License To Chill!

Hello there

It’s your favourite ladypigs and head of the Buddy’s Babes fanclub, Poppy & Clover!! Whee have finally convinced the boys to let us post again. Well a girl needs to have a little fun! So whee hit the same problem as last time; what can whee talk about? Well, after much discussion, two snack breaks, four naps, a run and a cuddle . . . Whee finally decided!

Whee are going to tell you what whee do in our downtime. Most people think whee are boring and laze around all day, but that is only half of it.

– Whee discuss important news, like the current broccoli crisis shocking cavies everywhere.
– Whee get our fur brushed and styled.
– Whee write fan mail to Buddy (including love letters and poems).
– Whee sigh and swoon over pigtures of the Hutch A Good Life boys and check the blog for updates.
– Whee squeak at our hoomans to keep them on their toes.
– Whee eat lots and lots!
– Whee popcorn and play together!

So you see whee are very busy! Luckily for you whee found time in our hectic day for a little photoshoot. Enjoy.

Pretty Lips Poppy

Cutie Pie Clover

Poppy & Clover


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  1. What beauties you are!!!

  2. You are busy girls! xo

    Love and licks,

  3. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Yes, my piggies are not happy with the broccoli shortage either. In fact, it’s put them off their carrot.

  4. You two are lovely! You must persuade the boys to let you have the blog sometimes.

  5. You are supercute!
    I keep trying to make friends with the piggies in the petshop, but they keep scurrying away from me 😦 Perhaps I need to take them some broccoli next time?

  6. Hey, Buddy, you and the guys are real babe magnets! I’ve got my lovely Desa, but no other cute kitty is chasing after me 😦

  7. Well Buddy is certainly lucky to have two such gorgeous girls in his fan club! I hope Buddy and his brothers appreciate all the effort you ladies go to on their behalf – letters, poems, photos – it’s VERY impressive! I didn’t know there was a broccoli shortage but since it’s not on my list of preferred treats, I haven’t purrrrrrrsonally been effected by this particular disaster!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • The broccoli issue is very close to our hearts . . . Or rather our stomachs. Whee think the boys are begining to appreciate us more. Finally! 🙂

      Poppy & Clover

  8. My what pretty little ladypigs you are! Sounds like most of your day is very fun, not too sure about the broccoli thing but that doesn’t interest me because I don’t eat broccoli. Glad you had a great day and you look wonderful in your photos!

    • Why thank you. *fluffles* Whee do our best!

      With regards to brocolli, try imaginging a world without one of your favourite treats. Catnip for example. Whee really wish hoomans would sort it out! 🙂

      Poppy & Clover

  9. A girl’s got to have her hair styled. I must say, you look gorgeous after all the preening.

  10. Coincidentally, your lives reflect mine in every particular! I also love to keep my humans on their toes.. 🙂

  11. Miss Sakura wheeks, “Yay! Girl Power!”

  12. Oh my, these little sweeties are sooooo CUTE!!! 🙂

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