The Grass Is Always Greener . . .

Today whee had a brief, but much welcomed, bout of sunshine! After being resigned to running in the hallway and living room for the past wheek or so whee were all very excited! Mummy put me in the run first, then Nibbles joined me. Then she fetched Bingo and Buddy to go in a run alongside us.

It was lovely; warm but with a light breeze. Then I noticed something. A patch of clover and a lovely juicy dandelion . . . In the other run! I squeaked to Nibbles who had a peek and said there was nothing whee could do. So I watched as Bingo and Buddy ate their fill of the leafy greens I love so much. It was horrible. Mummy shared out some parsley and gave us a mint leaf each before whee went back. (Though secretly, I believe Mummy only gives us the mint because she likes the smell of it on our breath!) But it just wasn’t enough!

Do you ever feel that the grass is greener elsewhere? And speaking of green do you ever get a case of the green-eyed-monster and feel as jealous as I did?


Me and Nibbles sharing our run with the others in their own behind us.

Me looking cute and having a runny while its sunny

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  1. I read the other day that “the grass is always greener where you water it”…but that doesn’t help piggies in a flower-free run!
    I often feel that way, but here’s a little secret – I’m never right 🙂

  2. Clover Schmover. I eat ANYTHING whether it’s edible or not.

    Love and licks,

  3. oh my! I don’t have any siblings so I don’t have to share…but I probably would have let the others enjoy that dandelion and then done something cute to get what I wanted…just sayin’

  4. I know the feeling…. I always want what’s on the other side of the fence…. of course that’s because there’s a rabbit over there.

  5. I do not eat clover, though I do eat grass sometimes for a detox. However, I do understand your feelings of ‘jealousy’. I think it is natural to feel a bit put out when you miss out on a treat. I would because as you probably know I love my treats.

  6. Great photos! We are always curious what is on the other side of our stone wall.

    Bella and DiDi

  7. I understand your feeling of jealousy. Poppy always gets more treats than me because she can stand up and beg for it and aparently I’m too fat (Im not – Im just fluffy!!!!) to eat extra food.

    Say hi to Buddy (<3) for me,

    • Buddy says “Hellooooo Ladies!”

      But I understand your worry over treats. Mummy tells me I’m too tubby. But I’m not. Honest!


      • Awww…
        Why do hoomans enjoy calling us fat so much?
        What have we ever done to them? ….Well, apart from nibbling them, going to the toilet on them, constantly squeaking at them and eating all the veggies out of their fridges….


      • I’ll never understand the strangeness of hoomans . . .


  8. Oh, and I dont like to eat Clover anyway…. It just feels so wrong…!!


  9. Hi Nutty – I suspect next time that sun’s out and you and the boys are out for a run your Mummy WILL set you down in a different spot…..variety is the spice of life (remind her of that!!) and perhaps YOU will get a “better” spot next time complete with dandelions, clover and maybe even a surprise or two!
    Happy Wednesday!
    Kitty Hugs from Sammy

  10. I would feel exactly the same! hope you get your fair share soon xxx

  11. Had Bingo and Buddy been better behaved than you? Just wondering!

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