This Nose Knows!

A very special snoz!

My nose knows a lot. It captures every scent that teases my whiskers and tells me whether it is yummy enough to make a fuss over. Today it proved its worth yet again when I heard Mummy in the kitchen around midday.

She was baking. Not an unsual occurance. The usual smell of cake batter filled the air. I don’t particularly like its smell but it doesn’t really bother me either. I settled down in the hay for a little nap, just dozing really. Then I heard something. It was enough to catch my attention but I couldn’t work out what it might be. Raising my nose, I inhaled deeply. The mouth watering aroma of bananas filled my nasal cavities.

What?! How dare she use something I like without offering me any. I squeaked and bar chewed indignantly but got no reply. In fact she may have just turned the radio up.

Bar chewing naughtiness!

I was furious and squeaked to alert the others to what she was doing. They joined me in squeaky demands. “For heaven sake! Here!” Mummy said, storming and thrusting chunks of banana at us. I wolfed mine down. Later she ate a banana muffin in front of me. I could still smell the banana but not eat it in a cakey mixture. It was very upsetting. I think she did it as punishment for my; bar-chewing, rebellion-leading, loud-squeaking naughtiness.

It doesn’t change the fact though. My nose knew! It is a genius!

What are your favourite smells? Are there any smells you don’t like? And do you think there is anything in the world that can smell at banana at that distance?! πŸ˜‰



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  1. I’ve not had banana, although there are loads of banana trees where I live. Good on you for kicking up a fuss to get some ‘bounty’, you deserve it, how dare she eat like that in front of you!! My favourite smell is tuna, especially when its freshly caught, I’m almost dragging it in on the line myself!

  2. I love bananas, too. But I don’t even have to wait for the smell. If Mom opens a banana, I can hear the skin coming off from 2 rooms away!! I fly into the kitchen and slide into the cabinets, do a somersault, and then beg with the Good-Girl-Face. It works every time! Yum.

    Love and licks,

    • Good to meet a fellow banana lover! My hearing is pretty good so I usually am able to hear chopping vegetables in another room but this hearing is selective. I can never hear Mummy telling me to stop doing something!

      I’ll bet you use that goodgirl face as much as I use my head-on-one-side-hungry-face!


  3. Bingo this is one of my favourite posts on this blog! Your snozz is clearly an amazing gift πŸ™‚

  4. Your nose will never let you down.

    Bella and DiDi

  5. My nose knows that my dog has made friends with a skunk lately. Maybe eating a banana will help somehow…

  6. hiya Bingo! a big ‘whoop whoop’! for your nose my little piggy furriend! Ya always make me proud!!! And honestly, so far Mom has not ofund anything that has a smell that makes me sit up and take notice…hmmmmm…wonder if I need my nose checked out?????

    • Hmmm. Maybe you would like the smell of tuna. Whee know some cats do. Or maybe catnip? One of the neighbourhood cats stole our Mummy’s catnip plant because they loved it so much! πŸ˜‰


  7. I love the way you instigated and commanded a rebellion, a protest until you got what you wanted. Occupy The Cages Movement.

  8. I can smell a bonio a mile off BOL. But I’m quite partial to bananas too!

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