That’s A Wrap!

While out having snuggles this evening, I was surprised by my Mummy whispering to her Mummy. They were creeping around and giggling a lot. It was very confusing. Then they lay some things on the carpet and put me down beside them as they worked.

Curious I investigated a plastic bag, tugging it with my teeth. It fell off the box I had not realised it was perched on. It hit the ground noisily making me dart back to hide under Mummy’s skirt. Everyone froze, after a few moments of silence they all sighed in relief before scolding me.

Mummy explained that they were wrapping up gifts for the birthday of one of the little hoomans who owns me. (One of Mummy’s little brothers) I could not understand the obessession with hiding the gift under the paper but agreed to help. The paper was lovely and made a great noise when I bounced on it. Of course the bouncing only encouraged more freezing, worried silences and telling offs but I think it was worth it. Here are some pigtures of me . . . Helping!

I still don’t understand why you are hiding it in this pretty paper which I would like to nom

I’ll just check the present is still there . . . omnomnom. No of course I’m not biting it!

Unfortunately I relapsed with the biting. I bit Mummy’s toe, tried to eat the wrapping paper and chewed a hole in the bag they later put the presents in. It was funny when the lifted the bag up and some of the presents stayed on the floor, while others slid out as it gained height. Though I found it funny they did not agree. Aparently they did not appreciated my ‘helping’ and say that I won’t get to help again. Spoil sports.

Do you understand this odd hooman custom of hiding presents under ‘wrapping paper’? And do you ever find your help so unappreciated?

Bingo Behave


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  1. I do NOT try to help when Mom hides presents. I steer clear! That’s because when she gets bored or finishes with the hiding, she speaks to me through the cardboard tube!! It sounds like a monster and scares me very much. Then she laughs her head off. One of these days, I will figure out how to climb into the top of the closet and tear up all those wrapping tubes. Then we’ll see who the monster really is!!

    Love and licks,

    • Oh dear! That sounds scary. My Mummy cuts it in small sections then lets us chew on it and play with it. Sometimes she stuffs it with nommy hay as well. Hope you manage to destroy those naughty tubes bothering you. A good bite or two should incapacitate them. Or maybe you should dig and hole and bury them somewhere! 😉


  2. Bingo, you are an adorable helper! You may come and help us wrap presents anytime. 🙂

  3. What? You bit her toe? Uh oh! But your wrapping skills are promising.

    • I’m a bit embarrassed by the biting but I thought my helping might outweigh any naughtiness. This is not the case. And Mummy was not impressed with my wrapping skills. I guess I will just have to be extra cute tomorrow to get back in her ‘good books’!


  4. Unless you are in an eating contest, biting is not part of helping unfortunately – that is why the ratty boys do not get to help me wrap things. Or go near my washing (I’m wearing a rat-chewed shirt right now!). Next time help bite-free! If there is a next time…

    • I don’t think there will be a next time and I have been told that I cannot come out during birthday card opening because I tried to eat the cards last time. Oh well I guess I can peek out of (and maybe even chew) the bars while I watch the birthday unfold.


  5. You remind me of Sprocket! He likes to tunnel in wrapping paper and bite toes too. your nose stripe is lovely.

    • Why thank you. My markings are rather beautiful . . . If I do say so myself! I whole heartedly approve of the way your Sprocket ‘helps’! That’s the way it is supposed to be done!


  6. oh, Bingo. So nice of you to try and help. To bad they didn’t appreciate that. I -too, think the presents falling through the hole is funny

  7. You are having bite withdraws lol
    I would wrap you so you can chew your way out.

  8. Alas poor Bingo – trying to help and getting in TROUBLE for it! I’m not sure why humans hide stuff in paper but they persist in doing it for what they call “occasions”…..I like wrapping paper ALMOST (!) as much as I like my tissue paper. Anything that makes that nice crunchy sound when you leap on it OR eat it….. 😀 At least you gave them a good laugh with the hole in the bag thing…..tee hee

    Kitty hugs, Sam

    • Noisy paper is the best! Mummy dploesn’t always like noisiness but the other hoomans find it funny. Well they have yet to laugh about the hole-in-the-present-bag incident but I hope they will one day see the funny side of my antics! 😉


  9. whoa! Bingo…you totally save the day…you helped…and efurrt=ything got done…you rock my little dude!

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