Free As A Frog! (Or Toad)

Today has been unusual to say the least! In previous posts whee have mentioned our dear garden friend Frogly, who whee now believe to be a toad as he seems quite big.(Any Amphibian experts out there please feel free to tell us what you think he is!)

Frogly. Maybe a frog, maybe a toad!

Anyway, whee were in the garden for a quick run while it wasn’t raining when whee heard the oddest sound. Like someone slowly squeezing a doggie squeaky toy, only it was loud and actually quite scary. Whee all squeaked for our Mummy who was fetching us some cucumber just inside the house. She immediately came running but the sound was gone by the time she got to us. After checking us for life threatening injuries she conluded that she had no idea why whee had squeaked but dramatically claimed she was going to get grey hair over this. (I had a good check later and her hair is fine for anyone who was concerned!)

Then just as she stepped towards the house the sound came again. She quickly located the source, flinging open the garden gate and vanishing behind the fence. I don’t know exactly what happened only that she returned with a frightened Frogly in a flower pot and set him free in the garden. Whee know it is definitely our frog/toad/friend because he is missing a toe on his back left leg. He claims it is from when he fought in the War Of The Lilypads. Whee don’t know what a lilypad is but he says he likes them and took on a monster in his fight for a lilypad of his own. Very brave!

Whee asked Frogly what had happened and he told me in a small croak “Freedom is not all it’s cracked up to be. Not all hoomans are like the nice ones here.” Mummy put out a tray of rainwater for Frogly with lots of rocks and things to play with. He likes getting wet for some reason. Whee love hearing his stories about what it is like living wild and free. Adventures and antics under every plant. Yet for some reason I do not envy him. Nights like tonight, when the wind is blowing so fiercely I can hear it whistle down the chimmney, I am quite content to be tucked up in hay and shreaded paper. On particually cold nights Mummy mushes my piggy food nuggets in warm water to create a warm delicious paste. I feel very loved. And very safe. And I do not long for the ‘freedom’ Frogly enjoys because I am never freer than when I am with my Mummy and friend and part of this family.

What makes you feel free?



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  1. I would say your friend is a frog, but I’m no expert so my opinion counts little. It’s really nice your mom takes care of the frog, other people would have throw him out or worse.
    What make me (and I hope Doggy too) feel free is cross-country running when it’s raining.

  2. Your Mum is kind and brave and strong. I have never seen a frog or a toad, but once I found some cheese popcorn on the ground and I ate it.

    Love and licks,

    • Aww thank you. Whee think our Mummy is special, partly because she has us adorable piggies. Whee eat things off the ground too. Well grass is always on the ground and whee eat that so what harm can it do.


  3. I luvluvluv your MOM!!! She is a champ!! Paw Pumps!!! …but be careful and don’t touch that frogly ‘cuz he could give ya some awful looking warty thingys on your cute little bod’s….anyways…I feel free, free fallin’…yadda yadda…when Mom give me a really nice head massage…mmmmm…I could be anywhere….and luv’d

  4. It’s nice that he entertains you with his stories! You can tell whether he is a frog or a toad by the way he moves about. Toads walk, but frogs jump – such fun when you startle them!

    • Frogly jumps so he must be a frog. Whee think he jumps in a really funny way. He goes really high and all his legs stretch out in the air. Then he sort of splats onto the ground. He is always fine but Nibbles says he is surprised Frogly doesn’t break something with his rather undignified leaps of faith! πŸ™‚


      • Yes, that sounds like a frog. They’re much more fun than toads!

        Your comment on my blog was put into the spam queue and I’ve no idea why!

  5. Hi Nutty……I’m sure Frogly is a frog. I know about frogs. We have a few of them who visit mostly in the Spring on a cool morning. I love to follow them when they hop. I’ll watch and if they stop hopping I’ll give them a gentle push. Mom says I must like to play “frog push”. I’d never hurt one though it does sound like Frogly had a close encounter with SOMETHING of the unfriendly kind! Thank heavens your Mum saved him! Bless her. Frogly is one lucky guy. We’re ALL lucky aren’t we to have Moms that take SUCH good care of us and the other “critters” in our world!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Yup. Our Mummy ‘saved’ another frog she called Freddo when Nibbles was a baby. Sadly he died before I arrived (after an encounter with a neighbours lawn mower) but Mummy likes making the garden critter friendly! Whee don’t mind her feeding the birds bread and seeds because whee don’t like them. But if she gave away our veggies whee wouldn’t be happy bunnies . . . Or piggies! πŸ™‚


  6. I am not free but I am content to take care of Jen and DeDe.

  7. We feel free when mommy takes our collars off and we get to run around the house naked. πŸ™‚

    Bella and DiDi

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