A First For FURnando!

As you may remember, awhile ago whee got a new addition to the family. A vivid pet guinea pig statue. Well much to everyone’s surprise, the magical power of his name being bestowed upon him, by Sammy the Cat, revealed he lives. Now, Mummy was rather surprised by this but has agreed to let Furnando post on here sometimes to answer a suggestion whee recieved. What is it like in England? Well Furnando got to go on a special trip today and he brought back some photos and a story to share . . .

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Hello! Furnando here. As the others so kindly introduced me already I am going to jump right in and tell you about today! I was woken earlier than usual with everyone bustling around packing towels and buckets and spades. I did wonder what might be happening until Mummy explained that they were having a family day out at the beach and I was invited.

I said yes and was bundled into the car with everyone. There was a lot of loud singing (that wasn’t even in tune) and games of I Spy. The I Spy game got a bit boring when everyone said their word began with ‘c’ and everyone knew it was car. It felt like hours and hours to get to the beach and it got hotter and hotter. When whee finally got there whee all sat at the top of some cliffs looking out to sea and enjoying a pignic. Mummy said I could have a sandwhich but I didn’t want to eat a sandy witch so I nibbled on some cliff top grass instead.

On the beach everyone sunburned. I am supposed to say sunbathed but with all the complaining which followed they just got burnt. Nothing else. They even put on some sun cream first to stop it from happening but it just made their hands so slippery they kept nearly dropping me. They built me a huge sandcatle to live in and it took the little hoomans nearly all day to do it! Unfortunately Mummy was balancing me on a turret for a photo when the entire creation collapsed and I very nearly needed to be dug out!

After my near death experience and checking myself for life threatening injuries I joined everyone getting icecreams. Apparently they don’t do grass or carrot flavoured ones. I was very disappointed.

With ices creams and sandcastles and paddling (which I wasn’t brave enough to do seeing as the water would be up to my chin in one step!) and bad singing, I think I experienced everything neccessary for a British day at the beach.

Have any of you ever been to the beach? What do you like to do theere?


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  1. iloveschnauzers

    Miss D has never been to the beach, but Checkers had. She wasn’t impressed. Here in North Carolina, USA, there’s an island off the coast where wild horses live. Checkers was much more fascinated with the horses than the waves.

  2. Furnando – Wow, what an adventure, glad you are safe. Mommy has taken the old piggies to the hotel at the beach, but not out into the sand. We dogs have been in our river, but never on the sand either. Sounds like fun, sort of… Sofie Bear

    • The other piggies stayed home in air conditioned rooms. I don’t think they could have coped with the heat. I don’t think I would like going in a river. It would be too . . . Wet! 😉


  3. That sounds like a typical trip to the beach and you made me laugh! I love to chase the seagulls, but they always fly away at the last moment.

  4. Well Furnando, sounds like you were one lucky guy to get to go along on a family day at the beach! You look quite comfortable in the photos – I bet you were the only one who didn’t come home with a sunburn too! I’ve never been to the beach before – but I can come CLOSE to the same feeling every time I step into my sand-filled litter box! 😉

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. Oh Furnando sounds like you had a huge day! Pirate & Squirrel haven’t been to the beach but Polly big dog goes all the time and it’s when she’s at her happiest 😀

  6. You are so lucky, I’ve never been to the beach 😦
    Looks like you had a good day though!

  7. Doggy loves the beach, although his fitst time down there he tossed his treats after drinking too much sat water, he couldn’t handle it lol
    I’ve seen the pics of Furnando on Instagram.

  8. You are a real adventurer, Furnando! Your beach trip looks like fun. I have never been to the beach, but once I found a broken piece of bagel in the field near my house.

    Love and licks,

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