The Best Bedtime Story!

So after careful consideration whee have chosen the winning story for Basil’s Bedtime Story Competition. Our pannel of tough judges included Basil, a 9 year old little hooman and an 11 year old little hooman as well Mummy. There were so many amazing stories. But this one was efurryone’s favourite, not only because it included Basil but also because it incorporated many of our friends across the blogosphere.

Yes, our winner is the wonderful Miss Misaki! The story included Mollie and Alfie, Easy Rider and Doggy! So congratulations to Misaki, here is the promised pigture of you, as drawn by the little hooman and put onto the computer with Mummy’s help. To efurryone else whee hope you enjoy reading and agree with us just how great this story is.

Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil


Misaki’s First Adventure

By Misaki

Misaki was walking in the woods when she heard crying. She looked about and saw a small grey and white creature curled up under a bush.

‘Why are you crying?’ Misaki asked softly, not wanting to scare it. The small creature eeeeeked in fear.

‘Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. Misaki tried to sound reassuring but no doubt she looked like a huge monster to this tiny creature. ‘My name is Misaki, what’s yours?’

‘I-I-I’m B-Basil’ he stuttered, ‘I’m a guinea pig. What are you?’Basil looked up at the large furry creature in front of him and gulped.

‘I’m a dog,’ she replied ‘and I’m looking for a great adventure but I haven’t found one yet.’ She sighed as she spoke.

‘My brothers and I have adventures all the time,’ Basil relaxed as he spoke, ‘we were searching for a mythical vegetable reported to have healing properties when a large bird swooped down and carried me off in her claws! I wriggled and squeaked until she eventually dropped me here. But I don’t even know where I am or how to get home.’

‘I’ll help you! What an adventure it will be! Climb on my back and I’ll carry you.’

Basil pointed out the direction the bird had taken him and Misaki set off enthusiastically.

She ran for most of the morning, stopping a few times at steams and fields, until eventually they came across a lone tower, where they decided to ask for directions. They couldn’t find a door so Misaki howled up towards the single window at the very top.

A blonde furry head soon appeared. ‘Have you come to rescue me?’ She called down to them.

‘Why?’ Misaki asked, ‘who are you?’

‘I’m Princess Mollie and I’m being held for ransom by that evil cat Alfie!’

‘We must help her,’ Basil whispered.

‘But how? There’s no door,’ Misaki scratched her head, she wasn’t sure she could climb all the way to the top of the tower.

‘There’s a cat-flap at the back of the tower if you can squeeze through it,’ Mollie told them, ‘then you can climb up the stairs and unlock my door,’

But the cat-flap was too small for Misaki and Basil had to go in alone. ‘Be careful,’ she called as his furry behind disappeared.

Basil found himself at the bottom of a large winding staircase and began scrambling up, wishing Misaki was there to help him. Out of breath, he finally climbed the last stair where the door to Mollie’s prison stood. Luckily there was a chair by the door and the key hung just a short reach above it. Taking a deep breath he began climbing again, balancing on the top rung of the chair and caught the key in his teeth. But just as he was about to climb down, he lost his balance and the key went clattering to the floor.

‘Oh no!’ he cried.

‘Don’t worry,’ said Princess Mollie, ‘Push the key under the door and I’ll unlock it from this side.’ So down Basil went and began to push the key with his nose until it disappeared under the door.

A few moments later, Princess Mollie appeared, Basil hopped on her back holding tightly to her fur as she bounded down the stairs.

‘Thank you both so much,’ she said when they were back outside. ‘If I can do anything to repay you, just let me know me.’

‘Do you know the way to Cavyaira at all? Basil is trying to get home.’

‘Hmm…’ Mollie said thoughtfully, ‘I’m fairly sure you have to cross the Weimaraner Bridge, which is over that way’.

They said their goodbyes and headed off. It didn’t take long to find the long wooden bridge which crossed the river. At first it seemed to be deserted, but as soon as they got half way across, a dark figure appeared dressed in armour.

‘My name is EasyRider and I guard this bridge. If you want to get across you have to pay a toll.’

‘Can we pay in bonios?’ Misaki suggested hopefully.

‘No,’ Easy said, ‘I don’t like them. Instead you have to do something for me. Doggy, who lives in that house by the edge of the river, beat me in a game of poker and won my Bad Ideas Catalogue. You have to get it back for me.’

‘I guess we’re off to meet Doggy then,’ Basil said.

The house was where Easy said it was and they quickly explained the situation to Doggy.

‘I won it fair and square,’ Doggy said defensively.

‘Perhaps we could play you for it then?’ Basil suggested.

‘I know!’ Misaki cried, ‘let’s have a bonio eating competition! Whoever eats the most wins the book.’

‘OK’, Doggy agreed, ‘I’m always up for a challenge’.

Both Doggy and Misaki tucked into the large piles of bonios placed in front of them, gulping down the delicious biscuits. But soon Doggy slowed down. ‘I give up, I can’t eat anymore! The book is yours.’

Misaki was so busy eating that she hadn’t noticed and carried on until Basil finally told her to stop. ‘Already? But I was just getting started,’ she complained.

After a few more bonios for the journey, they thanked Doggy and returned to Easy where he waited on the bridge.

‘Hooray!’ Easy exclaimed, ‘Thank you so much for getting my book back! You are welcome to cross the bridge’

‘Before we go, do you know how to get to Cavyaira? Misaki asked.

Easy thought for a moment, ‘Yes, you need to use the tunnel running from the largest oak tree in the forest, it will take you straight there!’

They thanked him gratefully and carried over the bridge and into the forest where the large oak tree loomed graciously.

‘I’ll be glad to see my brothers again, but I’m sad our adventure has come to an end,’ remarked Basil.

‘Me too’ agreed Misaki sadly.

They quickly hugged, promising to meet again, before Basil scampered into the hole in the oak tree and headed towards the safety of Cavyaira.

Misaki stood for a moment and then turned in the direction of her home, I wonder if I’ll be back in time for dinner, she wondered.

The End

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  1. OMD! Am stunned and flattered! Thank you so much for choosing my story, I’m sure there were lots of excellent entries.

  2. Wellz done Misaki..Lovez the pigture the pigges did for youz..Great story, Luved it 🙂 Thank youz guyz for putting on a great competition 🙂 Huggies xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  3. “Bad ideas catalogue”. What is that? It sounds very interesting. Maybe, you could share it with your doggy friends. Love Nellie and Jasper

  4. Congratulations Misaki! Great story. I sense more competition coming from Doggy though, are you sure you could eat more Boneos than him?

  5. That’s so wonderful -and Doggy loses the competition (only in a fairy tale, I know). Love the drawing!!!

  6. What a lovely story Misaki – well done!

  7. Ha ha, great story, congratulations Misaki and to Basil and his hoomans for choosing to take us all on such an adventure! Can’t wait for the next one!

    • It is! Mummy has nearly finished Basil’s first adventure story which is a prequel to this one! Whee will have to get her to write the one where they are on the hunt for this magical vegetable! 😉


  8. Brilliant! I can also see a movie, a whole series if books, and a video game coming out of this story! Love it! 🙂

  9. WOW! What a wonderful story – no wonder it won the competition! We were on the edge of our seats (Mom and me of course) and it was exciting and funny and even had some of our other friends in it……you all picked a good one! Also loved the drawing of Misaki and Basil – VERY well drawn. Can’t wait to read the prequel…….should be quite exciting too. 😀

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  10. Great story Misaki! And how much fun it must be for your friends to find themselves in your story! 😀

  11. We are winners, we all won!! lol
    That’s a nice story, and close to reality since Doggy is not a big eater, he would lose an eating contest for sure, specially if we are talking about Misaki’s specialty, Bonios.
    It’d be nice to read the other stories too, it sucks I didn’t have time to submit one, you know I love a contest lol

    • Whee are sure you would have said you had won . . . Even if you didn’t (See? Whee saw the court case!) Whee loved that you and some of our other friends were in this, it made it much more fun! 😉


  12. What a wonderful story! Misaki is such a gifted author! It would be so neat if all the animals within our blogoshere can meet face-to-face like in the story!
    You chose well, my piggy friends!

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