When Will They Make Good Health Catching Instead Of Illness?

You know when you begin to get the feeling that the vet/doctor must be sponsoring your illness because it just won’t go? I passed that point! I have wanted to tell everyone for days but Mummy didn’t want me to jinx it. Cautiously she checked my ear this morning and declared it a miracle. For the past four days, there hasn’t been any pus or discharge from my ear for Mummy to clean.

Mummy says I still have to finish the course of medicines but I am definitely on the mend. Spoil sport. I still take one medicine as good as gold and try to smear the other over Mummy’s outfit. It seems she has become wise to my ways though as she has begun covering her lap with a blanket. In my upset I leapt onto Mummy’s shoulder and smeared it in her hair. She is always saying how lovely it smells and telling me to ‘nom’ on it nicely. I thought she might want me to share. I was wrong!

Mummy was really happy today when I climbed out of the cage and came over to her. I climbed on her lap and had a nice cuddle instead of struggling and trying to rub my sore ear on the floor. It is such an improvement she forgave my medicine sharing naughtiness!

My Sunny Summer Smile!

Today, I was celebrating in the garden. I looked up and saw she had her camera out. I gazed up at her with my biggest most lovely smile and held a pose. I am starting to think Buddy’s diva modelling is rubbing off on me!

Isn’t it just the best feeling to be getting well again?! What do you get to do when you are sick? Do you get sick often (I do!)? What did you get up to today?

Bingo (the surprisingly well behaved!)

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  1. Four sicky-free days is a great run. You are tougher than you look – fighting off so many naughty germs. Good job, Bingo.

    Love and wellness licks,

  2. Bingo, buddy!!! you are gonna be alright! Good for you!!…keep your paws off that ear dude! Let Mum handle it…go eat, relax, enjoy life…paw pats, Savannah

  3. Great to feel better isn’t it. I’ve had my fair share of ear infections so I know how painful they can be – glad you’re on the mend.

  4. We are so glad to hear you are getting better Bingo. Such a lovely piggie.

  5. Bingo you look truly happy and on the mend! We are so happy! Nice work getting the medicine on your mum. What’s the fun if you can’t get the humans involved?

    Bella and DiDi

    • I did tell Mummy that if she thinks it is so bice and good for you then she should have it but she just tutted and squirted it in through the corner of my mouth mid squeak!


  6. I find it is the time when you are between sick and well that is the toughest part – you fell better, but really shouldn’t be exerting yourself yet – so it is often hard to find the right balance. Being balance inhibited, I tend to fall over a lot… 🙂

  7. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better.

  8. Hi, I don’t usually post links, but thought you might like to see this if you have a minute to spare! http://bluecrisps.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/the-olym-pigs-torch-relay-guest-author-9year-old-t/

  9. Oh Bingo – great news that your icky ear thing is getting ever so better. Even though taking medicine is not fun – it DOES work. I’m happy to hear that you’re better – I’ve been worried about you!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  10. So glad to hear you’re on the mend 🙂

  11. Good to know that whatever was bothering you is going away, soon you’ll be back to your normal self.

  12. Oh goodness don’t touch mummy’s fabulous hair!
    Pirate is a little sickling and always has a runny nose and sometimes a wheeze, occasionally he gives his cold to Squirrel. Rats have to be careful with respiratory problems it can get very bad very quickly so I give them echinacea, warmth and lots of cuddles (which they shrug out of all the time!).

    • Poor Pirate. I know the feeling. Being ill is horrible but the vet says that if my ear drum repairs itself I might get completey better. Which would be nice.

      As for Squirrel getting sick too; that is the very reason I wish good health was catching.


  13. So glad you are feeling better, and I love your sunny summer smile. 🙂

  14. What an adorable picture of you, Bingo! I’m so happy you are on the mend! You have a wonderful mummy/nurse! 🙂 As for me, whenever I get sick, I find it is a great excuse to pop in my “Friends” DVDs and watch as many episodes as possible! 😉

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