I Smile Because I Have No Idea What’s Going On!

Today I wasn’t feeling too great. Mummy says I may need to meet my good friend the vet again! But it didn’t really bother me. Being ill that is. I just popcorned around cheerily.

Then there was a huge flash of light and the little hoomans screamed. The scream went very deep and rumbled for ages. It also seemed to be coming fron outside.

I tell you; my little hooman has a future as a ventrilloquist! Anyway, I squeaked at Buddy that they had switched the light on and off for some reason. He said they were hoomans and whee shouldn”t try to understand their strange ways.

Mummy came on her knees by the cage. “Shush shush babies don’t be scared.” she cooed. I smiled up at her, “Lady, I have no idea what you are on about.” I drawled copying the voice of one of the hoomans from the dramas she likes to watch. She fussed me more. For some reason she was surprised when I went to get a drink, and was unconcerned that someone was playing with the lights and rumbling louder than me and Buddy manage. I don’t really know why it came as a shock or why they shut the blinds after awhile. I was upset that it was raining and I couldn’t play on the grass and eat the fabulous green spaghetti too but they seemed to be over reacting.

I’ll never understand hoomans. Anyway just a reminder that tomorrow is your last day to enter our OlymPIGS Sporty Pet photo competition. Check back the past two posts to see how to enter if you missed it.


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  1. I get what you’re saying, Bingo. Around here there’s a lot of excitement when the lights flash and the sky grumbles. People act like it’s a mechanical hamster attack or something scary like that. I’m clueless.

    Love and licks,

    • Hoomans eh? See you think the sky is grumbling but I tell you its my little hooman being a ventrilloquist! He’s very good if he can make it reach you all the way from here! 😉


  2. Thank COD! We almost NEVER have flashy lights here in the San Francisco Bay area. hang tuff guys, Paw Pats, Savannah

  3. No flashing lights here, just the noisy fur blowing thing that mummy used to dry us, after we had a bath with special natural pigpoo. All four of us just chilled and enjoyed the pigtention and after Daisy showed Cinnamon how popcorning is really done. Snuggles, Peaches, Cinnamon, Daisy.xxxx

    • Oh no! Whee hate bathing! It washes away our lovely boarly scent. How will whee get ladypigs to swoon over our manliness if whee smell of soap and flowers?! 😉


  4. You think YOU can’t understand humans! Try being one! 😦 Perhaps Mummy has been dipping into some troubling foodstuffs?? I know quite a few humans who rumble under those conditions…

  5. Oh Bingo so sorry to hear you might have to visit the vet…..I hope you’re not super sickly – that would make me sad. As for lights flashing – unless there’s some rumble with the lights flashing I don’t mind. I’m not a fan of thunder – it scares me and I have to go to my hidey-hole in the basement. Anyway, keep us posted on how you’re feeling OK?

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. Hi Boys – it’s ME again…..I forgot to tell you when I was here earlier that I nominated you for another blog award today! A brand new award too…check it out at http://onespoiledcat.wordpress.com/2012/07/30/happy-meownday/

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  7. ‘Bingo’ your photo sure put a smile on my face. So how was your trip to the vets? are you feeling better? Lot of hugs and warm wishes for you to get well soon. 🙂

    • Well my ear is being naughty again and the infection has destroyed my ear drum so I am feeling little sorry for myself. But I am taking my medicines like a good pig so I should be getting better soon


      • Poor Bingo. Ear infections suck. I’m proud of you for following’s your vet’s instructions and taking your medications. I hope you feel better in no time. Big Hug!

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