Buddy Behind Bars!

Today it wasn’t nice enough weather for us to go in the garden, and Mummy wanted to do a clean out of our cage. Cleaning out is just a cover up for her stealing our lovely smelly piles of wilting vegetables from the day before and destroying my wonderful poop piles.

Of course I hate it and make quite a fuss. Mummy always tell me to stop being a diva. Silly Mummy doesn’t get that diva-ness is in my nature. It’s not sonething I can switch off. It is in my fur and paws, right to the tips of my whiskers! 🙂

Anyway, today she used the metal bars of the cage to create an indoor run so that whee would be safe while she cleaned the cage. While cleaning she discovered something which may have once resembled a few spinach leaves. “Who put those there?!” she asked crossly, trying to scrub the greenery off of the plastic. I put on my most innocent face, but when you are already behind bars it is very hard not to look guilty. “I’ll never talk!” I squeaked defiantly. She frowned as she placed me back in the cage with Bingo and wandered off. I sighed in relief perhaps all was forgotten, or forgiven . . .

Minutes later she returned with a treat bowl full of veggies . . .

You think that you can bribe me with vegetables?!!!

Alright, it was me. I put the spinach there. Now do you have anymore of that celery . . .








It was a confession but under conditions of such bribery, I wasn’t in my right mind.

Have you ever been forced or bribed into confessing to some naughtiness you commited?



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  1. i love this blog so much =^_^= ❤ ❤ tell your mummy piggies p.s you are all to cute xox

  2. Buddy, you have the perfect look of innocence. Your cage looks beautiful after the cleaning, so I hope you said thank you to your mummy. I always look guilty and regretful when I’m naughty. I don’t even bother trying to cover up.

    Love and licks,

  3. My policy is deny everything! But I got caught out yesterday when mummy found me with the empty packet the rolls that they were planning to have for lunch were in…whoopsie!

  4. Oh Buddy! Hiding spinach in your cage huh? Well, you could always tell your Mummy that you were starting your own compost heap….you know – being very “environmentally correct” ? Somehow I don’t know if she’d believe that but it might be worth a try. As for ME being naughty – Mom tells me that I’ve never been naughty except for once when I was a very little guy and she had taken me out into the backyard to explore…..and I ran away from her super fast down into the woods where she couldn’t find me. She was very upset….when I heard her caling me I decided to come out of hiding and ran back up to her – I got a lecture (!) but that was the ONLY naughty thing I’ve ever done (that Mom knows about anyway…tee hee).

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. How familiar are you with the piggie charter of rights? Looks like you need to do a little night reading, my friend…

  6. Buddy keep your cool…Mummy will never know where those wilted spinach leaves came from…and look at what looking cute got you…SCORE!! FOOD!!

  7. You were born a Diva and must embrace and live the Diva life. No confessions necessary

  8. My boys – ok Squirrel – is defiantly naughty and stands by his naughtiness with attitude! He is always getting caught, is proud and defiant, and just goes right back to doing the naughty things…it never ends well piggy friends, I hope you aren’t naughty like that, because you will be relegated to your cage with no out-time like Squirrel if you misbehave too much!

  9. I am actually considering pleading with the producers of “World’s Strictest Parents” to take on Squirrel. He doesn’t seem to learn :/

  10. Wow! That treat bowl looks really good!! I bet you polished off that bowl pretty quickly, Buddy!

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