Surprise / Competition!

Well boy, do whee have a surprise for you. I’ll admit I was in shock when I found out and it took a good few hours to recover. Mummy has brought a new piggy into the fold. She said this one has the cuteness of us with none of the clean up.

Of course I was shocked and offended. Who could this newcomer be to have convinced Mummy that they had no faults or bodily functions?! That’s when Mummy made the introductions. Here is the latest member of our team.

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It may not be much to look at, and is certainly not as bootiful as me, but there is a certain charm about the little one. This leads me to the announcement of our competition. Whee would like you to help us name our new friend.

All you have to do is think up a funny/cheeky/clever/cute name and put it in a comment here. Whee will pick our favourite and the winner will get a special award (whee will get Mummy to make it soon!)

So go for it and give us your best names. (Mummy likes Christofur but someone else is using that on another blog type thing so whee want something of a similar awesomeness!)



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  1. He is no way as cute as you are, Buddy!
    What about Boxie (because of, well, the box)?

  2. You are much cuter.

  3. Good luck with the competition Buddy.
    Marmalade, Pie, Copper (because of the colour), Pepsi, Biscuit or Bix, Busby, Roskyn (reddish fur),
    Or, and these are my real favourites because they’re all types of sausages 🙂
    Bratwurst (shortened to Brat), Pepperoni (shortened to Pepper), Chorizo.
    Quite a lot of food names in there 🙂 my tummy is calling for lunch.
    Look forward to hearing what you do call him

    • You are really hedging your bets and naming lots of food. Did you think that you could make us hungry so that whee . . . What? . . You are hungry Mummy? . . . You should have eaten earlier. Well I guess it’s breakfast time then.


    • Our adoptive piggy mummy was called Pepper and her sister was called Marmalade, so we love those names too!

      Poppy and Clover

  4. I would name him Falsetto…. because he’s a little faker! LOL

  5. He’s kinda cute but nowhere NEAR as adorable as you Buddy! As for a name – FURnando? FURby? FURbert? Well, whatever you decide to name him, at least you won’t have to compete with him for treats!!! 😀

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  6. How about Ernest (as in “in dead ernest” – as it isn’t alive, which of course, means it not nearly as cute as you!)

  7. Arrgh! That guinea pig looks just like the evil mechanical hamster that Mom brought home from CrackerBarrel! It’s been rolling around in its unpredictable plastic ball, trying to kill me for months. I say you should name it Satan! …or Cupcake after me!

    Love and licks,

  8. He looks like a “Chewpet” to me!

  9. You have some great suggestions there!

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