Pigtures, Posing & Piggy Lips!

As you have undoubtabley guessed, Mummy loves taking pigtures of us. I’m not saying a few pigtures when whee do something cute or naughty. I mean continually. Her camera spends most of the day following us around, she’s like my own personal paparazzi!

Her favourite pigtures of me almost always involve my lips. You are probably thinking “Why his lips?” No, I’m not psychic, you are just predictable! Well my lips are like velvet. They are as black as ebony and soft as silk. Yet Mummy cannot seem to take a pigture that captures the perfectness of my lips. No matter how hard she tries. I spend a large amount of time biting things, so some of those bar biting photos show off my lips but other than that Mummy struggles. (On the biting front, I am much improved. I did have a crafty nibble of Mummy’s sock today but haven’t been in trouble for my naughty nomming habit for quite awhile now. However they do say that good piggies are just bad piggies who don’t get caught!

Do you find yourself having your pigture taken all the time? Do you have any tips on how Mummy can capture my gorgeous lips? Do you like biting things (I’m considering starting a club called biters anonymous for those struggling with a similar addiction!)?


Pretty piggy lips!

When all the pigtures get a bit much I have a lie down!

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  1. You are hilarious. Sorry, no topics tips though. Afraid I’m not quite at your level of celebrity

  2. My cellphone is full of pics of Doggy, not a single pic of myself, all about Doggy, I mean, you guys are a cute and so is my black furry evil, it’s impossible not to take pics every other minute.

  3. oh my cat! Bingo, I so hear ya my piggy! That pawpawrazzi stuff is so wearing! And I would guard those soft as velvet lip of yours…the hollywood crowd will start trying to get as implants!!

  4. Your lips do look gorgeous! When I hear the camera, I move – but I guess yo do as well. It’s good to give the bipeds a challenge.

  5. Mummy takes pictures of me alot, but I’m not a good poser and she usually ends up with shots of my bum, or host-like images BOL. But she keeps trying!

  6. Poor Bingo….not easy being a superstar is it?! You do seem to have very velvety piggy lips but capturing just the right photo of them MUST be a challenge for your Mummy – after all, you’re not all that BIG of a target! Try to be patient – maybe if you just look right at the camera and smile REAL BIG she can get the photo she’s trying for to show off those bingo-licious lips of yours???

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  7. If we were your mommy we would take a lot of pictures of your too. Act like you are going to kiss the camera the next time it is near you. Hopefully, your pretty lips will be more accentuated.

    Bella and DiDi

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