Nutty For Tennis

Firstly whee apologise for not having finished our music video. Our computermabob is being naughty. Secondly whee apologise for not having chosen a winner to our competition to name our new friend. Whee are still accepting ideas and will make our decision by our next post.

Now whee have finished grovelling, onto todays post. Not sure how many of you watch or know anything about tennis. (though watching and knowing about it are two different things really.) In the UK today whee had the final of a pretty special tennis championship-y thing. Wimbledon.

The two hoomans whee watched today were called Andy FURray and Rodger FURderer. Or at least they should be. Hoomans can change names by deed pole and whee recommend they do, so the can make their awesomeness even greater. Anyway, getting to the point, I was inspired by this match (that went on for hours) to take up tennis and become the first Piggy Champion. Despite the fact I have failed in careers as; a psychic, a model, a writer, football player and a food critic, for various reasons – I really think this could be the career for me.

Here is me with a racquet (from the little hoomans Wii sports game thingy) :

It’s not that I can’t lift it. It just looks nicer next to me!

I am having a few issues regarding the fact that I cannot lift it but things like that can be overcome. What do you think? Me? The next Rodger FURderer?



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  1. Go for it Nutty. Follow your dreams. Reach for the sky – well, reach for the racket first and you never know, it might taste good 🙂

  2. You needs some cute tennis whites, Nutty!

  3. You’d have to think of a cool name like John Nutty MacEn-PIG 😀

  4. Just sit back and wait for the sponsorship deals to come rolling in!

  5. Nutty I think you could be anything you want to be including the next tennis piggie pro. Go for it. Definitelly think you need a white headband though for the proper “look”……!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. Who needs tennis lessons – you’ll “out-cute” every player on the court! They’ll be so busy awww-ing at your adorable self that you’ll score every point! 😀

  7. IF you had only started early you could have carried the Olympic Torch in London, but hey, there’ll be Rio 2016, go for it!

  8. Go for it nutty! But be warned you might have to do a lot of running back and forth to hit the ball, so if that is your dream, I would consider getting a piggytreadmill !!

    Goldie x

    • Running?! Oh no. Maybe I can’t do it.

      Do you think I could use my cute distracting face to stop anyone from wanting to beat me and upset my fluffy adorableness? 🙂


  9. We like your racquet! Our humans watched it too. We stood in front of the TV and chased the ball back and forth.

    Bella and DiDi

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