Movin’ On Up, Groovin’ On Down!

Hay hay . . . I think whee could be blogstars!

Ok. That title is seriously cringe worthy. I promise never to squeak like that again. I just had to share with you the exciting fact that whee have 70 followers as of sometime today! Whee are really moving up in the world.

So I thought I would share something with you that Mummy wrote. As you may have noticed our little slogan reads “Hay hay, we wanna be blog stars”

Well that is an adapted quote from a song called Rockstar by some hooman called Nickelback (a very odd name if you ask me, but I am named after a game hoomans play so I can talk!) It’s a good song if you want to check it out on youtube.

Anyway, getting to the point, Mummy rewrote the lyrics to a part of the song to fit us. Whee think it’s awesome. Whee may even produce a little music video of it if whee can get the computermabob to work. Let us know what you think and whether you would like a music video!

We all just wanna be big blog stars,
Live in hilltop hutches,
With hoomans to drive us in their cars.
The veggies come easy,
And the grass is sweet,
But we’ll never get skinny cos’ we always eat.
We’ve got pigloos as our private bars,
VIP water bottles like we’re movie stars.
Like good little pigglies,
We’ll blog till we get there,
We know that we’re special,
Cos’ blogging cavies are rare.
You know that . . .
Hay Hay . . . We wanna be blog stars!



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Tales and adventures from the hutches of British blogging guinea pigs!

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  1. You are totally blog stars – cutest blog stars ever! (not counting me!) xo

    Love and licks,

  2. Congratulations Bingo. And I think your name is great πŸ™‚
    Beloved’s number 1 son had a guinea pig once, he called it Biggles.

  3. always thought I found blog stars when I found you guys! Happy to keep on sending ya as many readers as I can influence to check ya out!

    • Thankies! Spread the word on facebook, twitter and other networkey thingies. The piggies are going places!

      It’s actually quite tiring . . . I propose a nap time. All those in favour say I! *yawns*



      • so Ms. Mummy…what are you plans for future??? Writer, blogger at night and university by day???? just curious…

      • Mummy is blogging and writing stories. She has just sent her first to a literary agent but she is also looking for a day job seeing as she finished college last wheek. Whee piggies aren’t cheap you know!


      • hmmmm 18 and done with college??? So in the USA, that would equate to our 12 years completed, sort of?? When I say university,I mean the next 4 years or so of study…Mummy doing that?

        If not, I wish her much success in writing. Is the literary agent for animal stories, or for peep stories or ?????? again, just an interested old Mom…and Dad…Dad spent 45 years in management in higher ed in USA. be well all

      • Animals and teen stories mostly (one about us!). Mummy left school at 16 and did a college course for two years but she says University is too expensive.

        She hopes to become a reporter or be the press officer for a company or charity.


      • great goals! we will root for you!!! woot woot woo woo purrrrs

  4. Way to go blog-stars:-) Sounds like your mummy should think about becoming your agent!

  5. Oh Bingo what a GREAT song your Mummy did for you! If I wasn’t so old I’d be dancing to the beat…. πŸ˜€ Seriously though, your Mum is quite talented and we’re sure she will have luck WHATEVER she decides to do. Meanwhile, you guys have 70 followers now which is PAWSOME and I’m not one bit surprised because you all are so talented and adorable who could resist wanting to know what you’re up to every single day????? Concatulations to all of you…..I’m happy to have you for my friends that’s for sure! πŸ˜€

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • D’awwww, whee are blushing! Thankies! You are one of our favourite cats. Whee just say whatever is on our minds and hope that someone is interested! It’s nice to see how many bloggers like reading our stuff. Whee are regularly getting 100+ views so there are some lurking HutchAGoodLife lovers out there too!


  6. blogstarsss hahaha LoL good one

  7. You’re SO cute, how could you not be catapulted into stardom in the blogosphere?? πŸ˜€

  8. Snuggles, Peaches, Daisy and Cinnamon looove that version and want to be blog stars too. They think you should wheek a book series.

  9. I’m looking forward to hearing you sing your new song – you’ll be rock stars as well as blog stars!

  10. Hey Bingo, I always thought you were a bit rock ‘n roll! Brilliant re-writing of those lyrics, well done to your Mum. And I wish her all the best of luck with her books and the publishers – paws crossed! x

  11. Your mummy is a very talented songwriter! It would be so awesome if you all can make a music video! Imagine how famous you would become! πŸ™‚
    By the way, I can not wait to show this blog to the little girls I nanny; they have an adorable guinea pig named Pumpkin who looks a lot like Nutty! Maybe she can become part of Buddy’s Babes soon! πŸ™‚

  12. My first pet was a little guy like you – his name was Nipper, but he was no blogger – there wasn’t even such a thing as the internet when he was around! How times change – you guys are bloggers extraordinaire!

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