Happiness Is Homemade!

It took Mummy a long time and a lot of money before she realised something about toys for us. One they don’t last very long. Two they are expensive and actually not all that brilliant for for toys that won’t survive more than a few hours. Only three things she bought for us live on. A pop-up tent, a wooden cabin and a tunnel, but they are a story whee can save for another post.

The truth is; Happiness is homemade. Whether it is an obstacle course of magazine piles, cardcoard box hidies or shoe box playgrounds whee love it all. My favourite that I literally attack is a cardboard tube filled with hay. I roll it around, chew it, hit it and jump all over it. Bingo prefers a paper bag full of hay to get lost in but I get panicked when in those and have to squeak at Mummy to rescue me!

I love bubble wrap, or crinkly paper, or sweet wrappers that make exciting sounds when you flick them around.

Anything is fun. A duvet or blanket becomes a mountain to be explored. A staircase is something new to climb. A football is a giant thing that rolls when I tap it and becomes a runaway boulder.

Of course, all of these are supervised but they are more fun that any silly toy Mummy buys. In fact, on one particularly memorable occassion, whee had more fun with the packaging than the toy Mummy bought! What homemade toys do you like? Do you have any suggestions of toys Mummy can make for us?



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  1. I look to you Buddy, for suggestions ‘cuz I am not very easy to please…not because I am so special..I think I just did not have a lot of play time wherever I was before the shelters…and so I, Mom and Dad are all learning together what it is I like and am not afraid of…so I will watch the comments for this post to see if there is something we can use…paw pats, Savannah

    • Well a kitty whee know likes a cut up rag or duster on a stick or bubblewrap to jump on. Washing baskets and shoe boxes can be fun too.

      But really a paper bag or toilet roll full of torn up tissue paper is a fail safe best one. Whee will let you know if whee think of anything else.


  2. Very true. Sakura and Ginny used to love discarded paper towel rolls slit and filled with hay.
    Empty paper bags were fun too!

  3. I love all the stuffed animals Mom buts me, but I have lots of fun with paper towel rolls and Mom’s flip flops and anything else I can steal.

    Love and licks,

  4. DIY toys…BRILLIANT!! I wonder if dog moms can do the same thing (asks my wallet! πŸ™‚ ). Where does mummy come up with her cool ideas?

    • Well most of her ideas come from Bingo escaping and playing with something lying around. She just makes it safe and interesting and TaDa, whee have cool toys! Anything made of cardboard or newspaper is good fun.

      For dogs Mummy hangs conkers or pinecones on strings and swings them around. If it’s really hot you can put a doggy treat in an ice cube tray cover it in water and freeze it. When it comes out it is hours of fun!


  5. Hi Buddy…..your Mum seems to have wonderful ideas for homemade toys for you guys – the cardboard tube filled with hay looks like lots of fun! My favorite homemade toy is just a piece of rope that my Dad put a round wooden ball on – such a simple thing but I love to drag it up and down the stairs. With toys I think it’s the THOUGHT that counts more than the money spent at the store…….homemade works just fine!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ By the way – please tell your Mummy we love your new blog header with the new pix of you guys – lookin’ good!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. I’m happy with a plastic bottle, cardboard boxes, tissues…I’m pretty easy to please πŸ™‚

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