In Our Lives For Days, In Our Hearts Forever

Nibbles, left, with his first friend Nugget. Uncle Nugget who will care for them over The Rainbow Bridge

If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again – Unknown

It is to our great sadness to tell you that the last of our Furry Godchildren has passed away. Despite round the clock care and a hooman in a million, the baby hammies were to unwell to survive.

Whee have descided to dedicate this post to all of them on their journey over the rainbow bridge where they will meet Nugget, Nibbles’s first companion and a much missed member of our furfamily.

Please add your own notes or letters to furfriends you have lost or messages to our bootiful godchildren in the comments.

Rest In Peace

Baby Boo – 5 days old
Bubble and Squeak – 6 days old
Ghost – 6 days old
Crumpet – 7 days old
Tom and Jerry – 8 days old
Dumbo, Albie and Monster – 8 days old.
Ralph – 9 days old
Jeeves – 13 days old
Monty – 15 days old

Dearest FurryGodchildren,

Though you only spent a short while with us here on Earth you have left a lasting impression. A series of hammy shaped holes in our hearts.

Whee cannot imagine why you were taken from us so soon. Nor can whee fathom why whee must say goodbye. They say that sorry is the hardest word but whee can assure you that ‘goodbye’ is.

Whee had so much whee wanted to teach you. So much you had yet to learn. Now you must learn it over the Rainbow Bridge with Nugget. Someday whee will join you and then whee will try to explain quite how much you meant to us all.

Your hooman Mummy and Mummy Eve fought so hard for you. You could not have had a better family. Though whee will miss you, know a cliche – true in part – you will live on in our memories; alive in our hearts.

Your Heartbroken, but ever loving
Uncle Nibbles, Uncle Nutty, Uncle Bingo & Uncle Buddy


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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your godchildren, friends! I hope they, along with Nugget, will get to join our boy, Hopper, who left us too soon over a year ago. He was a WONDERFUL pup and will be a terrific playmate for your godchildren and Nugget! We love you, Hopper!!

  2. I’m so sorry. The baby hammies knew how much they were cherished and adored. My heart goes out to you; truly, you four were great Uncles.

  3. So very sorry for your loss. Love, however, is eternal!

  4. It was a very sad story, watching and hoping one or two of the babies would survive. Alas it was not to be.

  5. We are very sad about the babies….

  6. Oh I’m so very sorry the baby hammies didn’t make it…..I had high hopes for the surviving two but as you say – some things just weren’t meant to be. You boys were wonderful uncles even if for just a few days and I bet you will have more chances to be godparents in the future. The Rainbow Bridge is a safe and happy place and Nugget and all the furry children who ever were a part of our lives are there to welcome the hammies with open paws. We send you all big warm hugs of love….

    Your Friend Sammy (and his Mom)

  7. Play in Peace, little Bubs and Nugget. Look for Mom’s old dog, Smoki up there, although Mom says she lives in my belly, so you may not see her for a while….

    Love and licks,

  8. I was so sorry to hear about the hamsters. I have left a comment on their blog. I have had so many little gems pass over the rainbow bridge. Two of my little wheekers were Cuddles and Truffles. Truffles was the first to go and despite having an op to remove a calcium stone from his tummy, Cuddles lived for another couple of years, which was great. My dog Purdy, a golden cocker-spaniel, was my best friend and is still greatly missed. You must miss Nugget so much. xxxx

  9. Aw, that’s too bad. Life is very hard on us all, and often demands what we can’t give. 😦

  10. princessandariel

    how sad, i could not imagine losing one of my piggies : (

    • The loss itself is hard but in time the remembering becomes easier and it just makes you cherish each moment more dearly.


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