On The Ball!

Nutty Is On The Ball (Literally!)

Whether you are a football fan or not, you probably heard of Paul. A psychic octopus who successfully predicted the outcomes of Euro 2010 football matches. With a 93% success rate he was certainly a force to be reckoned with. Yet this year they are trying to get a pig to predict the results. Of course when I heard of this I was very excited. I could do it. Unfortunately the were talking about an actual pig instead of a guinea one.

Luckily my Mummy understands my ambition so she has created a way for me to be Mystic Nutkin! Looking into my football I knew the results (sort of!). My Mummy writes the names of each team on pieces of paper which she then attaches to willow twigs. Holding them out to me I carefully consider my choice before chewing on the stick of the one I believe will be the winner.

Today there were two matches played and I was right once. With my 50/50 success rate I cheerfully wish to present my prediction for tomorrows matches. I believe that Ireland will win their match (though with quite a hesitation and interest in both twigs it could be a draw) In the other match I believe Italy will be victorious.

Nutty Predicts . . .

Depending on how correct I am, Mummy may continue with my predictions featuring in blog posts. Do you believe I have a gift (Could I be the Piggy Paul Predictinator!) , just like chewing twigs or have carefully analysed the statistics?! 😉

Mystic Nutty


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  1. I’m sure you’ve got skills, Nutty. Good job!

    Love and licks,

  2. You may be on to something here! You have inspired me to start my own prediction business – when clients bring me specially marked chocolate, I will choose the answer to whatever problem they may have, and of course get to eat the chocolate. I wonder if there is a way to nibble on every piece regardless so I can eat it all? I’ll get back to you on that…

    • Mummy says she doesn’t need to predict anything to know she is going to need some chocolate tomorrow now you’ve mentioned it. Of course it is bad for piggies so I can’t eat any, but Mummy always looks really happy after eating some and her breath smells nice so I guess it is pretty good stuff!


  3. I think whether you are right or wrong you should continue with your predictions because it’s very entertaining!
    I wonder if my ratties might have a gift…

  4. Oh Nutty! Who needs an octopus or a big pink pig when YOU obviously have “the gift” of prognostication yourself! That’s a great talent to have. You look mighty cute perched on that soccer ball of yours as you prepare to give your “psychic reading” regarding the next day’s matches. I definitely think this could be your niche! Go for it…….

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  5. Oh Dog! This is so exciting! I hope you get them all right!

  6. Nutty, if I may give you a good piece of advice, retire from the clairvoyance business, not because you are not good or anything of the kind, but you probably forgot what happened to Paul once the world cup was over, we don’t want that for you.

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