Play That Funky Music!

I’m a cutie and I know it!

Testing? Testing. 1 . . . 2 . . . 3.

As I have often been known as a The Rockstar I recently decided that meant I needed to do something a little rocky. Of course I couldn’t let Mummy know about it so I practised it in the dead of night.

Unfortunately, at around four in the morning today, the door opened mid practice and I was caught.

Mummy was shocked and read through all her piggy books in an attempt to understand my awesomeness. She discovered that what she had caught me doing is known as ‘The Guinea Pig Song’. If she had asked I could have told her I was singing.

Apparently I need to work on my stage presence as Mummy described my performance as ‘strange’, ‘chirpy’, ‘still’ and said I was behaving in a ‘trancelike way’. I was going for moody and mysterious but it is a work in progress. She said the others had their noses in the air and were frozen, listening to me. I didn’t tell her that they had been up all hours listening already so their eyes may have glazed from lack of sleep. I just enjoyed the praise!

Luckily Mummy didn’t record me partly because it was so early in the morning and partly because she thought my stunning voice was actually a trapped bird. (not sure if I should be offended or not!)

Anyway so Mummy really wanted you to hear what a singing piggy sounds like so whee found this video on youtube and this is what I sang. (obviously not quite as fabulous as me but you get the pigture!) If the video doesn’t work the link is –

Have you ever tried singing? It’s pretty good fun.



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  1. That’s awesome. My guineapigs do a lot of banging of their houses but not singing.

  2. I liked that singing a lot! I jumped up and licked Mom’s face when I heard it. I never sing. Most of the time I am very quiet. I hardly ever bark, except when the mailman comes. I think he’s trying to kill me.

    Love and licks,

    • The mailman is trying to kill you?! Omigosh! That’s terrible. I might write a song about it.

      *Hey hey, why’d you try to kill me mister postman,
      Hey hey hey hey mister postman.
      Now mister postman look and see,
      Is there something in your bag to kill me,
      Please don’t mister postman.
      Because my friend Buddy is coming to rescue me.*


  3. Sakura chirped once; if I hadn’t actually witnessed it, I would have sworn it was our cockatiel.

  4. Cute. My guinea pig used to make a sound that sounded like “Reet reet reet…” Yours sounds like a bird chirping. Guinea pigs are great.

  5. Our adoptive piggy mummy sang like that once. It was so mesmurising that Clover and I just couldnt stop listening to her.
    Mummy says that her old guinea pig, Marmalade did that once tpo. She said she thought a bird was in the house until she saw Marmalade’s lips moving in time to the noise!
    Maybe oneday Clover and I will learn how to make the birdy singy noise.

  6. Sorry Buddy….. when I played your most awesome singing video, my Rupie (doggy) jumped up out of his bean bag and tried to find where the ‘noise’ was coming from – he was not amused…. but if you challenged him to do better, I bet he couldn’t so keep it up.. you’ll be a piggy youtube superstar in no time!!

  7. Ha, challenge has been set… whee’ll do a bit of practice and see how we go… stay tuned… no pun intended (actually, yes it was!)

  8. What an incredible sound! Our dogs got very excited by it 😀 Your serenading was lovely.

  9. Lovely song Buddy! I’m thinking opera star – The Great Buddarotti (instead of Pavarotti???). You’re a most talented piggie….:D

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  10. I can see why mummy thought she had a trapped bird in the house! 😉 Still very lovely and adorable, Buddy!

  11. Hey Buddy, at least ya tried my little piggy man! good job, Paw pats, Savannah

  12. Your mating are so cute!

  13. I can’t wait to hear you sing. Now that your mommy is onto you, please make sure to rehearse more regularly. Best to sleep during the night & bust out your ballots after breakfast. 🙂

  14. This is new to me. Have never heard my piggies chirp and sing like this. Maybe they need to go to singing lessons? Hehe


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