The Sun Will Come Out . . . Today!

Whee were planning on doing this post about all the cool toys whee have in our indoor run area. Mummy was planning to do pigtures and everything. But to our surprise an old friend came to visit. A friend whee have not seen in a long while…

The Sun has got his fur on,
The Sun has got his fur on so whee cute piggies can play!

Yes! The sun came out today! Whee spent an amazing four hours out there with cool packs and fleece blankets draped over our runs like canopies. Of course whee spent the morning inside and had to wait for it to cool down. It was after lunch about two o’clock when whee were taken out and stayed till it began to cool in the evening.

The sun always makes me really happy and makes me want to clean myself up so I look my best in my summer snaps. Mummy apparently couldn’t wait for me to tidy myself because within a few minutes of her putting me down and me begining cleaning my nose and toes, she already was snapping away with the clicky camera. I don’t mind my pigture being taken, but she could have waited.

Luckily for her the sunshine meant I looked good no matter what angle she took the photo. Anyway, enjoy my Sunny Saturday Snaps!

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  1. So glad you got your sun back.

  2. Oh Buddy I bet that sun felt really yummy didn’t it?! Looks like you had yourself a very nice bathing session – nosies and toesies all cleaned up for the photo shoot! Enjoy the sun while it lasts…..sometimes it’s VERY NAUGHTY and disappears then it’s days before it returns. Very “persnickety” !

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy
    p.s. Tell Mummy we got the pix!

    • Glad you got the pigtures ok. Mummy was worried because she isn’t very good with technology. Whee always tell her to leave it to us and the little hoomans but she was pretty determined.

      The weatherman says the sun will be sticking around for the next wheek at least. Pretty unusual for England! 😉


  3. Buddy, your mommy knows humans and doggies love pictures of you cleaning your toesies! Soo cute! Glad the sun will stick around for a few days. Hope it stays relatively cool too so you can spend as much time with the sun as you want

  4. Awww, Buddy! You are so gorgeous when you clean your nose and your little toes!!!

    Lots and lots of piggy kisses,

  5. oh Buddy you are certainly right, a bad photo can’t be taken of you! Dare I say it…poser…

  6. I know what you mean…I always want at least a minute to glance in a mirror before I get my picture taken! I would HATE to have a picture with something on my face or a bit of food between my teeth! After looking at your adorable pics, I can tell you like to photo-prep as well! 😉

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