Because I’m Worth It!

‘Piggy Eye Milk’ produced when I got five minutes on the grass before it started raining . . . Again!

So, ages ago, Nibbles told you about the magic white milky liquid that our eyes produce and whee uses as a shampoo/conditioner for our fur. Well Mummy was super excited when she got a pigture of me with my piggy eye milk. Ok so it isn’t very much and it is a bit difficult to see (look on tge middle part of my bottom eyelid, that tiny white smear isn’t a mark on the camera lense!) but if Mummy had been even a second later all she would have got was a blur of me wiping it over my face!

On another cosmetic themed note; Mummy says whee need to slim down and tone up for the Summer. Apparently a vet accused my fluffiness of being tubby! So whee are on a stricter diet – no more begging for extra pellet food when whee tip it out of the bowl and all over the cage – and having more exercise. Nibbles mentioned whee had a lazy day yesterday. Well it turns out Mummy was clearing a big space in the hall for us to play in while the weather is bad. She has made lots of paper bag, cardboard tube, cardboard box toys for us the play with and keep us active. Veggies today were spread around instead of being in the normal bowl to make us run around and sniff them out! I really enjoyed exploring, though Nibbles was put out and grumbled quite a bit!

How are you slimming down to get the perfect beach body? Are you going to whip out the bikini this year? Will it ever stop raining and give us some Summer sunshine? I hope so! πŸ˜‰



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  1. Nutty, I had no idea about piggies being able to produce their own shampoo. That is very clever.
    If that stopped me having a bath I would like to be able to do that.
    As for the slimming down….. groan.
    I am going to be writing about that very subject soon because it is a subject very close to my heart, or perhaps I should say stomach. Ciao

  2. I feel your pain, Nutty. I’m on treat restriction because of gaining weight. It’s no fun AT ALL!

    Love and hungry, deprived licks,

    • Whee have resorted to hungrily chewing the bars of our cage at four am. That should soon put a stop to this diet nonsense! πŸ˜‰

      I feel you hunger pain . . . No wait they are my hunger pains but I do understand.


  3. It’s a good idea to give you more room for exercise. I take lovely long walks so that I can eat as much cheese as they are willing to give me – which is never enough!

  4. I think it’s ever so wonderful that you produce your very own “beauty soap” with your eyes – piggies are so special that way! Your Mummy is very clever to make you guys a fun place to run and play and get exercise – a piggie playground – with cardboard tubes and boxes and all kinds of fun “gym equipment”……I can’t wait to see it – I hope you post a photo with you guys running around in the new hall “gym”. I get good exercise running up and down three flights of stairs and playing chase with Mom and the vet said I had LOST a bit of weight since last year so no tubby issues for me. πŸ˜‰

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. Oh goodness we are on the same health kick then! I have started trying to lose but I am grumbly about it! I don’t want to, I love eating and want to keep eating (so do the rats!) but unfortunately my back is bad and I have to trim down to help myself. PFFF, I hope you will enjoy my more healthy recipes as I post them. I’m going 51% raw so perhaps your mummy will make you some haha πŸ™‚
    No bikini for me though! Oh no, not this summer at least…

    • Mummy has been doing zumba classes and snacking less so she has lost a bit of weight but still isn’t bikini ready. She keeps eating our veggies! The cheek of it!

      Me? I prefer a little fat under my fur. Keeps me warm on those cold british mornings!


  6. You are beautiful the way you are

  7. I can’t believe you need to diet, you are so healthy! I definitely think its fluffiness πŸ™‚

  8. Hey Nutty!! I see it! The piggy eye milk!! totally cool! wow!!1 and I know all about the need for more aerobic work out routines…sigh…I too have a teeny bit of a weight issue…but…getting better every day

  9. Nutty we think you are fluff and not flab. Although a little exercise in between snacks never hurt anyone.

    Bella and DiDi

  10. Nutty, how does your mummy come up with her ideas when creating the DIY play areas for you and your siblings? I would love to try this activity out with the girls I nanny who have an adorable piggy of their own. Thanks!

    • Well she builds tunnels out of cardboard boxes and creates mazes with them. She uses shoe boxes as good hidies when holes are cut in the side so whee can get in. Cardboard tubes filled with hay are great fun. And brown paper bags filled with hay and bits of carrot chopped into cubes.

      You can uses almost anything and really customise it. The little hoomans in our family have almost as much fun as whee do just help create our piggy playground!

      Hope this helps.


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