Well Who Knew?!

So our guess what and who was a little difficult, or so whee thought. But lots of you seemed to know it was an ear. The hard part was working out who it belonged to. Of course the easy answer, and a trap a few of you fell into was that it was Bingo. After all his problems he would seem like the most logical candidate? Wrong. That leaves only Nibbles and Buddy with black and ginger markings. The answer is actually on our banner of pigtures. If you look at Nibbles, posing in some rather fetching blue and pink tinsel, you can see the ragged edge of his ear.

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Before Mummy took him home Nibbles was, whee have to spell it out as the word offends him, the r.u.n.t of the litter. Subsequently he was very small and picked on by other piggies. They tore his beautiful ears and left these ragged scarred ones. Mummy often tells him he has beautiful ears and that the shape of them doesn’t matter. So you see they are a pigture of his war wounds and proof of his bravery. Now, those who guessed correctly, and who are entitled to a super special piggy kiss and cuddle are:

Zac The All Black



kdkh – You knew it was a piggy ear but not who it belonged to, whee will include you anyway. In answer to your question; the ear is nibbled so short it stands by it self.


Poppy & Clover – And their Mummy Bethany, though that is sort of cheating as Bethany has met us!



Long Life Cats and Dogs


*piggy kisses and whiffles*

Until the next time Mummy remembers to take a pigture for this!

Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy


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  1. Yay! I am a very wise Tibbie and a Tibbie who enjoys cuddles and kisses so thank you piggies.

  2. Brave piggy, indeed! Wear those ears proudly…they’re unique! xoM

  3. ooooo Miss D wuvs kisses and wiffles! schnauzer kisses right back at ya

  4. themisadventuresofmisaki


  5. Oh boy! I get a special piggy kiss and cuddle! Poor little Nibbles with the raggedy ears is still a very adorable guy – his ears are a big part of his personality – and give him a special “look” that nobody else has…..YAY Nibbles! YAY me for guessing right!

    Kitty Hugs Back At You All………Sammy

  6. Yaaaay! We got it right! >=] Our mummy did help us a little bit, though!

    Poppy and Clover

  7. I love this contest. Congratulations to all the winners of snuggles and cuddles. You’d think I’d be embarrassed having guessed potato chip – but I’m NOT! I had as much fun as everybody else, plus I love potato chips!

    Love and licks,

  8. Yah – I was right. Good guess. PS – I gave you an award on my latest post. I hope you like it.

  9. well Sir Nibbles…your ears are distinguishing!!! You stand out! You are handsome! Brave! ANd kind ‘cuz you forgave your litter mates…right??…what’s that…a contract??…on which one???….Oh MY CAT!! NO WAY!!!…how much did ya have to pay…never mind…I forgot…this is the internet

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