes crunchy leaves underfoot and the freshness of the air and the colour changing landscape of farmers crops and woodlands.

      It is a pretty magical time of year so I suppose great minds think alike!


  2. Basil, my Mum and I love your photo.

    I think the world must be a very big place indeed for it to be autumn where you are. Down here in New Zealand it is spring – though Mum (who is English) says you’d never know it. (She has been sounding a bit grumpy lately, when anyone mentions the weather…). Mum says that she doesn’t dislike any season particularly, but she really loves summer! I can’t wait for summer because Mum will fill my paddling pool with water and put it under the tree in the garden. šŸ™‚

    I hope you and Buddy will enjoy your very first autumn.

    Big WOOFS from Solo šŸ™‚

    • Mummy does love Summer but here in England it’s usually raining or about to rain and if whee get occassional sunshine whee go in the garden and enjoy it. Even if it is cold today whee might go outside because Mummy has heat pads for us to cuddle up to.


  3. My Mom say’z it the best time of year, she can wear big baggy jumpers to hide the Muffin tops..bol xxooxx
    Mollie and Alfie

    • Mummy’s Mummy agrees! My Mummy says that she like a little chubba to cuddle on us and whee have to say whee like it on her too! Give us a little shelf to sit on. Though she’s been losing weight so our seat shelf has shrunken dramatically! šŸ˜‰


  4. Oh Basil we love autumn here too as you know….Mom gets the camera going with photos of all the pretty leaves and we look forward to having our first fire in the fireplace……I’m sure you will love the season and soon it will be winter and time for Santa Pig to visit you!! Meanwhile, may I say that I absolutely LOVED the first adventure your Mummy wrote featuring you. It was quite magical and wonderful. She’s a very talented Mum!! šŸ˜€

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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