A Blanket Protest!

It is awful Your Honor!

It has come to my attention that a crime has been commited. As you know I have been treated recently for hay mites. Mummy took the chance and put my blankets in the wash. However I discovered today that my well-worn, well-loved blue blankets of beauty are gone! Mummy said she had to throw all but one away and that one needs another wash, so she bought a replacement. I may have been able to handle the injustice had it been exactly the same, but it wasn’t!

It was RED!

Presenting Exhibit A – Me and the aforementioned new blanket.

Exhibit A

I was understandably distressed and though I reluctantly cuddled up in the scarlet imposter I long for my old blankies. I leave this final decision of appropriate punishment for Mummy to you, members of the jury and followers of Hutch A Good Life. I trust you to make the right decision.



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  1. Whiffle withholding. One week!

  2. Leave a large pile of poop where it doesn’t belong… That will teach her!

  3. Actually since red is my fave color…I feel that you will like it soon too…you can help this process along by snuggling with it for several minutes 3-4 times a day. (but leaving a large pile of poop where it doesnt belong is a good option too) LOL….HUGS!

  4. Maybe you should try nibbling away at the blanket so she has to buy you a new one?
    Although, red does suit you…!

  5. Oh Nibbles! Sometimes changes seem harsh but really they might be for the best….in this case, you had recently suffered from a bout of hay-mite-itis and your blue blankie MIGHT have harbored some of these little beasties…..so your Mummy was just trying to make you more comfy and safe from attack. The red is a VERY flattering color combination with your coloring – since I’m red myself I’m kind of partial to that shade anyway…..I think after you break it in you will be glad for the brand new blankie!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy
    p.s. I do think she might have discussed this with you, however, before suddenly disposing of your old blankie…..

    • Exactly! She has said they didn’t have any blue ones left but it simply isn’t good enough! I loved that blanket and had made it all boarly and worn it to the correct level of softness and everything!


  6. I think the red really suits you. I know what it’s like when they decide to change something without warning, but I think you’ll get used to the new one.

  7. Blankies are SO important!

    Miss Sakura says that the red is very pretty, and also one of her favorite colors! Wheek Wheek! (red bell peppers… red tomatoes).

  8. Perhaps you should pretend to be color blind and accept your humans gracious attempt at meeting your needs. I know you will miss your old blanket, but think of the fun you can have breaking in this blanket!

    • It will take time and effort but I am going to do my best to soften this blanket to a similar standard as my old one. I still feel I should have been consulted on the colour choices. I don’t care if they say no animals in the shop, I am a paying customer (well Mummy is!) and the customer is always right! πŸ˜‰


  9. Do you know a good hanging judge? Or did they disappear with Agatha Christie? πŸ™‚

  10. I love new things and I love red. I think Mummy gets a gold star and an extra snuggle.

    Love and licks and extra snuggles,

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