Bacteria, Bravery & Bingo

Of course I’m listening carefully Mummy . . . Omnomnomnomnom

So Mummy finally got my results from my ear swab. The vet called her in the afternoon and when Mummy had spoken to her she xame to tell me what the problem is. Unfortunately she explained it while I was a little distracted. I was on the grass (she managed to get some good pigtures of me then!) and munching away. So I have to say I didn’t really listen very well! I did listen for some of the time. Mummy said lots of complicated words and unless they are a fancy way of serving me veggies, I don’t particularly care to understand them!

What I managed to get was that they grew a very naughty bacteria from my swab. It was quite a shock to the lab/vet people how badly behaved it is. Apparently it is resistant to all but one of the medicines they could give me, including ear drops etc. Luckily, the one that works is the one I’m already on and don’t mind taking. So I have to take more medicine for a few more wheeks and then they hope I will be all better!

My best velvety piggy lips pigture!

I have to be really brave at the moment because Mummy has to clear the icky pus out of my ear. It really hurts and I make a lot of upset noises, which in turn upsets Mummy. I know she is only trying to help me but it does hurt. I actually bit her knee a couple of times today while she was doing it. One bite has left a bruise and Mummy told me off.

Do you have any tips for how to be brave? Mummy tries to distract me with veggies but as the veggies aren’t actually hurting me I prefer to attack something that will cry out the same way I do. Mean but true.

Have you ever had to be brave when you are in pain? How did you cope?


ps. I have decided that I wouldn’t like to keep my bacteria as a pet. Ill leave growing and caring for it to the lab/vet peoples.


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  1. Lol oh Bingo I’m glad you’re on the correct meds now ya poor thing.
    I am not glad you want your mummy to suffer as you do with the pain, but I understand. When I hit my head on the car I get upset and slap it…makes me feel better!

  2. Oh, poor Bingo. You are very brave, and under the circumstances, a little knee biting is definitely in order. I had to be brave once when a big dog bit me and I had surgery on my neck. No scratching was allowed, and I couldn’t wear a cone to help me because of where the bite was. Mom put a bandage and a bandana on my neck every day. Some people said I looked like a gang banger, which made me feel very tough. Stay tough, little guy. You can beat some tiny evil bacteria!

    Love and licks,

  3. So glad to hear you’re on the mend, little one. I don’t know that I could cope with pain any better than you! 🙂

  4. Oh you poor baby! That must be painful! Be brave and get better soon 😉

  5. Awww… I can understand that it must hurt. I guess you just have to be patient… I know it doesn’t help much :-/
    Get well real soon!

  6. Bingo, this about “Bingo be Brave”…you can do this sweet furriend…I am sending you my emergency supplies of Paw Pats and High Paw Pumps…wait a minute…OK…I just tossed them on the satellited passing over California, it should be in England in just a few minutes…see it???…see it??? Tell Mummy to grab it!!..Great…hope that helps

  7. Poor Bingo….I’m sorry that you’ve got that ear infection BUT if you just continue being as brave as possible while Mummy cleans your ear and gives you your medicine, you’ll be RID of that nasty, icky, yucky MEAN old infection very soon. I’ve never had an experience like that so I’m not sure how to help other than I’m thinking about you and sending you all my extra energy (and I have lots!) to help fight the germs. I do think you’d look adorable with a bright red bravery bandana around your neck (!!) but I’m also sure that you’d probably prefer to just get lots of special veggies and REST! I can also send you a BIG SAMMY HUG……Mom says it makes her feel better so maybe it will work for you too!

    Your Pal Sammy

  8. You’re as brave as you are cute, little buddy! We’re passing the Blog on Fire Award on to you ( and hope it helps you smile! (Love the close-up nosey photo!)

  9. Oh poor you! Hope the medicine kicks in and you feel better soon. xxx

  10. Oh I do hope you are well soon. Unfortunately, no tips on being brave. The thing that scares me the most are bugs (any creature with more than four legs) and the only solution I’ve found is to yell for help. Not very helpful, I’m afraid.

  11. Bacteria actually make ideal pets – they don’t need diaper changes and are very cheap to feed. They don’t shed fur either. It takes some explaining when you have them out on their leashes but most people are very accommodating after they’ve beaten you up….

    • *giggles* But this is a very naughty bacteria.

      I don’t think they have “germ whisperer’s” like they have dog and horse whisperer’s to help train it! 🙂


      • Ba ha ha! Good thing I wasn’t eating right now, or I would have had to sue you (very gently and politely) for making me choke on my giggles! 🙂

  12. Bingo we’re glad you are on the good medicine! We hope you feel better. Once we were both stung by a swarm of bees that we upset in our yard. We had to be bare the pain while daddy rushed us to the vet. Although a lot of crying was involved.

    Bella and DiDi

  13. Well, at least you’re being honest, Bingo! I try to distract Taylor during moments that are not the most pleasant (like vet exams and nail cutting) with a lot of petting and treats, but since you are fully aware whenever mummy tries to distract you, I’m guessing Taylor is aware as well! 🙂

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