Mad As A Hatter!

I’ve been thinking (a dangerous occupation you should only do with adult supervision!) Efurryone seems so comfortable with who they are and what they do. But I’m not. I cannot serenade and bewitch ladypigs with my smile. I cannot bounce endlessly round the cage with cheeky, happy-go-lucky charm. I cannot behave in a manner that is even vaguely upper class.

Instead I stumble through life. Not really sure of who or what I am. I am Nutty Nutkin AKA Chubby Nut or Nutfluff or Mummy’s Boy. I don’t really have a look or style. But with Mummy’s magic computermabob I CAN become who ever I want to be. Here are some possible images for me. Lots of hats because I am Mad as a hatter as Mummy says! Let me know what you think. Hopefully these looks will be more successful than my ideas for careers!


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  1. I like the first one with the top hat. I was thinking maybe you need to add a cape and get a little piggie mask and become a piggie avenger.. keeping the world save for piggies everywhere. that sounds like the beginnings of a good story.

  2. Nutty, I think you’ve found your style – top hat and bow tie gets my vote, very suave!

  3. I agree that the top hat and bow tie is suave but I have to say I am drawn to the colourful jester outfit simply because it is colourful and pretty. But to be taken seriously you should go with the bow tie & top hat – The Princess, Style Advisor and Designer to Dogs

  4. Nutty: we have a very cute dog whose name is Nutty. Be happy that your Mommy doesn’t call you the names our Nutty gets: Nutt-butt, Nutmeg, Nutster, and Nutkins. Have a good day!

  5. Somebody has been having fun!

  6. Nutty, youz can be whoever youz want…Youz a handsome wee piggie 🙂 Love all the hatz..Have a great Furiday xxooxx

  7. You do look very dashing in the top hat 🙂

  8. Thanks for make me loughing :o))) like the pirate hat …piggies of the caribbean….

  9. Nutty! Lookin’ good my friend! I particularly like the top hat and tie but you also look quite cute in the “backwards baseball cap”……..different looks for a guy who can carry off ANY look he wants! You don’t think you’re special but trust me dude – YOU ARE! You do have style – you have a beautiful brown, nutty fur coat and you’re cuddily (just ask your Mum!) and you’re important to your brothers…… we all love you too!

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  10. We think the Pirate one is the BEST!!! Wednesday is “Talk LIke A Pirate Day” and you will be all set!

  11. Hope you are well! I nominated you for a blog award. The details are on my page under the “A lovely award” blog entry. Cheers!

  12. Reblogged this on Ruby and Wheaky and commented:
    I love this blog. I just started following it. If you love guinea pigs give it a try. Wacky. Cute. Adorable.

  13. “Chubby Nut”. LOL. I *love* that name! Very cute!

  14. You look like a Broadway stage actor trying on all of his costumes! I see a Tony Award in your future, Nutty!

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